Find Out the Benefits of Using A Rubbish Removal Company

Everyone loves to live and work in a clean and tidy environment. Whether at home, in the office, or wherever, we all want to be around an area that is tidy and cleaned up. More often than not, most of us prefer to clean up the places we find ourselves in; from mopping the floor, getting rid of rubbish and junk, and so on so forth. However, there are times we’ll find ourselves too busy to do regular garbage removal, or find ourselves faced with a lot of junk. At such moments, the services of a rubbish removal company come in handy. There are numerous benefits of hiring these services;


  • Convenience; hiring these services is convenient in the long term because the rubbish removal companies will do all the work, while you concentrate doing other tasks. Whether it’s on a weekend, a public holiday, at night, you name it; rubbish removal companies are always flexible.
  • Cost effective; if you look at it keenly, hiring the services of a rubbish removal company is cheap in the long run. Instead of struggling to collect all the garbage yourself, and disposing of it wrongly, or end up getting diseases and inviting pests that thrive in unhygienic places, having a company do it for you saves you all of these. Really, no monetary value is equivalent to the good health of yourself and those around you.
  • Expertise; some of the rubbish and junk around you is toxic, and needs proper disposal. Rubbish removal companies are experts in this kind of work, their collection team knows how to dispose of all harmful materials.
  • Recycling; it is not enough to know what can be recycled out of the rubbish; you must know where to take it for recycling! These collection companies will sort all garbage, and whatever needs to be recycled is transported for recycling immediately.
  • Extra services; another good thing about hiring rubbish collection services is that they come with extra services. For instance if you have a garden, most garbage collection companies will offer garden clearance services. This may include trimming of hedges and collecting any junk that may be around the garden. The same branches trimmed from your hedges, can be converted into manure for your garden.

Why Quick Wasters is best for Commercial Waste Clearance

Quick Wasters is your number one waste clearance company, offering commercial waste clearance in London. We understand that you may not always have the means or ability to clear your waste in any kind of commercial setting. This could be in terms of clearing your office, getting rid of waste data in a safe way, clearing your shop, or even getting rid of waste electronics that you need disposed of.


Quick Wasters is unique, we are ahead of the rest in the sense that first, we are environmental friendly. Yes, before we even give you quotations of our services, we like to assure our clients that all our methods of commercial waste clearance are environmental friendly. For instance, we take time to sort all waste, what can be recycled for later use, we put that aside for recycling. What can be donated, for example if you have furniture, water dispensers that you need cleared from your office, we make an effort of encouraging our clients to donate such, and even show them how to go about it.

Secondly, we employ the latest technology and equipment when clearing your commercial waste. This means that no amount of waste is too much for us, we always have the means to handle it. Better still, our team of waste clearers is well organized, and flexible. We understand that weekdays are busy days for most commercial premises; thus we are able to work with speed over the weekends, or even at night! You just need to let us know when you need your place cleared of waste.

Finally, our rates are competitive. We don’t take advantage of our clients; we understand that a client overwhelmed with commercial waste may feel desperate, and be willing to do anything to have that waste cleared. However, at Quick Wasters we charge you depending on the exact volume of waste you want cleared. This is unlike others who have blanket rates, whether it is a single room is cleared, or a whole building being cleared.

Little about Areas we are covering


Over the years, Quick Wasters has emerged as a prominent, leading waste clearance company in London. Our services speak for themselves, and testimonials of our clients are positive. But that aside, our keen understanding of London, and its demographics have helped us penetrate and extend our services to all the districts. Thus, whether you live in inner London, or the outskirts, you can always relay on our services. Our services literally cover Central London, South, East, West, and even North London. Therefore, leave the logistics to us, once you call us and describe to us the nature of your waste clearance, we always find a way to come to you.

Our services are reliable, but more importantly, we are flexible and versatile in the services that we offer. They include the following areas that we fully cover;

House clearance; are you moving to a new house, or leaving an old one? In case you do and want to have the house cleared, we are always on standby for such! We provide house clearance services and collect all waste, from electronic waste, to old and damaged electronics, to even old clothes and toys!

