Tips for Recycling your Christmas decors

Hark the herald angels sing;
“we should all recycle that thing;
Please the earth”, the angels cried;
“it’s easy with the Recycle This guide!”

christmas decors

Christmas is beckoning, the excitement is palpable; it is only a few days around the corner. From the gifts, the tasty meals, to the Christmas home décor, we have figured it all out. But have you taken a minute to think what you’ll do with all the décor and items you’ll find yourselves with once Christmas is over, once the festivities have passed? Well, it makes sense to do so. As a friend of this earth, you can embrace some easy, cheap, and very effective recycling tips that will go a long way in helping conserve the environment.

Gift Cards; in this festive season, you are bound to receive plenty of Christmas gift cards from friends and family. After Christmas, you can re use the same cards for other purposes. Besides, you can creatively use them by trimming their edges with shears and use them as gift tags come 2016. This not only is a great way to re use them, it also saves you some coins. Still, the cards can be used to make children toys with ease.

Christmas tree; often, the authorities go round homes collecting Christmas trees, for recycling. The trees may be shredded into bits and the bits then used in public parks and other such places. Never miss a chance to give your tree for such noble purposes, and leave it to wither and dry up in your backyard. You can also slash the Christmas tree when it is still green, and then use it for mulching. Once it has withered or dries up under a shade, you can use it to mulch the plants and flowers within your garden.

Gift Wrappings; although we all get excited when tearing off gift wrappers for our Christmas gifts, perhaps we should consider being a bit gentle! The same shiny and colorful gift wrapping for a Christmas gift, can be reused to wrap another gift the following year. Consider unwrapping your gifts gently, and removing the wrapper when it is as whole as possible. You can even wrap a gift next year using wrappers of a different color, from two different gifts, and still make the current gift look colorful and creative.

Don’t waste your Christmas décor, don’t let it litter you home and lie in the compound uselessly! Visit for more information.  

Start 2016 Clean At Office and Home

People are fond of making New Year resolutions, often regarding individual goals and targets. While this is commendable, it should also be noted that cleanliness plays a huge role in helping you achieve what you have sent your eyes on. A clean home is a great place to live in, while a clean environment makes employees more productive and contented. It is thus the high time you made a decision to start 2016 in a clean environment, and maintain that trend all year long. Below are some tips you can embrace to position you for a clean start to 2016;


Rubbish bins; whether it is in an office, or at home you can start by placing rubbish bins strategically around. Rubbish bins reduce littering in the compound, especially if placed along entrances and areas where employees congregate often.

Less Paperwork; in the office, you can have your fellow workmates reduce their paper work. In this day and age of the internet, almost everything that would be done on paper can be done via email. And if papers have to be used, always ensure you use both sides of the paper. This is a great way to ensure that you start your 2016 a clean and tidy office.

General cleaning; before the year comes to an end, you can organize with members of your staff, or family members to carry out a thorough cleaning of the home or office. This could include unclogging drainage systems, scouring the toilet seat and sinks, removing cobwebs, and so on so forth. Ending the year on such a clean note will ensure that everyone starts their new year in a clean environment.


DIY; there are some easy and simple DIY tips you can make use of to enhance cleanliness in your home. Tasks such as slashing grass in your compound, or trimming over grown hedges is not only a nice way to exercise; it helps your place appear neat and well kept.

Rubbish Clearance Company; one of the most recommendable and effective ways to ensure that your start 2016 on a clean note, is by hiring the services of rubbish removal companies. These companies are experts in collecting garbage in both residential and commercial properties. Besides, they are able to handle any amount of garbage you may have, and dispose of it in eco friendly ways.

Quick Wasters Do Environmentally Friendly Recycling

Recycling of products has emerged as the cornerstone for most of the efforts the world is witnessing in a bid to save our planet. Recycling is a good way of being eco friendly; it helps recycle waste products and garbage into something that can be reused. And although many individuals have embraced recycling, it is only important that rubbish clearance companies embrace this trend too. At Quick Wasters, we pride ourselves in offering 100% eco friendly services to our clients. From the bags we offer for garbage collection, to the way we dispose of the waste, all our services are well thought of.


