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We are professional in providing a reliable Waste Removal, rubbish clearance services.

Environment Agency Approved CBDU80874

Number ONE in London

We are the leading waste removal company in London. We handle waste collection in a professional and environment friendly manner. We ensure all our customers receive first class waste removal services at affordable prices throughout London.

Quick Wasters is a waste removal and collection firm that handles both small and large-scale junk clearance operations for London homeowners and companies. We are completely committed to collecting and disposing of your trash in a professional manner.

On Demand Rubbish Clearance

We are capable of handling any project, no matter how large or small. While we are proud of our past, experience is nothing without expertise. We have the proper people to get the work done perfectly. We have teams with years of experience in all services. We're the ones to call whenever something needs to be done—anything has to be done. Our service focuses on delivering professional and environmentally friendly waste removal and collection in London. We'll keep you up to date on pricing and timelines throughout our straightforward process, because we want our consumers to fully comprehend the services we provide.
Our promises with waste removal and collection in London are affordable and efficient, which is why Londoners adore us.
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We have the necessary equipment, as well as the necessary experience and depth of understanding, to handle a wide range of problems anywhere in the United Kingdom. We provide cutting-edge specialized equipment to tackle any task and provide unique solutions to any problems that arise. Our resources, as the continent's leader, are simply unrivalled.Quick Wasters is definitely a firm you can rely on in your time of need, thanks to our knowledge, skills, manpower, and equipment. While other businesses concentrate on problems, we provide solutions. Our excellent safety procedures have a cascading impact. In a safe atmosphere, employees feel more confident and happier. Morale improves, production rises, and we can better serve our consumers. Customers gain from a safer working environment as well as lower costs. Consistently reinforcing, educating, and modelling safe behaviors can change behavior and save lives. Set an example by making safety a priority for yourself. Others will join in and make it their own cause..

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About Quick Wasters

As a leading rubbish removal company, Quick Wasters is capable in tailoring a waste removal program that is personalised to our individual customer needs and preferences.

Rubbish collection is something that can be a headache and if not carried out properly. We confirm, our experienced rubbish collection team is London's safest and most reliable way of clearing your unwanted garbage. If you're renovating or moving house, removing your unwanted office's equipment, papers or anything, it is time not to waste time and money hiring a rubbish Skip. "Quick wasters" is there to do the hard work for you! So Join with us to make our London Clean and beautiful.

When you first contact us for a residential junk removal, garden waste or a commercial waste collection at your business premises, we will discuss your requirements and give you the best quote.

You can upload the photo of your unwanted items load, so we can give an accurate price so you know what you are paying for. We are also a fully licensed waste disposal company in London so all the work we provide is reliable and insured according to the work regulation standards in London. We only hire the best staff members who have experience and know how to handle any calibre of junk disposal work in city. So you do not have to worry about the safety and work we provide.

For Rubbish Removal Near Me – Contact Quick Wasters In London

Quick Wasters has a well-known name in the business waste management industry. Whether you work in construction, retail, or as part of a corporation, no matter what type of business you have. Our disposal services are designed to assist you with any trash, rubble, or waste that you or your company generates.

If you're looking for a waste management partner you can trust, look no further. Quick Wasters takes pride on providing a thorough and dependable service, so you can rest assured that you've chosen the right trash carrier for you and your company's needs.

Quick Wasters has a track record of reaching sustainability goals and is devoted to offering environmentally responsible recycling and solid waste solutions to meet current and future market demands. We are a fully licensed firm that takes pride in our customer service and expertise. We offer junk removal services in London from your house, business, school, construction site, factory, and anywhere else where garbage accumulates.

Quick Wasters understands the rules and regulations that may apply to your waste management, regardless of what you do or what your organization specializes in. As a result, we specialize on frequent, dependable, and convenient collections, which can relieve you of the burden of managing yours and your company garbage. We have the best rubbish removal teams near you.

We provide a wide range of solutions for setting up collection systems that are tailored to each location, as well as new solutions that can improve service performance while reducing environmental impact. We are dedicated to the preservation of a planet and cleaner, safer, and healthier environment in which people can thrive — not just now, but also for future generations.

Contact our helpful customer service staff by phoning 0203 538 0765 for a free, no-obligation estimate. Alternatively, you can schedule your removal right away using our online booking system. We can move your waste on the same day.

Type of waste we collect from you?

We are professionals in garbage disposal. Our regular waste management service takes care of trash and litter that can't be recycled and doesn't need to be disposed of at a specialised facility. We provide waste collection services for all forms of waste, as well as waste management advice and management.

Commercial Waste Clearance

Commercial Waste Clearance

Any garbage generated on the grounds of a UK business is referred to as commercial waste. So, whether you run a trade site, an office, a recreation centre, an educational facility, or an entertainment venue, all of the garbage generated by these establishments is classified as commercial. Construction, agriculture, industry, and demolition debris are all examples of commercial waste. We help you to remove this kind of waste.


Residential Waste Clearance

Residential waste, also known as domestic waste or household waste, is a term used to describe the disposable items produced by households. This garbage contains non-hazardous wastes. Vegetable scraps, papers, bottles, and other non-hazardous waste can all be recycled or composted. Why are you worrying when you have our service in one phone call distance?

Building Waste Clearance

Building Waste Clearance

Contact one of our teams if you have a pile of construction waste that keeps rising and you don't know what to do to get rid of it. Quick Wasters provides expert rubbish removal in your area that is personalized to your needs and scheduled at a time that is convenient for you. You can ensure to find a rubbish carrier you can trust near you with licensed and insured men and van junk removal firms operating across the UK.


