Summer 2017 House Clearance Services In London

Home maintenance is paramount in creating a healthy and habitable environment. As a homeowner, you know how junk can accumulate over time making your home prone to bacteria as a result of accumulated waste. Junk may come in many forms including rubbish waste, old toys, scrap metal and other unused items which only add clutter to your home making it unappealing. If not careful, you could spend so much time and resources trying to clear away waste from your home that has been neglected for some time.

Summer-2017-House-ClearanceChoosing a home clearance company requires careful though and consideration. A good clearance company should put your home needs into when clearing your home.  The best house cleaning service can save you time and give you peace of mind. You do not have to deal with unsightly corners inside your hose and in the compound especially when you have visitors. There are lots of house clearance companies in London but Quick Wasters strives to stand out from the rest. This is because of the excellent services offered which include;

  • Professional service; if you deal with shoddy house clearance companies, you can risk a simple project being turned into a nightmare. The staff from Quick Wasters is professionals in the industry with extensive experience. Therefore they can be trusted in clearing your home
  • Great customer service; there are various ways of contacting us and this makes us offer excellent customer service to our esteemed clients. You can reach us either through email, our official website or calling us and one of our friendly customer care staff will be happy to assist you.
  • Great equipment; it is one thing to move a few pieces of furniture but it is quite another to completely overhaul a setting in order to effectively complete the junk removal job. We have all types of sophisticated equipment, machinery and trucks of all sizes so that your needs are fully met.
  • Competitive prices; the prices are unbeatable and we always make sure our service is worth every cent you will spend.

The best house clearance in London is surely Quick Wasters. We enjoy doing our job and what we love the most about our jobs is the fact that we have left lots of clients pleased with our services. Contact us today for an efficient house clearance service and let us remove the ugly site of accumulated junk from your premises.

Top tips for improving your recycling at home

You can recycle almost anything, from furniture and clothing to food scraps.

You can make such a significant difference to recycling at home. Recycling is simple and requires a small effort if you create a system within your home. Whether it is using a bag, box or a bin. You should keep this next to your rubbish bin to remind everyone in the house hold to recycle, making it an easier process.
Here are some great simplest tips for improving recycling at home, as one slight change can make a difference.

  • Flatten your cardboard boxes when you put them in the recycling, this will ensure everything fits in your bin neatly.
  • All plastic bottles can be recycled so put them all in your recycling bin. In most boroughs, you can also recycle all your plastic bottles, tubs and pots.
  • You can recycle your envelopes, wrapping paper, birthday cards and even phone books as well as newspapers. All types of cardboard can be recycled.
  • Most metallic items are also recyclable, you can also recycle, kitchen foil and empty aerosols.
  • Keep a bag or a space in a cupboard in the kitchen for storing the recycling as you go. It also makes it easy to take things to the recycling bins that way.
  • On your way to a supermarket or work, stop off at the recycling point and drop your recycling. This allows you fit recycling into a routine, and your family can also learn about recycling too this way too.

Commercial Waste Clearance Service in North London (Testimonial)

As you all know we are the best rubbish removal company in London. Below is a testimonial we got for our services.

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So if you are in London and looking for a waste clearance company you know we are a customer focused company and our goal is to help London be at it’s best standards. See us on our Facebook page. And also get in touch wth us here.

What To Expect By Handing Over House Clearance To A Professional Company

There are a number of benefits to be realized from handing house clearance activities to a house professional service provider. It’s beyond any doubt that the number of benefits a professional company can offer area major consideration when customers making in their choice of house clearance service provider. The benefits that that you can expect from a professional house clearance service provider include but are not limited to;

