4 Great Facts About Waste!

1.Supermarket plastic bags take 1000 years to decompose.

To avoid littering the world of the future, hold on to supermarket plastic bags and re-use them next time you go shopping, or buy an inexpensive tote bag and keep it folded in your car or handbag to avoid needing to pay for additional carrier bags.


 2.Each UK household produces over 1 tonne of waste per year.

The household waste you accumulate over the course of a year,  anything from banana skins and unwanted DVDs to broken TVs and garden furniture. Research suggests that nearly 90% of what we see as ‘waste’ is recoverable.

3. Waste is expensive!

Think about all the hidden costs that go into dealing with waste. From paying hundreds of litter pickers in every borough an annual salary, to the costs of daily or weekly waste and recycling collection, each council spends an enormous amount of money on waste disposal.

If each household in the UK thought more carefully about how much rubbish we throw away, a significant amount of every borough council’s budget could be diverted into public services like libraries and schools.

4. Glass and aluminium can be recycled continuously without any quality loss.

Glass and aluminium can be recycled forever. Coke cans, baked bean tins, and empty wine bottles can all be taken to a treatment plant, crushed, melted and re-moulded into brand new products.


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