Garden Waste Clearance

We can provide garden waste collection service in London. Whatever the size of your garden, we have a professional team who specialized in garden junk removal of unwanted materials from your gardens. Our services starts from £60. We can ensure that we dispose the waste environmental friendly and we are acreditated and approved by the Environment Agency and insured company.


House Waste Clearance

We provide a complete house clearance London service, flats, bedsits and bungalows in London area. We always do our best to make sure that items from your house clearance are recycled. Whether your property is located in North London, East London, South London, or West London, our company has you covered.


Office Waste Clearance

We can supply office furniture clearing, as well as the removal of difficult-to-move office waste, all in a timely manner by a professional uniformed staff that will leave no evidence of their presence. It's possible that you've recently moved workplaces, are moving out of an office, or simply need office trash removed urgently. Quick Wasters can step in and clean up any problem, no matter how big or tiny it is. We are completely licensed, competent, and insured office clearance specialists with years of expertise assisting local businesses with office waste removal.


How does it work?


Step 1

Get in touch for your free, no-obligation quote.


Step 2

Book your collection online or with our friendly team.


Step 3

We collect your waste and leave your area clean and tidy.


Step 4

Over 90% of the waste we collect is kept out of landfill.

We are the best for Junk Removal & Clearance in London


When it comes to rubbish removal in London, we are quick, economical, and responsible. We are committed to recycling the rubbish we collect, so you can be confident that when we collect junk or trash from your home, we are doing so in an environmentally friendly manner. We can provide the same level of client service across all of our services because of our creative approach towards waste collection. Whether you have scheduled a bulky waste disposal or a normal private trash collection, you may love working with our friendly and skilled team.

We set high standards for ourselves and endeavour to provide 100 percent client satisfaction with our fully licenced rubbish removal services. This includes sorting your trash, transporting and loading it, and even cleaning up after the trash has been loaded into the removal van.


While performing our services, we treat you and your neighbours with the highest respect. Our professional team will remove your trash with care and leave the area clean and neat once it has been collected. We pride ourselves on discretion and subtlety, and we will not disturb you or your neighbours in any way.

You will benefit from it even if you really need same-day service or a regular scheduled pick-up. Our team is well-versed in the area as well as recycling locations. We can also go to your location swiftly.

We are an environmentally conscious company. We make every effort to recycle as much rubbish as possible. We set ambitious goals for ourselves to increase the quantity of garbage we recycle. Currently, we recycle more than 80% of everything we gather. We recycle ethically and conduct background checks on third-party recyclers who done it on our behalf.


Customer Testimonial

As a leading rubbish removal company, Quick Wasters is capable in tailoring a waste removal program that is personalised to our individual customer needs and preferences.

Junk Pick UP at Affordable Cost


We're in charge of saving you money, assisting you in developing the most efficient plan possible, and contributing to the betterment of our fragile world.

As society grows more responsible in its waste management, businesses are expected to follow suit. It's more vital than ever to consider the environment and how we can reduce the amount of waste we send to landfills.

Recycling more will ensure that the natural riches of our world are available to future generations. That's a responsibility we take very seriously, but we also understand that conserving the earth doesn't have to be expensive!


Our cheap rubbish removal prices are as low as feasible. We priorities cost-effectiveness in our operations, seeking to supply all customers with the garbage collection services they require.

We'll make sure you get the proper kind and size bin for your waste volume and available space.You need a name you can rely on when things become rough. With a dependable, effective service which you can set up and forget, we make life a lot easier for small business people.

By recycling, you will be decreasing the cost of managing your garbage through waste audit, we can help you establish a customised, cost effective, ecologically sustainable recycling solution.We'll give you a free quote within an hour and even throw in a free bin to show how excited we are to start working with you. Waste Collections will save you cash, time, and give you with unmatched service. Call us at 0203 538 0765 to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can work together to make a difference.



As a leading rubbish clearance company, Quick Wasters is capable in tailoring a waste removal program that is personalised to our individual customer needs and preferences. From small manufacturing factories to large consumer plants, small café’s to large restaurants or from simple retail strips to complex shopping centres or to your house hold waste clearance - you name the waste problem, we'll provide the solution for your at the most affordable rates available in London.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is the process of collecting the waste materials from your home, office & other places and disposing Off it in a safe and eco-friendly way. Our customer friendly rubbish removal team will visit your place and will collect the waste. We provide all kind of waste clearance services to remove commercial waste, house waste, building waste, garden waste, office waste, etc

Quick Wasters offers the best rubbish collection at the most affordable price. Waste Clearance prices by Quick Wasters are best & affordable. Prices may vary based on the volume of the waste, weight of the waste, type of the waste, etc.

Quick Wasters serves all over the London. Upon customer’s request, Quick Wasters professional team will visit the respective place and will collect the waste in a smooth way without making any hustle for the surroundings.

We collect all kind of waste from your home and industrial areas except hazardous waste, clinical waste, chemical waste, Meat waste.

The price for the rubbish clearance may vary based on the many factor like type & amount of rubbish, weight of the rubbish which you need to remove.

Yes, We do provide same day clearance services. You can call Quick Wasters and we are always ready to collect your waste on the same day. You can just visit our website or call us directly for rubbish clearance services. (T&C Apply)

Yes, Quick Wasters team are available in the weekends to collect all kind of waste after your party or events at your home/office. (T&C Apply)

The cost for the rubbish removal may vary based on the type of the rubbish, volume of the waste, weight of the waste. Quick Wasters team can help you by collecting your waste at the most affordable and cheap price in London.

If you have more rubbish waste to be removed from your place. Just call Quick Wasters team, Our rubbish removal team will reach your doorstep and will collect all kind of waste materials from your place.

Quick Wasters is operating in London for many years with good customer reputation. Our team is experienced in handling all kind of waste materials. Our team will come to your place upon your request and will clear the waste in quick time.