  1. Professional equipment and procedures in handling bulky and heavy junk.
  • The house clearance crews from professional house clearance service providers come prepared with the right tools and equipment for particularly handling heavy and bulky junk that you might want to get rid of.
  • The possession of such equipment is crucial especially in jobs on high-rise apartment buildings and houses with multiple floors. This equipment includes winches, specialized saws, heavy duty nylon ropes, cranes and so forth.
  • Alongside the equipment, crew members often have certified training in the clearance of such junk.
  • You can therefore expect that a professional company will be able to competently, expediently and efficiently handle house clearance tasks involving such items as old fridges, heavy tables, heavy couches, non-functioning boilers and even heavy car related junk.
  1. Use of appropriate safety equipment and protocols in the handling and disposal of potentially hazardous household water.
  • There are number of hazardous waste categories into which a number of items that make up household waste can be put.
  • The danger posed by these items is not so much an immediate risk to the individual but tend to have a detrimental effect on the environment when they are incorrectly disposed.
  • For examples heating and ventilation equipment such as non-functioning air conditioners contain liquid chemicals that when released into the environment, increase the risk of skin cancer among human beings.
  • Among some of the items that pose a hazard to the environment include asbestos tiling and insulation, fluorescent light fixtures, old refrigerators, old contemporary design TV units monitors, various electronic junk and so forth.
  • The crews of professional house clearance companies come equipped with proper safety equipment to minimize the threat that various chemical agents might pose, are trained in the necessary protocols to be used in the handling and disposal of hazardous house clearance waste.


All in all, professional house clearance service providers aim to provide efficient and fast service; which is not only reliable but also convenient to you, the client. And that’s what we at Quick Wasters does in London every day.

Why Hiring A Rubbish Removal Company Is Important

The Cleanliness and tidiness of your immediate surrounding is very important. It determines greatly the quality of life you live, and also determines whether you live a productive life. Working in a messy office doesn’t always bring out the best in employees; and likewise, living in a dirty home with rubbish lying everywhere robs you of the inner joy that comes with seeing yourself in a sparkling clean area. And while most of us really try to rid our homes and commercial premises of rubbish as often as possible; there are times when the tasks at hand may get too much. As such, you’d have to seek a helping hand in order to manage the rubbish around. This is where rubbish removal companies come in. These removal companies offer rubbish clearance services in homes, offices, and all manner of commercial premises.

How can I tell if I need to get a rubbish removal company?

  • Too busy; if your schedule dictates that you are away from morning to evening, then clearly it means you don’t have sufficient time to give garbage clearance the kind of attention and man power it needs. Rubbish clearance is not just about you emptying the bins, and putting rubbish in a polythene bag for collection. It is about a comprehensive and consistent strategy to ensure that regardless of whether you’re too busy or not, your home compound will still sparkle and dazzle each morning, your garden will always be neat and tidied up. Only a rubbish removal service provider can help bridge that gap.
  • Struggling to dispose of waste in your backyard; littering and dropping garbage in roads and other public places is punishable in most cities. Some people wait till darkness sets in, and then secretly drop their rubbish in streets, next to roads, in parks, and so on. This not only messes up the environment; you may dispose harmful waste that needs proper disposal and end up initiating a disastrous cycle. But rubbish removal companies have the personnel and the expertise to handle and dispose of all manner of rubbish.
  • Affordable; contrary to what many people assume, hiring the services of rubbish removal companies isn’t quite expensive. Actually, most of these companies charge their clients depending on the amount of rubbish to be collected. When there’s plenty of it to be collected, you pay slightly more; when there’s little to be collected, the lesser you’ll pay.


Hiring a rubbish removal company saves you much hassle, and gives you the peace of mind to pursue your daily goals, knowing that a dedicated and reliable team of rubbish collectors is behind you doing the tough work for you.

Different ways how to up-cycle furniture

There comes a time when furniture outlives its lifespan and becomes fit for disposal. At such times, a home owner has 3 options; to upcycle it, recycle it, or dispose of it as junk. While recycling is a term most of us are used to, it is upcycling that’s truly the amazing option. Just when you thought the furniture pieces had outlived their usefulness, you come up with creative, crafty ways of Upcycling Of A Furniturerevamping it! Whether by repainting the pieces afresh to inject a vintage feel, or fitting them with upholstery to give them a completely new look, upcycling never disappoints.

