We do night rubbish removal as well

Rubbish removal can be a bit inconveniencing, especially if you are the kind that leaves home early, and comes back late in the evening. You may find rubbish and junk accumulating in the compound, and unless you come up with a smart strategy to eliminate it, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed. Our rubbish clearance and removal services involve night removal as well! In other words, we’ll come collect the rubbish any time that suits you even if it means at night. This could be in the office, or at your home.


  • Our night rubbish removal services are reliable, and very efficient. Our personnel has got the equipment needed, and proper lighting in order to ensure that we leave your premises sparkling clean
  • Also worth noting, is that we are always flexible and whatever night time you propose, we’ll be okay with it. Whether you arrive home past 8pm, or need the rubbish removed as early as 3am, we are always flexible. Thus you do not have to cancel your daytime engagements; just contact us, and we’ll agree on a suitable time.
  • Unlike day time rubbish removal services, night removal is unique in that if it is in an office, there are fewer employees crisscrossing or interfering with our staff. Thus our night removal services are more efficient, and your employees will all wake up to a clean, and tidied up office.
  • Bin emptying; another advantage of our night rubbish removal services is that we also empty the bins in the middle of the night, and leave other clean ones for your use. Whether in an office, or at home, arriving at work to clean and freshly smelling bins is always a nice way to start the day.
  • Junk transporting; old sofas, car tires, car batteries, broken furniture, all this junk lying in your home compound could cause injuries, and should be therefore removed. The best time to collect and transport this kind of waste is at night, when there’s less traffic or preying by curious eyes. We have specialized trucks to transport all kind of junk, and take it for disposal or recycling.

Night rubbish removal services are the way out for those who find themselves too busy to have time for the same at the day time. Get to us today, and we’ll arrange to have all rubbish cleared at night when you’re present.

What To Expect From A Waste Clearance Services

Waste clearance services have come from a long way; from the days when they were primarily offered by county and local authorities, to today when the services have been largely privatized. In fact 90% of homesteads and commercial buildings are opting for these private waste clearance services due to various factors. They are reliable, effective, affordable, and very convenient to most.

Waste Removal Watford

Below are things you should expect from waste clearance services;

  1. Better customer care; when you call a waste clearance company to come and remove any waste from your premises, the first thing you’ll notice is that the customer care services are much better. The customer care teams of the clearance company will want to know about your location, the amount of rubbish you want removed, and such like details. This enables the company to dispatch their clearance teams with all facts accurate.
  2. Short turnaround time; in yester years, local authorities responsible for waste clearance would take long to show up but this is no longer the case. Modern waste clearance service providers are able to dispatch and send their clearance teams at a short notice. This could include on weekends, on public holidays, or whatever time is convenient with the client.
  3. Well equipped; modern waste clearance companies have the right tools to get the job done. This could include customized trucks that can even lift bulky waste from top floors of flats, to customized bins that are scented to minimize foul smells within your premises. Also, the waste clearance teams have been equipped with the right protective clothing and boots, in order to ensure that they are safe and protected from any harm or injuries when clearing waste.
  4. Professionalism; waste clearance teams are being carefully vetted, and anyone with suspicious characters, criminal records, drug records, and so on, are weeded out. Thus the guys who come to clear waste from your home or office or whatever premises are professional, courteous, and good at what they do.
  5. Holistic approach; nowadays, you’ll find a waste clearance company offering comprehensive and holistic clearance services. They clear all the waste from your home, garage, loft, shed, driveway, garden, and basically all areas. This holistic approach means that your entire premises is cleared of any unsightly waste and junk
  6. Affordable; waste clearance services are increasingly becoming affordable as more and more companies compete to win more clients.


Indeed, waste clearance services have come a long way and today, they have become the rule in many premises and not the exception.

