How to Choose the Best Rubbish Remover Company

Piling rubbish can be annoying and stressful. Many people nowadays prefer to have the waste from their homes, business premises or from their gardens removed by existing rubbish companies. As a result, a lot of rubbish and waste disposal are springing up from every corner seeking to have as many as clients as possible. Like many other business opportunities, people are bound to take advantage of this demand to come up with rubbish companies which actually do more harm than good, while others charge exorbitant charges in exchange for their services. However, don’t be duped or conned anymore as I will show you what exactly to look for when choosing a rubbish company.

  • Availability of resources.How to Choose the Best Rubbish Remover Company

Always choose a company that has enough resources required in rendering their services. Any company you choose should adequately handle all the rubbish with the necessary equipment required. Companies without equipment are simply a nuisance not to mention the health hazards they pose to the population and environment.

  • Cleanliness and neatness of the staff.

As much as they are called rubbish companies, the employees working in those companies should be clean and neat. Even their trucks and equipment should be clean and well maintained. After all, if they can’t keep their employees and equipment clean, then don’t expect good services from them.

  • Service delivery and customer service.

Before you decide on a company, it is important that you first enquire from clients who have used their services before. Also check out the reviews from clients online, if they have a website, as you will get to know what kind of service to expect. Some points you might want to consider are:

  • The flexibility of their working schedule and if favorable to you.
  • If the website is updated frequently and how informative it is.
  • How easily you can contact them.
  • If certified and licensed to operate that line of business.

Certified and licensed companies mean that they have met and adhered to the environmental and health rules as required by law. More so, you are assured of professional services from a verified team and also their methods of disposal are environmentally friendly.

Check if there is any recycling policy applied. Such companies will help you recycle anything you can salvage as well as being environmentally responsible.


Waste removal and disposal can be disastrous if not handled properly. If you have decided for our reputable company contact us now.




Quick and Efficient Rubbish Removal

Quick Wasters is the best and most efficient company to remove rubbish from your properties. The services offered by Quick Wasters are superb giving you value for your money. The company is already approved by the environment agency thus you can be assured of safe rubbish removal with zero pollution effects to your property and the environment.

Rubbish removal should not worry you at all. Quick Wasters has a very dedicated and professional work force ready to take care of all kinds of rubbish. Precautions are always taken to ensure that nothing comes into contact with the waste being disposed, leaving no room for germs and bacteria to affect your health or that of anyone.

Services offered by Quick Wasters.Quick and Efficient Rubbish Removal

Among many other services, some of the services offered by Quick Wasters include:

Building waste can be a nuisance. Quick Wasters clear all builders waste with utmost professionalism and dedication.

Don’t get caught by the authorities due to poor waste disposal methods from your business premises. Quick Wasters experts study the waste from your premises and then develop a waste disposal system, and recycling where possible.

  • House waste clearance.

Ensure that your loved ones or tenants live in a clean and safe environment. Waste from houses, flats or bungalows is well handled and removed by Quick Wasters. All kinds of rubbish such as old and broken furniture, electronics, etc. are effectively removed at affordable prices.

  • Residential waste removal.

Quick Wasters is well known for leaving a residence extra clean. All household wastes are removed and actually most of it recycled. No waste goes unnoticed in your house by the Quick Wasters team, leaving you in a fresh and clean environment.

Why you should make Quick Wasters your number one rubbish remover.

Quick Wasters Company is fully licensed and approved by the environment agency. Among many other reasons, you should use Quick Waster’s services because:

  1. Quick Wasters has a waste removal program that can be implemented to meet your needs and schedules.
  2. Affordable and pocket friendly prices.
  3. Has the most professional and experienced team to take care of any rubbish you want removed.
  4. The procedures used are environmental friendly.
  5. Customer friendly and polite team.


Quick Wasters are the best at what they do. You won’t get a more experienced or dedicated staff anywhere in London. Live and work in a clean place, contact Quick Wasters.

How to Reuse Pallets for Furniture

Wooden pallets have been in existence for decades (if not centuries) being used to store and ship large items among other things. However, this is not the only job for these valuable products. In the recent times, pallets have found better use. They are considered a very powerful recycling and upcycling resource in home design and décor. The best thing about these pallets is that they are free of charge. You can come up with a very valuable item at the cost of nothing. Let’s take a look at how to reuse pallets for furniture.

