The Quick Wasters Guide To Help You Reduce Food Waste

Quickwasters are a specialist eco-friendly waste removal company based in London. We specialise in numerous waste removal services; residential, commercial, office and home , such as food.


Food prices are continuing to rise and therefore it can be difficult for families to prepare healthy meals daily, particularly with families who have both parents working, as coming home at the end of a long day and attempting to motivate yourself to start cooking from scratch can be hard.

Living in London doesn’t help, the hustle and bustle and fast paced environment can increase stress levels and with many people no longer feeling secure in their jobs, preparing a hot freshly cooked meal really doesn’t seem like a priority at the time.

The truth of the matter is that eating well can help you remain healthier, better able to concentrate and more importantly helps educate your children and reduce the likelihood of them becoming obese. So how do you do it?

  • cook in batches
  • use leftovers
  • if you use home shopping then why not try something like the Tesco delivery saver and have your shopping delivered twice weekly, this way you will get less waste
  • shop more often, there are an abundance of fabulous small retailers in London selling fresh produce
  • plan your meals in advance
  • write a shopping list
  • make twice as much as you need for a meal and then freeze half for another day

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How A Waste Removal Service Can Help You

Rubbish disposal is a huge problem for the twenty first century and for future generations. Surveys show that an average household in the UK alone produces about 500kg of waste every year and the country’s construction industry generates 90 million tonnes of trash each year. 

What A Rubbish Disposal Service Can Do For You


waste clearance service provider can offer junk collection, proper disposal of collected garbage and systematic recycling. A professional service provider will pick up redundant household items such as furniture and fridges. They can also clear your garden junk and help you get rid of old furniture such as shelving, filing cabinets and desks. An approved company can also ensure proper disposal of electronic items such as TVs, Computers, Laptops, phones and printers.

Junk Collection

A Rubbish disposal provider can collect both domestic and commercial waste.. These professionals will assure you efficient and cost effective disposal services.

Proper Disposal

A licensed rubbish collection company can not only collect  commercial waste, it can also ensure proper disposal after the junk has been collected. An efficient company will get rid of your rubbish in an environmental friendly manner.

Appropriate Recycling

Recycling is imperative for environment safety. A professional rubbish disposal service may also provide recycling after sorting through the reusable items. Firms which do not have in house recycling facility will transport rubbish to an authorised recycling center for ensuring proper recycling.


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The Advantages Of Waste Removal Services

Advantages of Using Rubbish Removal Services

There are numerous reasons and advantages for using rubbish removal services for all your rubbish clearing. Every company ends up with old furniture, filing cabinets and other junk that accumulates, and most homes do too. 

You certainly can’t dispose of it like your ordinary rubbish. If these products are not disposed of properly, you can also get a heavy fine, as well as the guilty feeling that goes along with knowing that these items end up in a landfill and not being recycled.

Rubbish removal services for businesses

  • All old furniture and other junk can be removed and dispose of properly.
  • Any furniture and equipment that can be salvaged, refurbished or even used as is is taken to places where they are fixed up and distributed to people who need them.
  • Any items that can’t be upgraded or fixed can be taken apart and reused elsewhere, and some even get shredded or broken down, and recycled into other products.

Rubbish removal services for individuals


People in residential units can benefit from rubbish removal services as well when you deal with a friendly team like ours who are happy to help out.

Anyone with a storage room, garage or even a garden that is starting to get cluttered, and doesn’t have the time or inclination to deal with it, can take advantage of these services.

Our staff will come to you to help you assess the situation and tell you what kinds of services we provide. We can take away old  wardrobes, and whatever else you need removed.

For things that can’t be helped, they will make sure they are recycled properly.

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The Benefits Of Residential Waste Removal

Consider getting a residential waste removal company to provide you with services that will get rid of your junk in order to make the most of the space which you have available.

Loft Clearance:


The loft can be difficult to get in some homes and if you need the assistance of a ladder to get up there. Over the years you may have broken furniture and junk that you may not see light of day again.  However, if your loft is full of junk then you are putting it to waste since you can convert it into another room, or simply make storage room for things that you will actually have a use for in the future. Clearing your loft can be done by hiring a residential waste disposal service. We can provide you a quick turnaround time thereby causing as little disturbance to your everyday life as possible. Some professional companies might even be able to clear your loft in as quickly as a day.