Importance Of Garden Clearances & Using A Specialist Company

While most people tend to give much priority to their house clearance, it is equally important to ensure that your garden is also thoroughly cleared and left in perfect condition. An untidy garden is an eyesore; it makes your entire compound look like a dumpsite. Besides, an untidy garden that has waste and junk all over is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and rodents like rats. It goes without saying therefore that you have to ensure that you get the right garden clearance services, from a reputable specialist company.

What are the benefits of hiring the services of a specialist garden clearance company?


  • A good garden clearance company has the tools for the job, and as such, they are likely to get the job done more effectively, and more quickly. Often, they will have the rakes, and shears to trim any overgrown branches and hedges. They also have the right trucks and vans to transport any junk from the garden for disposal.
  • Secondly, if you are lucky to get an eco friendly service provider, then they ensure that all their practices are in line with principles of conserving the environment. Rather than burning the branches and bushes that have been trimmed, the clearance company can use them for mulching, or make manure with them.
  • A garden clearance is not something you do every other day; it needs to be done occasionally. Sometimes you may be too busy, or away from home and during those moments, a garden clearance specialist will step in and get the job done.
  • You may have beautiful garden furniture, but if your garden is filthy and messy, no visitor or guest will want to come close. Thus in order to enjoy the serenity and freshness that comes from spending time in a neat garden, you should get a skilled garden clearance service provider to take care of things.
  • A filthy garden will also have junk that may injure anyone walking around the garden. These could include nails, broken pieces of wood or old containers. These containers will trap rain water, and be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Rodents will also find a safe place in a filthy garden and before you know it, they will sneak inside your main house to wreak more havoc.


Always seek the services of a qualified garden clearance service provider so that your garden is thoroughly and professionally cleared of any waste or junk.

Commercial Waste Services Offered To Business Customers

Waste removal companies offer their services to commercial, residential and industrial customers. Commercial clients include business offices and buildings in any public place. It is important for business owners to employ a waste disposal company that is reputable and affordable. They should ensure that they make the disposal very simple, neat, cost effective and also convenient. It is not easy to find commercial clients disposing their own waste. Employment of the best waste company is carefully chosen by the human resource department. The waste disposal experts ensure that the junk products are disposed of on a regular basis.

What commercial waste services are offered to business customers?


Licensed waste disposal london

  1. Offer liter bins; the commercial waste companies offer liter bins to the business customers they serve. The bins have a logo of the waste company so as to advertise their work and the company. The identification logo helps the waste experts to know who their clients are. With this, they can offer their services without extra charges.
  2. Business recycling; this entails recycling of waste products in your local area. The commercial waste products offer services and advice on how to dispose of electrical appliances and such like. Electrical waste needs to be carefully disposed of and not burnt or short circuited. The clearance company can also sell the equipments for you at an auction center at an agreed price.
  3. Recycling collection service; in the liter bins made available to business clients, the commercial waste companies label trash for recycling and reusing. This helps in being environmental friendly. A recycling program is always set up to ensure that everyone understands the importance of being eco-friendly.
  4. Clean up services; many commercial waste companies do not only collect trash but also offer cleaning services. They make available cleaning experts who ensure your office looks clean and neat before the start of the day’s work. The experts are in charge of sweeping the floors and countertops, dusting off the windows and doors as well as cleaning.
  5. Renovation services; business owners all dream of expanding and growing their business. When expanding or cleaning up your office to create more space, the commercial waste company can help out. Most of the waste and junk produced during renovation is best cleared by a commercial waste removal company.


Business owners are often busy chasing profits; but clients are always attracted to a clean and neat office. Commercial waste companies help bridge the gap between so that clients will enjoy visiting your offices.

All You Need To Know About Waste Composting

Waste composting is one of the core principles of waste management. It is recommended due to its natural way of helping dispose of waste we generate in our homes. Basically, composting means taking all the waste we have, and letting it rot and decompose in a controlled way. It can be left to rot completely or partially and then used as manure.