While most companies will promise you that their recycling services are eco friendly, the truth is that this is often far from the truth. It is not enough that that a waste collection company promises to recycle your waste; what means are going to be used to recycle that waste? Could the process of recycling itself, be more harmful to the environment, than coming up with the recycled products? All these are questions we asked ourselves at Quick Wasters, before arriving at our recycling methods. We go to great lengths to ensure that when we have sorted and compiled all waste, we separate all recyclable materials. Having identified what needs to be recycled, we then come up with the best and safest ways to recycle it.

For instance, while materials like plastics are recycled by being melted high temperatures, most companies burn tones of fuels to make this possible. Yet, if the same plastic is exposed to direct sunlight for some weeks, it becomes easier to melt, and less energy is needed to melt it! Talk of being eco smart! We use such basic but effective tips to ensure that our recycling is eco friendly. Again, we ensure that the bins we use to collect litter from our clients are recycled from materials collected previously.

Don’t be fooled, recycling is one thing; recycling products in an eco friendly way is another thing. Quick Wasters has emerged as a game changer, and you can always count on us to use eco friendly methods to recycle any waste we collect from you. We are not just driven by a hunger for profits, which makes most companies throw caution to the wind. Rather, we are always guided by the principle of eco friendliness.

Our Clearance Solutions for Year End


The end of the year means different things to different people. To some, it means the excitement of anticipating the New Year; to others it means a time to celebrate their achievements as the year lapses. However, to some, it means having waste and junk that has accumulated all year cleared from their premises. This is especially true for large commercial premises, or even homes that need to give their compound a facelift. At Quick Wasters, we are only too aware of this fact, and have come up with our clearance solutions for year end;

Commercial property; Clearing waste from a commercial property, including in offices requires a keen planning in order to make it effective and convenient for everyone. Seeing that offices may always be busy on weekdays, we advice our clients to consider having a flexible clearance company whose staff can be available on weekends, or in the evenings. What we do is that we provide our clients with recycled bins that are placed strategically around the premises. All employees are then requested to minimize littering, by dropping all their waste in the bins. Our bins have lids to reduce any foul stench from the waste, and we are even designing perfumed bins that will leave your office smelling nicely. We then pick the bins after every 2 days and leave you with other fresh ones. We are able to come even after work, so that we don’t inconvenience other employees.

• Home/ residential clearance; home clearance also requires special considerations, seeing that it is the place where you spend most of your time. As the year comes to end, you should make a point of having all junk and waste that has accumulated in your compound cleared. Our waste clearance solutions for homes include garden clearance. In other words, we don’t just collect the waste and junk littering your compound, we go ahead and trim any overgrown hedges within your garden, and basically leave the garden neat. Any waste that can be recycled, we always take it for recycling. Besides, we advice our clients on the need to utilize recycling, by making use of anything that can be reused.

In a nutshell, we are your partner of choice in as far as ending the year on a clean note is concerned. Regardless of the nature of the clearance, we have proved time and again to be equal to the task at hand.

How To Pick A Good Office Clearance Company

Office waste seems like waste that office employees can manage on their own. But as the company grows and expands, you’ll need to get a reliable and effective way to have all the waste in the office cleared and disposed of properly. Rubbish clearance services offer these services, both in homes and offices. When hiring an office clearance company, there are some basic considerations you’ve got to always consider;

  • Reputation
  • Experience
  • Flexibility
  • Specialty
  • Reliability

Our Clearance SolutionsReputation; an office dictates that everyone carries themselves with decorum and with high standards at all times. What is the reputation of the rubbish clearance company you wish to hire? How do they dress their staff, are they guys you would be embarrassed dropping by your office when you have clients? Do they have integrity, can they be trusted in an office alone without stealing or tampering with items left behind?

Experience; ask yourself, how experienced is the clearance company you are offering? Is the company experienced in collecting rubbish from an office setting like yours, or on the top floor? Or are they used to dealing with small and medium offices? Their experience should also include things like the ability to clear office waste several days a week, or even daily.

Flexibility; most offices work from Monday to Friday and during those times, they may not be able to accommodate waste clearance companies coming during working hours. Thus, opt for a company that is flexible, than can clear the waste at night after work, or even on weekends. Office employees don’t need to be disturbed and distracted often by waste clearance companies emptying smelly bins, and so on so forth, during working hours.

Specialty; while waste clearance companies are versatile in offering their services to both residential and commercial property, some do specialize in clearing office waste alone. Such would be a better bet. Such companies have specialized in handling office waste and offering office clearance tips and advice.

