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10 Recycling Facts from Quickwasters!

Everyone knows that it is a great thing to recycle any items that you will normally need to dispose of as it will help the environment in the long run and help the future generations to continue to enjoy the benefits of this planet.

Here are 10 facts from Quickwasters that you need to need to know about recycling in 2017!

1. One single soft drink can that is recycled can power a modern television set for three hours. So that is two movies to watch! It can just take six weeks fo a drinks can to be put in the recycle bin and be on the shelve as a new product.

2. It takes up to five hundred years for a disposable nappy for a baby to decompose. You may wish to experiment with towle nappies which are re-usable.

3. Twenty thousand tonnes of batteries are discarded ed every year. It also takes fifty times more energy to make just one battery than it will actually give during its life span.

4. If you live in the UK and the capital of London in particular, did yo know that Londoners produce enough waste to

5. five out of six glass bottles are thrown away instead of put into the recycling.

6. By using recycled paper, it produces over seventy percent less pollution to the air.

7. 80% of a car can be recycled

8. fifty years ago, the UK produced twenty times less plastic

9. We throw away six trees worth of paper every year.

10. In Britain, one hundred million tonnes of waste is produced every year