Waste Composting

Below are things you should know about composting;

  • Composting waste acts as a soil conditioner, it creates rich humus that can be used on your garden or lawn. This thus helps to retain soil moisture and adds nutrients to the plants.
  • Composting also helps you save money you’d have used to pay a waste clearance company to dispose of the waste. Almost 30% of all the home garbage can be used for composting.
  • Plants require fertilizers in order to mature and thrive. However, the chemical fertilizers we commonly use are not eco friendly; but when we use compost waste we help save the environment by using eco friendly fertilizers.
  • When you decide to compost waste, the first step will be to get a compost bin. Once you have that, you must always ensure that the waste you dump in there for composting is made of organic materials that can rot and decay easily.
  • Usually, the waste dumped into the compost bin is categorized either as green or brown. Green means waste that has plenty of nitrogen, while brown means waste with plenty of carbon. As such, try and use a formula of 50/50, i.e. 50 % green, 50% brown.
  • Some of the most common green waste you can add includes fruit and vegetable peelings, coffee filters and grounds, fresh grass, hedges trimmed from your garden, and so on so forth.
  • Brown waste on the other hand may include sawdust, dry leaves, hay and straw, shredded paper, egg shells, paper towels, animal hair and fur, to mention but a few.
  • There are types of waste you should never try to add into the compost bin; oils, grease, dairy products like milk, eggs, pesticide containers, etc.
  • When putting the waste into the compost pit, always chop it into smaller pieces so that it decomposes faster. Also, start with the greens at the bottom, and cover them with the brown waste. This not only hastens the decomposition, but also keeps off flies and any bad odor from the bin.

Green Your Home Without Going Broke

Nowadays, more and more people are looking for ways to go green, and embracing eco friendly lifestyles. This has gained popularity as more and more people learn of the need to keep the environment clean. As a home owner, what are some of the things you can do to make your home green, without getting broke in the process?  Let’s assume you are just about to start constructing your home;


  1. Building blocks; nowadays, people are running away from the traditional building stones, and cement. There are other artificial blocks available that are equally strong, but greatly reduce the need for warming your house. They retain heat during the day, and you won’t thus need to use electricity or wood to warm your house.
  2. Roofing material; invest in roofing sheets that allow daylight to pass through; they help keep your house naturally lit.
  3. Bright curtains; again, invest in some bright curtains that will allow much sunlight and still ensure privacy. These curtains make the living room look lively even when the lights are off.
  4. Kitchen garden; prepare a kitchen garden where you can plant day to day plants like onions, tomatoes, and such. This not only helps you save on money you’d have spent buying them from the stores; nowadays, most of the fresh produce you’re buying out there has been genetically modified, or grown with many chemicals and fertilizers. Home grown produce is the healthiest.
  5. Solar Panels; get solar panels for your home, and use them to warm water or light your compound. When you compare your annual electricity bill with the cost of a solar panel, you’d realize why the latter is the way to go.
  6. Recycle; recycling is cheap, and very effective in helping your home become green. Recycle waste that can be recycled, you can have a waste clearance company collect it and take it for recycling. Still, embrace other methods of conservation like reusing, and reducing. These three have been known to be very effective in turning your home into a fully green one.


By making use of the above basic considerations, you’ll surely go a long way in converting your home into an eco friendly one.

Why You Should Plant More Trees In London

London has tasted the devastating effects of global warming; just recently, high tides coupled with heavy rains saw the city experience some of the worst flooding ever witnessed. Londoners were seen leaving their stalled cars in the middle of the street, and wading to safety. The Thames burst its banks, unleashing a flood that left many fearing that central London would be badly affected. However, the good news is that all is not lost. Experts recommend that by planting more trees, Londoners will be making a huge contribution towards slowing down the global warming.

Trees In London

Why is it important to plant more trees in London?