Commercial clearance; Quick Wasters also provides commercial waste clearance services to Londoners; from clearing your office and building of broken furniture, emptying the trash bins, or even clearing sensitive data that you want cleared, you can always trust us on that. Our commercial clearance services are available any day of the week, and if need be, even at night.

Construction Waste; we also have experience clearing and tidying up construction sites. As a construction manager, you may have no idea how to exactly tidy up the construction site, where and how to dispose of the pieces of wood and other junk that is common in such sites. But we have the expertise and tools to manage such waste, and get rid of it in an environmentally friendly manner.

Garden clearance; how lovely is a neat and tidy garden or lawn! We are experts in clearing your garden, including clearing any fallen leaves of branches on your garden. Our team will clear your garden on a weekly basis, or as frequently as the task will demand.

How to Keep your office Clean – Hire a Clearance Company

There are several reasons why you should always ensure that your office is clean. To begin with, it is very paramount that you work in a clean, hygienic environment. Doing so ensures that you are productive, and that you feel refreshed and relaxed in your work environment. Secondly, you want to work in an office that’s clean and neat, so that even when your clients or customers come in, you won’t have to worry or feel embarrassed.



That aside, knowing the benefits of keeping your office clean is different from actually knowing how to keep your office clean! At Quick Wasters, we have immense experience cleaning offices and advising clients on how they can ensure that their offices are clean at all times;

  • Team Work; The first step towards having a clean office is in speaking to all employees, making them understand the need to maintain cleanliness, and encouraging them to embrace it. It is easier to keep an office clean if all employees understand the collective responsibility.
  • Hire a waste clearance company; it is always very advisable to hire the services of clearance companies, regardless of the size of the office. These companies have the experience, to not just keep the front desk looking clean, but also thoroughly cleaning the washrooms and the immediate environment.
  • Place waste bins; every desk in an office should have a waste bin close to it, to avoid littering the office. The clearing company can arrange and empty the bins after every 2 days, or weekly, depending on the accumulated waste.
  • Less Paperwork; advise those in the offices to embrace emails more, compared to using papers to send reports, letters, and so on so forth. Papers can be messy, while an email can be equally effective without messing up the office.

How Does Environmental Friendly Recycling Help


Quick wasters attach great importance to the environment, and all our waste disposal services have this consideration at the root of our operations. We like to emphasize to our clients the need to ensure that when we collect waste from their premises, we always recycle what can be recycled. This is one way of ensuring that the environment is well taken care of. So, what are the major benefits of environmental friendly recycling?

  • Balances the environment; the most obvious benefit of recycling in a way that’s environmental friendly, is that doing so helps strike a balance. While each year many trees are felled to produce paper for instance, by recycling papers severally, we help preserve forests and ensure that more trees are growing than are being felled for manufacturing papers.
  • Reduce pollution; Industrial pollution chokes the environment badly, the waste produced in major industries is the leading cause of air pollution. By recycling plastics, cans, etc, we spare the environment of all the wastes that would have been emitted manufacturing new ones.
  • Reduce energy consumption; on the same breath, manufacturing industries do consume a lot of energy for them to operate. By recycling, we spare energy that would have been used to power manufacturing plants.
  • Global Warming; experts have advised that recycling is one way to alleviate global warning. During production of new products, harmful greenhouse gases get emitted and these are greatly reduced if the world would embrace recycling.
  • Conservation of natural resources; Mining, extraction of natural resources, these are some of the ways in which the environment is being depleted of her precious resources. Doing so means that future generations won’t have sufficient resources to support their existence on the planet. Recycling helps preserve and conserve these resources, by making use of waste materials rather than extracting new ones.
  • Create Jobs; today, recycling has employed millions round the world. Men and women work in recycling plants today, making use of waste materials to come up with new, usable products. In the absence of recycling, these people would be jobless, and the environment would also be burdened.
  • Reduce waste in Landfills; another interesting benefit of recycling is that it greatly reduces the amount of waste in landfills. Take for instance, dumping an old computer or furniture in a landfill! Such would not decompose easily, and could just make the landfill look full and unusable, while in the real sense, it is more prudent to have such wastes recycled. Landfills should be preserved for waste that is capable of decomposing pretty fast.