  1. Tablesfurniture out of pallets

Out of four pallets can come a very sleek and original table. The best thing about a pallet table is that its fully functional both indoors and outdoors. It has a very simple rustic look that is hard to achieve using any other type of material. You can customize the table to your desired size, and design. Whether you are in need of a dining table, coffee table, kitchen tables, study table, you name it, you can always make one good one from pallets.

  1. Chairs and Sofas

You can easily come up with incredible chair and sofa designs using pallets. The best thing about pallets is that they can also be used as storage space. Once you have finished your design, a nice paint job and some cozy cushions help to finish the job. When you look at the finished product, you won’t believe that the chair or sofa is made out of pallets. You can make anything from a swing chair to an outdoor lounger the list is endless.

  1. Beds

Pallet beds are very comfortable. What’s more, you have the freedom to come up with a  design that best suits your interests. If you love it low, then go for it. If you love high beds, you can as well pile up a number of pallets to create a unique bed. All you need is some creativity going on. With pallets, you can create daybeds, pet beds, reading nooks, and even your own master bed.

  1. Storage

Storage space can never be easier to create. With pallets, you can come up with stylish bookshelves, shoe racks, bike racks, etc. You can also include your storage locations in other pallet furniture such as tables, chairs and even beds.


Pallets have a lot of uses in this DIY era. A great idea can turn a pallet into a unique masterpiece. All you need is dive into the creativity part of you.

Delighting Ben Fogle at the house in West London

It was a great day for us all at Quick Wasters and we got the opportunity to delight Ben Fogle at his home in West London. Ben is an English adventurer, author, broadcaster and writer, best known for his presenting roles with Channel 5, BBC and ITV according to him Wikipedia page.

Fogle is a television presenter working for the BBC, ITV, Channel 5, Sky, Discovery and National Geographic. He has hosted Crufts, One Man and His Dog, Countryfile, Country Tracks, Extreme Dreams With Ben Fogle, Animal Park, Wild on the West Coast, Wild in Africa, “Ben Fogle – African Migration” and Ben Fogle’s Escape in Time. Fogle made a film about the facial deforming disease Noma for a BBC Two documentary Make Me A New Face which followed the work of the charity Facing Africa and Great Ormond Street Hospital.

It’s was a pleasure for us to serve him and make sure his house clearance is done the way he wanted.


Likewise, we do a great work in West London areas and it’s our goal to make sure all our customers gets the best rubbish clearance services in London.  We’ve got over 45 Google reviews which you can see by searching for “Quick Wasters reviews” 


See some of the Quick Wasters reviews on Yell as well.

That’s why we are the best rubbish clearance services company in London.

How to Get Rid of Old TV

An old TV is one of those things that is tricky to dispose of as easily as any other old item that you come across lying in your basement or garage. Well, don’t worry about it anymore. The following recommendations might just be what you have been looking for.

  • Never Throw Your TV or Any Other Electronic In the Trashhow to get rid of your old tv

As much as you may be tempted to throw away your old TV in the trash, it is not what you want to do. Even if it is legally allowed, there are some toxic materials that are harmful to the environment inside most electronics. Some of the chemicals which include cadmium, lead, arsenic and mercury may leak into the water supply that’s in the ground. You don’t want to think of the possible consequences of such an action.

  • Give It Out

Giving it away might be somewhat difficult especially since most people are interested in digital electronics. But you never know, you may find someone who doesn’t mind how the TV looks but rather whether or not it works. Trying never hurt anyone so go ahead and try to give it away.

  • Donate

Some places such as state operated day care centers, homeless shelters and after school programs are normally limited on electronics budget. These are some of the best places to donate your old TV since they are not interested in the type. They are more interested that they can watch something and enjoy. Places like homes for the needy or the poor may very much appreciate your old TV.

  • Look Out For Any E-Cycling EventHow to Get Rid of Old TV

Be on the lookout for the electronics recycling events that are carried out once in a while. These events might be your best bet. Normally, when these events are carried out, you may need to pay a small amount of money to get your TV to be picked up, something like £20 or less. Once you have your eyes and ears on an upcoming new event, make sure that you make it to the site as early as possible because as soon as the truck is full, you may be forced to go back with your TV.