  • First and foremost, you’ll need to be very sure of the furniture that you wish to upcycle. Much as upcycling is recommendable, you have to be realistic on pieces that are beyond repair. Thus, decide on what you proceed ahead with, and devise a plan to upcycle it.
  • Take for instance drawers. If you have a chest of drawers that you wish to upcycle, you’ll have the option of repainting them with carefully thought colors to bring out the theme you wish. Often, an ebony-mahogany like shade works magic in bringing out a vintage feel in most furniture.
  • While at it, try and concentrate most on the parts that would be easily noticeable, so as to conceal them. For instance, arms rest in a seat tend to get worn out faster. Similarly, the legs tend to get worn out from around the area touching the ground. To conceal such, get the correct varnish and apply a thick coat, before opting for a color or shade of your preference.
  • You can sand the furniture before applying any emulsion paints you have; however, this option isn’t so recommendable for old furniture that doesn’t need to be scrubbed off anymore. Like aforementioned, applying a coat of varnish and waxing are always more recommendable and equally effective.recycled palet
  • In scenarios where you’re looking to buy second hand or old furniture with intent to upcycle it, you’ll need to excise maximum caution. Speak to your local dealer and find out as many details as possible about the furniture. Has the owner tried to upcycle it previously? Are there any repairs that may wreak havoc in the near future? Such questions will help you get value for your money, and also come up with the appropriate upcycling option to proceed ahead with.

Upcycling is fun and helps you give your home or office a new look at minimal cost.

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What You Should Not Do With Your Rubbish

There is more to rubbish clearance and management than just calling your rubbish removal company to come and cart it away. More often than not, it is about responsibility, it is about being responsible for not just disposing of the rubbish, but collecting it correctly.  It’s not enough to have the rubbish ready waiting to be collected for disposal; responsible homeowners take a time to sort out the rubbish so that things are easier for the disposer. Mind you, some of the waste that you refer to as rubbish can be recycled, used as manure, donated, reused, and so on so forth. As a cardinal rule, there are things you should never do with your rubbish. Some are out rightly hazardous to your health or the environment’s; while others are futile from the word to go. Check below a list of things you should always avoid;

  1. Never put all rubbish in same bindon't do this with your rubbish

    first and foremost, always make a point of distinguishing the waste you’re putting out for collection. For instance, kitchen waste like vegetable waste peelings of fruits, potatoes, etc, can be utilized as manure in your home garden. Other forms of waste like sawdust and wood peelings from a home renovation can also be used for mulching in your garden, rather than burning them. The secret lies in having different bins located strategically around your home. Kitchen bin should strictly be used for kitchen waste, while an outdoor bin should collect other forms of rubbish found outside.

  2. Burning of plastic is wrong

    another common mistake most homeowners make is burning of waste in a landfill. Plastics and other polyethylene materials emit harmful gasses when burnt, which in turn harms the environment. Yet, such can be recycled into useful products. No waste either at home or in commercial premises deserves to be burnt as a way of disposal; and if it has to be burnt, it should be done by a certified clearance company in a specially designated area.

  3. Never wait for long before collection

    some waste clearance companies charge clients per every trip they make to their premises to clear rubbish. Some homeowners thus tend to prolong such visits, just to save a few coins. But it is much better to agree on a routine that doesn’t wait for weeks before the company comes to collect your rubbish. If rubbish stays for long in your compound before collection, it emits foul smells, attracts rodents and roaches. Having the rubbish collected at least twice a week is a good way to go about it.

SummaryWhat You Should Not Do With Your Rubbish

Manor Clearance is the leading rubbish removal company in the UK, we pride ourselves on professional and affordable services. Feel free to get in touch with us today for simple tips on how to manage your rubbish effectively on a small budget.

Rubish Removal For a Care Home

Quickwasters produce a range of services that serve the whole of London from general households to business premises and building sites.Rubish Removal For a Care Home

Rubbish can build up at a fast rate especially if you are having some decorating work done in the home or a garden renovation. This waste will need this taken away to avoid a mess and the possibility of causing an obstruction. That’s why it is rational to hire a professional company which will help you to get rid of all the things that you don not need.

It is important that your waste is dealt with in a responsible manner that is environmentally friendly. We aim to recycle as much as we possibly can or if things can be reused all the better. By recycling as much as possible, it will help the environment and this will save using landfill sites which are filling up quickly. This is a big problem as there are more people than ever on this planet, and if we keep producing this much of a waste we will soon me cover in it.