Garage And Shed Clearance:

If your garage or shed is packed with so much junk whereby you can hardly place a foot in there then it might be time to get rid of most of it. The best way to go about getting rid of junk is identify what should be kept, place it to once side, and then simply instruct the waste removal service to get rid of everything else.

You must be realistic about what needs to be kept and what doesn’t because you can fall into the trap of getting attached to junk that deep down you know you probably won’t have a use for. Take the opportunity to get Quickwasters to remove your junk for you.

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The Benefits Of Waste Removal Services

In London, waste removal problems are usually solved by by skip hire, but this is not the best option as you have to load the skip yourself. This is not easy at the best of times, and even more awkward if there are cars parked to the sides.

How to use a London waste removal service

Benefits Of Waste Removal Services

The waste removal service is straightforward, you can contact Quick Wasters and they will arrange for one of their trucks to remove your waste. Unlike skip operators, the staff at Quick Wasters will load your rubbish themselves, straight away, and then take it away for disposal using approved eco-friendly recycling methods for anything possible.

What can you use a London waste removal service for?

Quick Wasters waste removal services offer a range of services from residential, commercial, home, work and garden. They will pick up your bulky household items such as furniture and fridges. They can clear out your garden rubbish, and not just the plant waste and clear the whole garden if you want. Quick Wasters will also clear out commercial

property such as shops and offices. Old furniture such as shelving, filing cabinets, and desks will be taken away.

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Waste Prevention For Restaurants

Reduce waste, Increase Profit

waste prevention for restaurants
  • Purchase only what you need—Take inventory often and consider using an inventory tracking system to avoid spoilage and waste.
    • First In, First Out (FIFO)—use and store items in chronological order
    • Store food tightly and appropriately, stalling spoilage
    • Use storage containers that can be reused. You can also request food to be delivered in reusable containers to avoid having to buy new containers.
    • Buy in bulk
    • Review your menu—find ways to incorporate all of your food products into your menu (e.g. using vegetable heads and stem to make soup stock)
    • More recycling, less trash, smaller trash removal bills
    • Donate edible leftover food to local community food banks
    • Consider a trash compacter to reduce dumpster tips/container pulls
    • Consider a Baler to bale cardboard and other recyclables this removes these items from your waste streams.
  • Work with an organics vendor to set-up a food waste disposal program:

 Waste Reduction By Area

Bar & Beverage
• Know your customers—purchase items based on what your customers buy
• Recycle bottles & cans—if you don’t have room to store your recycling, serve fountain or draft drinks
• Use reusable plates & utensils—invest in plastic cups and plates to avoid continuous purchasing of paper products
Appliances & Equipment
• Maintain kitchen appliances—it costs money to maintain, but it costs more money to shut down a kitchen when an appliance fails
• Have regular check-ups for HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air condition)—clean the coils and filters and look for air loss from refrigerator doors and freezers
• Clean fryers and filter the oil daily—this extends the life of the fryer and the oil
• Use straw dispensers (health department approved) instead of prewrapped straws
• Use washable table linens
• Purchase concentrated cleaning supplies & environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies

waste prevention for restaurants

How Recycling Can Save Your Business Money

How Recycling Can Save Your Business Money

How To Save Money Recycling

In most offices, paper can make up a big proportion of the waste that is disposed or recycled every day. You can create a campaign that suggest that you ‘think before you print’, this can include setting up printers and photocopies to print double sided to encourage everyone to use old scraps of paper instead of buying sticky note pads.

Furniture and electrical equipment

Electrical equipment is one of the fastest growing sources of waste from businesses in London. Electrical waste can sometimes also create harmful waste due to heavy metals, non-biodegradable plastics, battery acids and other hazardous elements. It can also pose a security risk if any sensitive information is left on unprotected hard disks or other storage media.