Cost; having borne all the above considerations in mind, you should also consider the cost of hiring an office waste clearance company. Rather than picking the cheapest, or most expensive, one should always balance a fair cost, with the above factors. Some will charge you for every waste cleared from your office weekly or monthly; others will charge you a standard rate on a monthly basis for all waste. The latter option is more preferable.

Find Out the Benefits of Using A Rubbish Removal Company

Everyone loves to live and work in a clean and tidy environment. Whether at home, in the office, or wherever, we all want to be around an area that is tidy and cleaned up. More often than not, most of us prefer to clean up the places we find ourselves in; from mopping the floor, getting rid of rubbish and junk, and so on so forth. However, there are times we’ll find ourselves too busy to do regular garbage removal, or find ourselves faced with a lot of junk. At such moments, the services of a rubbish removal company come in handy. There are numerous benefits of hiring these services;


  • Convenience; hiring these services is convenient in the long term because the rubbish removal companies will do all the work, while you concentrate doing other tasks. Whether it’s on a weekend, a public holiday, at night, you name it; rubbish removal companies are always flexible.
  • Cost effective; if you look at it keenly, hiring the services of a rubbish removal company is cheap in the long run. Instead of struggling to collect all the garbage yourself, and disposing of it wrongly, or end up getting diseases and inviting pests that thrive in unhygienic places, having a company do it for you saves you all of these. Really, no monetary value is equivalent to the good health of yourself and those around you.
  • Expertise; some of the rubbish and junk around you is toxic, and needs proper disposal. Rubbish removal companies are experts in this kind of work, their collection team knows how to dispose of all harmful materials.
  • Recycling; it is not enough to know what can be recycled out of the rubbish; you must know where to take it for recycling! These collection companies will sort all garbage, and whatever needs to be recycled is transported for recycling immediately.
  • Extra services; another good thing about hiring rubbish collection services is that they come with extra services. For instance if you have a garden, most garbage collection companies will offer garden clearance services. This may include trimming of hedges and collecting any junk that may be around the garden. The same branches trimmed from your hedges, can be converted into manure for your garden.

Why Quick Wasters is best for Commercial Waste Clearance

Quick Wasters is your number one waste clearance company, offering commercial waste clearance in London. We understand that you may not always have the means or ability to clear your waste in any kind of commercial setting. This could be in terms of clearing your office, getting rid of waste data in a safe way, clearing your shop, or even getting rid of waste electronics that you need disposed of.


Quick Wasters is unique, we are ahead of the rest in the sense that first, we are environmental friendly. Yes, before we even give you quotations of our services, we like to assure our clients that all our methods of commercial waste clearance are environmental friendly. For instance, we take time to sort all waste, what can be recycled for later use, we put that aside for recycling. What can be donated, for example if you have furniture, water dispensers that you need cleared from your office, we make an effort of encouraging our clients to donate such, and even show them how to go about it.

Secondly, we employ the latest technology and equipment when clearing your commercial waste. This means that no amount of waste is too much for us, we always have the means to handle it. Better still, our team of waste clearers is well organized, and flexible. We understand that weekdays are busy days for most commercial premises; thus we are able to work with speed over the weekends, or even at night! You just need to let us know when you need your place cleared of waste.

Finally, our rates are competitive. We don’t take advantage of our clients; we understand that a client overwhelmed with commercial waste may feel desperate, and be willing to do anything to have that waste cleared. However, at Quick Wasters we charge you depending on the exact volume of waste you want cleared. This is unlike others who have blanket rates, whether it is a single room is cleared, or a whole building being cleared.

Little about Areas we are covering


Over the years, Quick Wasters has emerged as a prominent, leading waste clearance company in London. Our services speak for themselves, and testimonials of our clients are positive. But that aside, our keen understanding of London, and its demographics have helped us penetrate and extend our services to all the districts. Thus, whether you live in inner London, or the outskirts, you can always relay on our services. Our services literally cover Central London, South, East, West, and even North London. Therefore, leave the logistics to us, once you call us and describe to us the nature of your waste clearance, we always find a way to come to you.

Our services are reliable, but more importantly, we are flexible and versatile in the services that we offer. They include the following areas that we fully cover;

House clearance; are you moving to a new house, or leaving an old one? In case you do and want to have the house cleared, we are always on standby for such! We provide house clearance services and collect all waste, from electronic waste, to old and damaged electronics, to even old clothes and toys!

