Always Buy Recyclable Products

Recycling has been touted as the best way to help conserve the environment; if we were to all use recycled materials, then there would be little need for manufacturing so many new goods and products. Mind you, it is during the manufacturing of goods and products that industries release the most greenhouse emissions. Therefore, it is the high time that we all made a point of always ensuring that we buy recycled products.


  • Needless to say, recycled products are always cheaper than newly manufactured products. This is not to say that the former is of a lesser quality than the former. Just that the cost of producing a recycled product is always lesser, and this translates to a cheaper retailing cost.
  • Being cheaper, you thus get to save an extra coin here, another there. You can use that money in something else and still enjoy the services offered by the recycled product.
  • When clearing waste and rubbish from your home, you can sort all the waste, and put aside whatever can be recycled. You can then arrange with the waste clearance company to have the waste taken for recycling and once complete, you buy the product. This again won’t just help you save money; it will give you joy to know that you’ve made tangible and clear efforts to help conserve the environment.
  • According to some statistics, each time there are 20 instances of paper being recycled, it helps save mother nature of 17 adult trees, over 390 gallons of oil, not to mention the over 4100 Kwh of raw energy that would have been used. As such, the air pollution you help save by buying recycled product cannot be quantified in terms of money; it is just a noble action that is priceless.
  • Nowadays, manufacturing companies and major shops have embraced recycling so much, and are using that fact to woo in more customers. When shopping, you’ll notice that recycled goods have a sticker on the side, indicating that the product has been recycled. Always go for such products, for it shows that the manufacturer has gone to great lengths to protect the environment. Mind you, many manufacturers are too greedy and guided by profits, that they hardly pay attention to recycling.


In some major shopping stores, entire areas have been designated as Green zones; here, you’ll find a collection of all day to day items that have been recycled. Purchasing such is not only cheaper, it is a noble thing to do.