The best option for businesses if it is necessary to throw something away is to donate the product to a local re-use organisation so it can be used again.  Re-used goods offer excellent value if you are a new business starting up, moving offices, or expanding your workforce. The furniture that is available has typically only been used for a fraction of its intended life span.


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Top Tips To Reduce Household Waste

Household Food Waste

Research has found that in the UK throwing away £13 billion of household food waste in a year (about 7.3 million tonnes). Some waste is inevitable (egg shells, tea bags, etc) but a large proportion of this waste can be avoided. Get into te habit of using up what you’ve already bought before you buy more groceries. This is especially important with fresh produce such as fruit or vegetables, bread, etc. Checking what you have in the fridge and cupboard before making a shopping list, as many buy in  bulk to ‘save money’ yet end up wasting the food.

Technology and Gadgets

Technology seems to date so quickly and there’s always a new gadget people purchase. Sometimes we really do just need to think seriously about whether we do actually need that shiny new toy or whether we are just buying it for the sake of it. Other times though you may  need to upgrade or buy a new piece of technology and in these cases you can do it  knowing it won’t go to waste. Gumtree, Facebook or Freecycle are all good places to sell or donate your old technology to someone who will get good use out of it.


Fashion too has become very disposable, as it is often cheaper to buy a new item of clothing than it is to repair the old. Buying cheap isn’t always the most cost effective in the long run though, and spending a bit more to buy quality will usually mean it lasts longer and works out less expensive on a ‘cost per wear’ basis. However there are situations where it may be difficult to avoid purchasing clothes that will only be worn a few times. Clothing is at least one of the types of potential waste that can most easily be reused or recycled.  You can sell at car boot sales or on Facebook, or donate to a local charity.

The UK Business Waste Regulations

Business waste is any waste that comes out of any premises used for conducting any business or trading activities. There are several regulations in the United Kingdom that govern how various forms of business wastes should be recycled and disposed. All UK cities and counties are required to dispose waste in a manner that does not endanger the human health or the environment.

Quickwasters business wasteIt is required to take all necessary measures to

  1. Reduce or prevent the production of waste. This is to make sure that as little waste as possible is produced so as to protect the health of citizens.
  2. Use any necessary means to recycle and recover produced waste. This is in view of extracting any raw materials that can be salvaged. The waste can also be used as a source of energy.
  • Regulations for hazardous wastes.

This is waste that has the capability of polluting the environment. All businesses are required to exercise strict control measures in every point of its production, management, movement and disposal. Also, the recycling process requires stringent measures.

  • Business waste shipment regulations.

The movement of waste between the United Kingdom and other countries is guided by some regulations. There is waste considered too hazardous to be moved around. Other forms of waste usually require a written note authorising the movement of business wastes. In short, every waste control is determined by the destination, reuse and disposal.


It is important for business owners to follow the set regulations of disposing business waste.

Quickwasters have various rubbish collection services available. Please get in touch with our friendly staff for more information.

Why Rubbish Removal Is So Important During Construction Projects

Construction on your house or building can be exciting, especially when it is done and you see the finished project.quickwasters removal van

On the other hand, the large amount of waste that is created can make your property look messy and untidy throughout the construction. Also, some of the waste can be harbouring unsafe materials. This means enlisting a garbage removal service as soon as possible to remove the debris for you on a timed basis.

  • Garbage removals ensure your safety and safety of everyone on and around your property


  • There may be dangerous, hazardous materials If any demolition is taking place which needs proper removal


  • By choosing a qualified rubbish removal service, you are choosing efficient hazardous waste removal. This means asbestos or sharps or other materials are removed in a safe and sensible way.



  • If you let the debris pile up it will cost you more long term. The transportation costs for the construction waste to a landfill will be expensive. Also, the hiring of extra staff to assist you with moving the debris will cost.


  • To limit these extra costs, you should think about investing in rubbish removal services. This will mean that the waste materials are collected on a schedule that is best suited to your need whilst also making sure that the debris is removed through the correct networks


  • This can even speed up your construction project as your staff can concentrate on the project rather than wasting time and manpower on cleaning up.