Commercial clearance; Quick Wasters also provides commercial waste clearance services to Londoners; from clearing your office and building of broken furniture, emptying the trash bins, or even clearing sensitive data that you want cleared, you can always trust us on that. Our commercial clearance services are available any day of the week, and if need be, even at night.

Construction Waste; we also have experience clearing and tidying up construction sites. As a construction manager, you may have no idea how to exactly tidy up the construction site, where and how to dispose of the pieces of wood and other junk that is common in such sites. But we have the expertise and tools to manage such waste, and get rid of it in an environmentally friendly manner.

Garden clearance; how lovely is a neat and tidy garden or lawn! We are experts in clearing your garden, including clearing any fallen leaves of branches on your garden. Our team will clear your garden on a weekly basis, or as frequently as the task will demand.

How to Keep your office Clean – Hire a Clearance Company

There are several reasons why you should always ensure that your office is clean. To begin with, it is very paramount that you work in a clean, hygienic environment. Doing so ensures that you are productive, and that you feel refreshed and relaxed in your work environment. Secondly, you want to work in an office that’s clean and neat, so that even when your clients or customers come in, you won’t have to worry or feel embarrassed.



That aside, knowing the benefits of keeping your office clean is different from actually knowing how to keep your office clean! At Quick Wasters, we have immense experience cleaning offices and advising clients on how they can ensure that their offices are clean at all times;

  • Team Work; The first step towards having a clean office is in speaking to all employees, making them understand the need to maintain cleanliness, and encouraging them to embrace it. It is easier to keep an office clean if all employees understand the collective responsibility.
  • Hire a waste clearance company; it is always very advisable to hire the services of clearance companies, regardless of the size of the office. These companies have the experience, to not just keep the front desk looking clean, but also thoroughly cleaning the washrooms and the immediate environment.
  • Place waste bins; every desk in an office should have a waste bin close to it, to avoid littering the office. The clearing company can arrange and empty the bins after every 2 days, or weekly, depending on the accumulated waste.
  • Less Paperwork; advise those in the offices to embrace emails more, compared to using papers to send reports, letters, and so on so forth. Papers can be messy, while an email can be equally effective without messing up the office.

How Does Environmental Friendly Recycling Help


Quick wasters attach great importance to the environment, and all our waste disposal services have this consideration at the root of our operations. We like to emphasize to our clients the need to ensure that when we collect waste from their premises, we always recycle what can be recycled. This is one way of ensuring that the environment is well taken care of. So, what are the major benefits of environmental friendly recycling?

  • Balances the environment; the most obvious benefit of recycling in a way that’s environmental friendly, is that doing so helps strike a balance. While each year many trees are felled to produce paper for instance, by recycling papers severally, we help preserve forests and ensure that more trees are growing than are being felled for manufacturing papers.
  • Reduce pollution; Industrial pollution chokes the environment badly, the waste produced in major industries is the leading cause of air pollution. By recycling plastics, cans, etc, we spare the environment of all the wastes that would have been emitted manufacturing new ones.
  • Reduce energy consumption; on the same breath, manufacturing industries do consume a lot of energy for them to operate. By recycling, we spare energy that would have been used to power manufacturing plants.
  • Global Warming; experts have advised that recycling is one way to alleviate global warning. During production of new products, harmful greenhouse gases get emitted and these are greatly reduced if the world would embrace recycling.
  • Conservation of natural resources; Mining, extraction of natural resources, these are some of the ways in which the environment is being depleted of her precious resources. Doing so means that future generations won’t have sufficient resources to support their existence on the planet. Recycling helps preserve and conserve these resources, by making use of waste materials rather than extracting new ones.
  • Create Jobs; today, recycling has employed millions round the world. Men and women work in recycling plants today, making use of waste materials to come up with new, usable products. In the absence of recycling, these people would be jobless, and the environment would also be burdened.
  • Reduce waste in Landfills; another interesting benefit of recycling is that it greatly reduces the amount of waste in landfills. Take for instance, dumping an old computer or furniture in a landfill! Such would not decompose easily, and could just make the landfill look full and unusable, while in the real sense, it is more prudent to have such wastes recycled. Landfills should be preserved for waste that is capable of decomposing pretty fast.

Thus with the above benefits of recycling, it is clear why the next time you’re looking for a waste clearance company, you should always lookout for one that cares for the environment. When a company offers to collect and clear your waste, seek to find out what they intend to do with the recyclable materials.