Getting rid of an old TV can be a daunting experience. However, with the right help and guide, you can do it effortlessly. For some DIY advice on how to get rid of your old TV, visit our blog

The Residential Rubbish Clearance Guide

You may have built up an amount of rubbish in your home due to having some work done around the house, a gardening job completed or have had a party that has produced many more bags than you would over a normal week or fortnight.

garden waste removal

If this is the case, then you will want to get it cleared out as soon as possible so it does not become an obstruction or start to make your home smell.

You do have several options that will help you clear everything out, leaving you with a tidy and rubbish free home.

Your local rubbish collection service will only allow for a certain number of bags to be taken away. If you need to know how much you are allocated, get in touch with your local authority to make sure, this method may help you dispose of a percentage of it.

Some boroughs have recycling containers that will allow you to dispose of things like old clothes, glass, plastic’s, and paper or carboard. If unsure of where these are located, again contact your local council or visit their website.

If you have a large enough vehicle, then you may be able to take your junk to a local recycling plant. You will be charged for this by the ton which can be expensive. If you do not have a suitable van you will need to hire one which will also cost money.

On top of all the things above, there will be some hard work that comes with all of this. This will also be harder for a person that lives alone, does not drive or you of the older generation.

If you decide that you wish for some help to remove your items quickly and safely, why not call the Quickwasters Rubbish Clearance company to help get your property clean and tidy in no time at all.

You can get in touch by giving us a call on 0203 538 0765 or email us at

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Waste Removal in 2017 By Quick Wasters Team

If you are having problems handling the junk in your residential or commercial premises, then you need to contact Quick Wasters Ltd in 2017 for all your waste clearance work, which is your number one junk removal company in London. In due time, unused items may accumulate and without your notice, the junk and waste in your premises could soon become a nuisance. If you do not act promptly, junk and rubbish could pose a health hazard in your home causing you to spend so much in healthcare. All these problems could be avoided if you contact us for your waste removal. We will make sure your home or office stays clean and gives you more space. Who does not enjoy being in a clutter free

All these problems could be avoided if you contact us for your waste removal. We will make sure your home or office stays clean and gives you more space. Who does not enjoy being in a clutter free environment? There are lots of reasons why our clients prefer us over many of the London junk removal companies. Here are just some of the reasons;

  • 24 hour service; we know no boundaries when it comes to giving our clients the best junk and waste removal services. By working round the clock we aim at turning cluttered homes into safe havens and more space availability. Regardless of the time of the day, you can reach us either Rubbish-collection-Golders-Greenthrough the website, calling or emailing and one of our staff will walk you though the whole process.
  • Friendly recycling policies; waste removal would be just a process of transferring waste material to the earth or environment if there were no recycling policies employed. That is why Rubbish Awa has partnered with various donation centers and recycling facilities so that the waste material collected does not turn into another nuisance to the environment.
  • Experience; you do not want to deal with amateurs who have little experience in the industry. A company with experience in the work is advantageous to hire, in that when there are unforeseen occurrence during the waste removal process they are always ready to handle the unexpected situation in a professional manner.
  • Fleet of trucks; our fleet of cars is our trademarks and therefore we ensure our cars come in various sizes to suit needs of our customers. If you need to remove waste from just a garden, we have a small size truck, and if you need to remove junk from a large folder, our large sized truck will work perfectly for you. The trucks are also in good condition and well maintained and that is why London’s favorite junk removal company are.

Winter Rubbish Clearance In A Most Effective Manner

There is a lot of work involved in clearing a house in winter, which sometimes include complete overhaul, and therefore it is vital to ensure you hire the services of a company that will handle you waste in an effective manner. Once rubbish is deposited in a certain location, it needs to be cleared promptly since accumulation results in an even further complication of the situation. But waste removal is not all that is important but how you handle it. Different types of waste require different expertise in removal process. For a waste removal company to operate in an efficient manner it needs to have the following qualities;