One of the recent jobs that we completed this week was at a care home to help the staff clear their unwanted items such a bulky furniture and general waste due to refurbishment. This was dealt with quickly and efficiently by us leaving a clean tidy space so that their new furnishing can be brought in.

We have the staff and equipment to deal with any job and none is too large.

Upcycling of furniture

Upcycling is the new catch phrase when it comes to everything DIY. It has been practiced for many years but it was given this catchy term only a few years back. For anyone who might not be bed made out of pallets familiar with the term, upcycling is the art of turning anything old and unusable into something new and fresh by adding a bit of flare. Whether it’s turning your old tires into a garden table or giving your old couch a wonderful facelift, the options are too many to consider when it comes to upcycling furniture.

Here are reasons why you should upcycle

  • We all have items we don’t use and would like to throw away

    Over the years, we accumulate lots of items we don’t use and it gets to a point where we need to clear out old items to create more room for the new. Instead of throwing items away and buying new furniture, how about turning it into a home DIY project?

  • It’s a great DIY project, for your friends and your family

    Every once in a while, you might feel the need to channel your creative juices to something you can engage all your senses in. This is where upcycling comes in. Whether you want to take it up yourself or involve family and friends, it’s a great way to get people around you to bond, take part in a fun project and spend time together.

  • Preserves the environmentUpcycling of furniture

    This is one great way to preserve the environment! A lot of furniture is too bulky to be reused or recycled so it ends up taking up loads of space in landfills and dumps. Upcycling helps you make use of your old furniture and making something useful, beautiful and practical which you can use in your everyday life

  • It’s a great way to revamp your home

    Adding a new piece of furniture to your home or garden is a sure way to spruce things up. Whether it’s giving your cushions a facelift, or whether you choose to paint an old piece of wooden furniture, it will definitely change the appearance of the piece and give the room a whole new look and feel.

  • It saves you cash

    Upcycling is a great way to revamp your home at minimal cost. Sure you might need to buy some material or tools but the cost is extremely low in comparison to having to purchase new furniture.


Upcycling is a fun, creative and wonderful way to recycle your furniture and turn it into conversation pieces. Involve your friends and family and make it a memorable DIY project you will hold dear for years to come!

Why should you use a rubbish removal company?

When it comes to clearing rubbish, it is normal to feel a bit overwhelmed. Clearing garbage is a daunting task for most and when it comes to clearing rubbish from a huge area such as a construction site, the task takes on a life of its own due to the sheer size and volume of the rubbish. This is where a rubbish removal company comes in. So whether you are looking for a company to ensure your home and office is garbage free; or whether you have a building or construction site you would like cleared, we are here to help and offer solutions.

So why should you use a rubbish removal company?

  • A high level of convenience

    A rubbish removal company takes over the task of collecting and disposing rubbish from your home, office or construction site. We save you the time and trouble of having to gather the garbage, transport it to disposal sites and ensuring it is disposed of accordingly. When we arrive, we ensure all garbage is collected and we transport it to landfills or disposal sites and ensure the rubbish is properly disposed of.

  • Proper methods of disposalWhy should you use a rubbish removal company

    All rubbish collected has to be properly disposed of. There are different categories of rubbish and we understand that each needs to be disposed of appropriately. We ensure garbage is properly disposed of for the safety of people and for the preservation of the environment. When you hire us, you are assured you are dealing with professionals who understand how to collect, handle and dispose of refuse in the correct manner.

  • Environment friendly

    Our environment is vital for sustenance of life and we work towards ensuring we have environment friendly practices and disposal methods to preserve our environment. Rubbish is part and parcel of our everyday lives and this is why disposing it in a safe manner is at the heart of our business.

  • We recycle

    It is important to choose a company that has a great work ethic and are concerned about ensuring the preservation of the environment. This means that they use environment conservation methods and recycle too. The advantage of recycling is that a lot of items which are termed as waste are reused and other waste goes to recycling centres. This goes a long way to conserve the environment for future generations.


contact us today for all your rubbish removal and disposal needs; whether for your home, office or construction site.