Thus with the above benefits of recycling, it is clear why the next time you’re looking for a waste clearance company, you should always lookout for one that cares for the environment. When a company offers to collect and clear your waste, seek to find out what they intend to do with the recyclable materials.

House Clearance- What Do We Collect?

A house clearance can be quite tasking, especially if you don’t know exactly how to go about it, or don’t have the means to do it all alone by yourself. However we clearly understand that, and at Quick Wasters, we offer effective and affordable House clearance services. You don’t have to struggle all alone trying to clear your house of junks and unwanted items; we are just a phone call away, and we’ll leave your house sparkling clean.


When it comes to clearing a house, our services encompass everything from cleaning the basement, the shelves, ensuring your garden is also tidied up, and also ensuring that any waste cleared is disposed of in a way that does not harm the environment. How do we do this? We do so by first sorting all waste we have cleared from your house, and putting aside what can be recycled. What cannot be recycled and needs to be disposed of permanently, we also put aside.

What are some of the items that we collect?
Clients would be pleased to learn that we clear almost all forms of waste including;
Furniture; any broken or old furniture in your house, we clear such and either donate what can be salvaged, or completely dismantle and dispose of what cannot be salvaged.

Electronics; Old TVs, fridges, radios, desktops, water dispensers, you name it; we clear all forms of electronic waste. Again, what can be recycled from the electronic waste we do recycle, while what can’t be recycled is disposed of.


Clothes, personal items; you don’t have to worry about us being able to dispose of your old clothes, and other personal items. At Quick Wasters, our team will easily clean up and collect all personal items which you may never be using. This may include toys you bought for your kids year ago, old shoes, basins and utensils you no longer use, and so on so forth.

Garden clearing; Quick Wasters understands that clearing a house is incomplete without ensuring that the garden too is tidied up. Thus, whether is it collecting polythene bags off your garden, or getting rid of fallen branches, we take it as part of our duty to leave your garden really tidy.

Are you looking for waste clearance services?

Our Clearance Solutions

Are you looking for waste clearance services? Then search no more, we are your professional and reliable waste removal company. We pride ourselves in the ability to clear all types of rubbish in commercial, residential, office, or home premises.

Furthermore, we also offer clearance services in gardens and construction sites. Thus you do not have to look far, regardless of what you want cleared, we have the means and the tools to do just that. We are flexible, and can offer our services at a time that is convenient with you.

We also are keen on preserving the environment, all our clearance services are eco friendly. We keenly sort all waste collected, and recycle what can be recycled into something usable. Also when doing garden clearance, or clearing and washing your premises, we don’t make use of any harmful chemicals.

Call us today and experience the great and personalized clearance services that we offer.

Winter Rubbish Clearance in London by Quick Wasters

Quick Wasters is a waste management company that offers a wide range of winter rubbish clearance services around London. We are insured and fully licensed by waste management authorities. Our Staff is highly trained and conversant with any kind of garbage clearance that may be required. We offer winter rubbish removal London that include;

Commercial waste clearance
At Quick Wasters, we collect almost all kinds of garbage produced by commercial companies such as used computers and electronics, confidential documents for destruction, sheets of paper, old furniture, and any other waste that may be produced by a commercial premise.

Garden Junk Clearance London

Residential waste clearance
A wide range of your household wastes such as old bath tubs, old furniture, sinks kitchen cabinets, rubbish accumulated after a house renovation. We basically collect, sort and dispose anything else that is considered waste from your household.

Building waste clearance
As a company we boast of our experience and skill in clearing building waste from renovations and expansions of a large or small range. We sort out the waste into recyclable and unrecyclable material. Recycling is a core value as far as conserving Mother Nature is concerned. Cleaning of the building site is inclusive of the winter rubbish clearance package.

Garden clearance
Our well trained personnel has wide knowledge on gardening in addition to removal of waste from gardens. We will ensure that as we clear out the debris we will not interfere with the beauty and general ambiance of the garden. We offer this service regardless of the size of the garden; we are always ready to serve your needs.