  1. Right equipment; you need to work with a company with fleets of trucks in various sizes. This is the main feature of a rubbish clearance company and therefore the size and number of tracks should help you determine whether the company will suit your needs. Trucks are the lifeblood of junk removal companies. Quick Wasters has lots of trucks from small to large size for all types of rubbish collection.
  2. Work with clients’ schedule; the fact that a company has 24 hour service does not mean that a rubbish clearance company should bombard you at weird times. The company should be able to tailor their services according to a customer’s schedule and availability. We at Quick Wasters work while giving priority to our clients’ needs. We will only come to your premises when you give us an appointment.
  3. Cleanliness; the most important aspect of a rubbish clearing company is its cleanliness of the equipment. The fact that a company deals in rubbish clearance and junk removal does not mean the trucks should be in unkempt look and have rusted metal. Check the condition of the cars online and see if it indicates they take good care of their trucks. The variety of trucks found at Rubbish Away is in good condition and new so that no matter how large your rubbish and junk size are, we can handle then with much waste removal

You want to have a clutter free environment and provide safety to your family especially if you have children living with you. Junk can cause serious accidents if sharp metals are left carelessly hanging around your premises. Therefore we want to ensure you enjoy a peaceful clean and tidy environment. Contact us today for a free quote.

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Easiest Ways to Keep Things Green

Sometimes it can be easy to forget about the environment in our day to day lives when we have so much going on. So here are some easy ways so that we can keep things a little healthier and keep this planet going that much longer…

Help the planet by saving energy and your money!

Easiest ways you can do this is by unplugging appliances when not using, installing florescent light bulbs (CFL’s), using a drying rack instead of machine drying and maybe even set your thermostat a few degrees lower in the summer when it’s not necessary.

There’s no need for bottled water

The best thing to do is to purify the original tap water instead of buying the bottled water. Not only does bottled water create a large amount of container waste but it is expensive as well. The best thing to do is to keep a bottle in your bag at all times but preferably aluminium as plastic can have some bad chemicals in it.

Think about what you eat

If you can try and have slightly less meat in your diet. It’s not like you have to go vegetarian, but by just having one less meal without meat in each weak over a period of time it will make a huge difference. Not only by doing this are you helping the environment by doing this, but it can also be great for your health. Especially if a lot of that meat is very processed as well.

Don’t go cheap for electronics

The main reason why you are probably better off at doing this is because you want to keep your computers, phones, tablets and other electronics as long as possible.  When it does come time to when you don’t need them anymore donating, recycling or hiring a clearance company, are the best options for electronic waste management. The E- waste contains mercury and other toxics which is a constant growing environmental issue.

We are all in this together

Some of these small ways you can help to keep things green may seem like you are making no difference when it is just you. However, we are all in this together to keep the environment healthy and a little can go a long way.

How Rubbish Removal System Works In UK

In a world where everyone is increasingly becoming alive to the risks brought about by global warming, the issue of rubbish removal and clearance has greatly evolved. Here in London, the City Council has traditionally been the service provider to many homes and businesses. Usually, City Hall would send in rubbish clearance teams to homes and other premises to collect rubbish on specified days, at agreed destinations. As a home owner, all that you would do was to compile all your rubbish in a rubbish can or bag and wait for it to get collected. But with time, many Londoners weren’t satisfied by the removal services offered by the City Council; sometimes they were just too slow in coming over and other times, they refused to pick your rubbish on ridiculous grounds like the rubbish weighing more than the required weight (usually 20kg/44 lbs).

The Birth of private rubbish removal companies in London;
Once the first few rubbish removal companies emerged in London, they became hugely popular with the residents; their flexibility, affordability, and the fact that their services were holistic were some of the major contributing factors. Today, almost 70% of Londoners rely on private rubbish clearance companies for their home or business needs. The city is home to many professional and reputable rubbish clearance companies, one good example is Quick Wasters. Quick Waster is a perfect example of a rubbish removal company in London that has cleverly and skillfully tailored their services to offer a myriad of services all under one roof. In other words, while the City Council could at best only collect home waste, Quick Wasters offers both home and commercial waste removal services, they offer garden clearance, and their clearance services also include car garage clearance, and so on so forth.

How much does rubbish removal in London cost?
Usually, this is determined by factors like the amount of rubbish that needs to be cleared, what labor or equipment shall be required to get the job done, and so on so forth.  But basically, it is anything between £48.00 and £300, depending on factors like some of the mentioned above. One important thing to always look out for however is what is known as “hidden costs”. Some unscrupulous companies tend to give you a quotation of their services, and then latter sneak in ridiculous charges like parking fees, loading fees, etc.

In a nutshell, a majority of Londoners rely on private removal companies like Quick Wasters to get the job done, whether in their homes, offices, residential premises, or even on building and construction sites. For more details, just check out