  • Global environment; 90% of global warming is as a result of greenhouse gases emitted. Trees absorb these gases, thus greatly reducing any harmful effects to the environment. Failure to plant more trees, or cutting down existing trees causes the carbon emissions to reach the Ozone layer without any hindrance or slowdown. Thus each time you plant a single tree in London, you help reduce global warming, and help preserve the ecosystems of the earth.
  • Local environment; for every tree cut, one is advised to plant two more. Trees are core pillars of the eco system; they enhance the fertility of the land, reduce soil erosion, and even act as stabilizers for coastlines. During flooding, trees help reduce the momentum and force of the floodwaters. Besides, trees also act as homes to birds, and other wild animals.
  • Aesthetic value; in a cosmopolitan city like London that continues to grow and expand, planting trees will add great aesthetic value to your home or compound. Nothing is as attractive as guests visiting your compound, to find green, flourishing trees neatly planted. The shade, the fresh air; trees are irresistible and we always find ourselves going for their shade on a sunny day.
  • Social economic; trees are a source of food, latex for rubber, and even medicine in some instances. Although you can plant any kind of tree in your London home, it would be more recommendable if you’d go for trees that have additional value.
  • Privacy; trees will also add some privacy to your London home. You can start by planting some along your fence, or even in the middle of the compound. Nothing feels as great as enjoying a nice book while under a flourishing tree. It’s also an ideal place to work from with your laptop.


The best time to plant a tree is yesterday; the second best time is now. Take the initiative, and strive to plant as many trees as you can.

Tips by http://www.quickwasters.co.uk

Global Warming; What To Watch Out For

Some years back, global warming sounded like a myth, a distant possibility that many of us would not live to see. We were told that the world would end, it would become inhabitable, and that time was running out. That was about a decade ago. Today, these things are coming to pass; global warming is real and with us! Just last year, all the leaders of the major super powers in the world met in Paris, France to chart a way forward regarding global warming. Governments accepted to reduce their carbon emissions, so as to slow down the warming of our planet.

Is global warming real, what are some of the things one should look forward to?

global warming

  • Melting ice; some years back, we had big mountains that had snow capped tops, we had glaciers that were covered by ice. But over the years, they have lost their ice, as temperatures rise and melt that ice! In the coming years, you can expect to see more ice melting from the highest mountains, glaciers and avalanches melting without slowing down.
  • Rising sea levels; with the melting ice, this water ends up in the oceans. Today, the water level in most oceans has risen by several inches, compared to the way they were a century ago. Scientists warn that if this trend is not reverted, mankind’s survival on earth is doomed. If the ocean rises even some few centimeters, it could lead to unprecedented disasters.
  • Changing weather patterns; the unchecked carbon emissions from the major world economies have tampered with traditional patterns. Long rains and short rains are no longer predictable, as the patters become harder and harder to predict. In future, people should expect hotter summers, and less cold winters.
  • Droughts; with changing weather patterns, the world has witnessed unprecedented droughts. From the recent drought in California, one of the worst in history, to the droughts in Sub-Saharan Africa and in Southern Africa, to drought in some Australian plantations; there is a trend that seems to transverse all the continents. The droughts are expected to become more severe in future, and in some cases almost irreversible.
  • Flooding; this is another consequence of global warming that we have experienced, and will still continue to experience. Just recently, London witnessed some of the worst floods ever witnessed in the country, a river in the US burst its banks and claimed several lives; flooding is a direct consequence of global warming.



Global warming is real, and if mankind won’t reverse the current carefree attitude towards carbon emissions, we may be doomed as a species.

Tips by http://www.quickwasters.co.uk

Disadvantages Of Using Polythene In London

Polythene bags, also known as plastic bags have come to play such a central role in our lives; we carry our grocery in polythene bags, we wrap candy and other goodies in polythene bags, almost everything is being wrapped in polythene bags! Yet, polythene is to the environment what cancer is to the human body; they eat up the environment, and ultimately, will spell doom and disaster. In London, there have been attempts to ban the use of polythene, but the efforts haven’t borne much fruits.