House waste clearance
At Quick Wasters we deal with the clearance of varied general household waste, ranging from old timber, old carpets, old furniture, kitchen units and even general house clearance.

Office waste clearance
Our package covers the clearance of offices, shared work places, industrial sites, shops, constructions sites, warehouses and many more. We dispose off your office furniture, cabinets, book cases, and any other wastes that are found in the office that you want out of your space.

Quick Wasters caters for waste clearance in almost all the areas where waste is constantly produced. We are efficient, effective and professional in waste management. Our prices are competitive and unmatchable in the industry.

Why Quick Wasters is the Best Clearance Company in London

Licensed waste disposal london

London is a busy city, always buzzing with activity. And the more the City grows and expands, the more the need to develop an efficient clearance and waste management framework. That simple reality has dawned on us at Quick Wasters; we are determined to maintain the lustre and culture of London. The small contribution we make goes a long way. We are a waste management company that has quickly established itself as one of the fastest growing waste management companies in London. We offer excellent waste management services that cater for everyone’s needs. Quick Wasters stands out from the rest in London in the following ways:

We cut across the board in the garbage world
Whatever garbage you have lurking around Quick Wasters will handle it. From fallen leaves, office waste, household waste, old furniture, to electronics, we are here to clear it out. We pride ourselves in having the capacity to handle a myriad of waste products that are generated on a day to day basis.

We are fully licensed to operate in London
Quick Wasters conforms to all the standards and regulations of the waste management licensing board of London. You therefore have the assurance that your waste will be collected and managed in accordance with the rules and regulations in place.

We employ professionals
At Quick Wasters rubbish removal we value professionalism and skill. We employ individuals who are well versed in the garbage collection industry, qualified in both collection and disposal of waste.

Efficiency is our ‘weakness’
We are a superbly efficient company who value our clients and ensure that any enquiries are dealt with promptly. As strange as it may sound Quick Wasters allows you our esteemed client to send a photo of the type and amount of garbage you want collected, so that they can give you an accurate price quotation. The delivery of the services is prompt and will leave you satisfied. Feedback from our clients is highly valued and we value your critique to better our services.

When it comes to garbage collection you should get services from a company that suits your requirements and one that has a good record of satisfied clients. Look no further, Quick Wasters will get the job done.

Waste Recycling and its Core Principles

Waste Removal Watford

The world’s population today is estimated at a little over 7 billion. You and I contribute to the garbage and waste production around us on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the rate at which waste is produced in the world is way faster than the rate at which this waste is degraded. Quick Wasters believes that recycling waste is the most appropriate, sustainable method of waste management. Recycling means that about 80% of the waste produced can be put into use. You not only conserve the environment, but also create employment to those working on recycling companies. That sure is noble. The principles that guide the waste recycling phenomenon and are adapted by Quick Wasters include;

Environmental conservation
This is the most important principal of recycling and is our core principle at Quick Wasters. Waste material that is non biodegradable and is obtained from non renewable resources, poses a threat to our planet. This includes metallic products, plastics and electronic waste. We ensure that these products are recycled and thus reduce the constant use of new raw materials hence conserving the environment. Do rubbish removal in a safe way to maintain eco-friendly environment in London.

Reduction of the use landfills and pollution
In fast growing cities like London there is limited space for construction of new landfills for the disposal of waste that we generate. Therefore when we recycle waste we reduce the amount of waste that goes into the landfills. With the debate of climate change and global warming, We are encourages recycling and reduction in the production of methane gas from the biodegradation of waste materials. We thus directly advocate for a reduction in air pollution and the production of green house gases.

Saving energy and money
Have you thought of the cost and amount of energy used in producing a plastic bottle? It is definitely higher than that used in producing the same plastic bottle from recycled material. As a country and city we should seek alternative sources of energy. Most manufacturing companies around us mostly produce energy from non renewable sources of energy. A core value of environment conservation is the sustainable use of energy. That is why We are is founded on the value of promoting an eco- friendly environment.

It is very important for everyone to embrace recycling, and make an effort to promote recycled items.