So, what exactly are the disadvantages of using polythene in London?

  • Even before we delve into the scientific reasons of not having polythene around our homes, let’s start with the basic; polythene can easily choke, and suffocate young children. In fact, most products have a warning; keep polythene away from children.
  • Secondly, polythene is not biodegradable, in other words, it doesn’t rot! When you rump polythene around your garden, you simply turn it into a dumpsite as polythene takes years before rotting.
  • Polythene dumped in the soil tends to harm microorganisms that live on soil; polythene has chemicals that are toxic to plants, and organisms within the soil particles.
  • Polythene is also harmful to marine and aquatic life, and generally to any life around water bodies. Once polythene has been soaked in water for long, it releases chemicals that are harmful to the flora and fauna. Polythene in marine eco systems is always a disaster.
  • Still, polythene is such a major culprit when it comes to clogging of drainage systems and pipes. The blocking causes flooding that may have undesirable health consequences, or just interfere with the general flow of water.
  • As a Londoner, you may have pets around your home, or farm animals. If your animals digest polythene, the polythene solidifies and forms a solid body in the animal’s intestines. This can be lethal if not treated fast.
  • You love your candy, crisps, biscuits, and other household goodies wrapped in polythene, right? Yet, experts warn that polythene used to wrap and preserve foods contain toxins! The colorful decorations you see on the polythene contain cadmium and lead; these are potentially harmful materials that can adversely affect the human health.
  • After you have finished with your polythene bags in London, most people tend to burn them as a way of disposal. But when polythene is burnt, it produces Hydrogen cyanide, a cancer causing element. Hydrogen cyanide is not just a carcinogen; it also does much harm to the environment.


In light of the above disadvantages, you now have every reason to reduce or minimize your use of polythene around London.

Tips by Quick Wasters

Protect Natural Resources And Save Them (Air, Water)

Can you imagine living without water for a week? Or inhaling polluted air for a day? Well, these things are hard to imagine, we are so used to having the best of them that we just can’t think of it any other way. The air we inhale is free, we wake up, open a tap, find water flowing, shower, brush, cook, this is just so normal! However, if one were to look at the bigger picture, then it is easy to realize just why it is so important to ensure that we protect and conserve the natural resources around. In the words of one Nobel laureate, Nature is very unforgiving. For every action against nature, there’s a reaction. Mind you, the natural resources of the world today are being depleted unlike on any other time in history.

Waste Removal Watford

How are natural resources misused or polluted?

  • Air pollution can be in form of releasing harmful gases and fumes, or even by what we call sound pollution via loud music and noise.
  • When harmful gases are released into the environment, they form an artificial cloud above, and mist. In cities like Beijing, New Delhi, fumes from cars and industries have turned the air into a milky whitish mist that limits visibility.
  • As for water, polluted water from industries directed into rivers, streams, has been known to kill aquatic animals, as well as diminishing the plant life therein. Just some years ago, Shell, the Oil Giant, was responsible for one of the worst Oil spills in history, a spill that killed thousands of sea birds and other marine life in the American Gulf coast.

Best ways to conserve air and water;

  1. When showering, don’t leave the taps running for long, use as little as water as you need.
  2. Instead of driving to the workplace in your car and emit so much carbon waste, you should consider riding a bike, or using public transport.
  3. When washing your car, instead of doing it on plain stones or gravel, consider doing so on the lawn or grass. The waste water can irrigate the grass, and reduce the need for later watering.
  4. Habits like cigarette smoking are not just harmful for your health; the smoke isn’t very friendly to the environment.
  5. Water can also be recycled; in Israel, waste water and sewerage are recycled, to produce water than can be later used for irrigation, even drinking!


The good thing about protecting our natural resources is that the steps are simple and easy, you can be the change that you want to see.

Message from http://www.quickwasters.co.uk