The Benefits Of Residential Waste Removal

Consider getting a residential waste removal company to provide you with services that will get rid of your junk in order to make the most of the space which you have available.

Loft Clearance:


The loft can be difficult to get in some homes and if you need the assistance of a ladder to get up there. Over the years you may have broken furniture and junk that you may not see light of day again.  However, if your loft is full of junk then you are putting it to waste since you can convert it into another room, or simply make storage room for things that you will actually have a use for in the future. Clearing your loft can be done by hiring a residential waste disposal service. We can provide you a quick turnaround time thereby causing as little disturbance to your everyday life as possible. Some professional companies might even be able to clear your loft in as quickly as a day.

Garage And Shed Clearance:

If your garage or shed is packed with so much junk whereby you can hardly place a foot in there then it might be time to get rid of most of it. The best way to go about getting rid of junk is identify what should be kept, place it to once side, and then simply instruct the waste removal service to get rid of everything else.

You must be realistic about what needs to be kept and what doesn’t because you can fall into the trap of getting attached to junk that deep down you know you probably won’t have a use for. Take the opportunity to get Quickwasters to remove your junk for you.

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How To Have A Eco-Friendly Office

1. Take your own food to work

Bring your own lunch in containers rather than buying a sandwich and disposing of the packaging. This reduces the amount of waste.

2. Make purchasing decisions based on a greener mind-set

Attempt to influence the purchase of office supplies and encourage them to buy recycled products or ones that are easy to recycle. Purchase higher quality supplies may be more expensive up front, but they often last longer and reduce not only the amount of waste produced, but the longer term costs of having to replace cheaper items.


If you put your mind to it, there are countless ways you can help, for example if you use batteries, then think about buying rechargeable batteries, or purchase products that are run on solar power rather than batteries in the first place.

3. Travel to work

Driving to and from work every day has an impact on the environment, whilst cars are becoming more environmentally friendly, we are still a long way from having zero impact.

There are things you can do however, public transport is always an option if you have good reliable and cost effective bus or train services then this also gives you the opportunity to relax, read or catch up on email whilst on your commute.  You could look to car share if you have colleagues that live in the same area as you. Thirdly, if your company is open to it, working from home just one day a week can make a big impact over the course of a year. Home working is becoming more and more popular and whilst it may not be something that your company currently offers, it can’t hurt to speak to your Manager or HR Department about the prospect.

4. Use less paper

There are lots of ways you can reduce paper, only printing when necessary, taking notes on a tablet or phone instead of a notebook. Storing information electronically rather that in paper format.

I’m sure you can think of many more, it’s probably the most obvious step we can make but also one of the easiest.

5. Turn things off!

It’s easy to forget to turn lights off when going in and out of rooms but remembering to do so, can not only reduce energy but it can also cut costs. There are lots of electronic devices, laptops, printers etc. that should not be left on all the time. Make sure you turn them off. Don’t leave mobile devices constantly on charge, this can also fry the battery so is never a good idea.


The Benefits Of Waste Removal Services

In London, waste removal problems are usually solved by by skip hire, but this is not the best option as you have to load the skip yourself. This is not easy at the best of times, and even more awkward if there are cars parked to the sides.

How to use a London waste removal service

Benefits Of Waste Removal Services

The waste removal service is straightforward, you can contact Quick Wasters and they will arrange for one of their trucks to remove your waste. Unlike skip operators, the staff at Quick Wasters will load your rubbish themselves, straight away, and then take it away for disposal using approved eco-friendly recycling methods for anything possible.

What can you use a London waste removal service for?

Quick Wasters waste removal services offer a range of services from residential, commercial, home, work and garden. They will pick up your bulky household items such as furniture and fridges. They can clear out your garden rubbish, and not just the plant waste and clear the whole garden if you want. Quick Wasters will also clear out commercial

property such as shops and offices. Old furniture such as shelving, filing cabinets, and desks will be taken away.

For more information on waste removal services visit our website:

Waste Prevention For Restaurants

Reduce waste, Increase Profit

waste prevention for restaurants
  • Purchase only what you need—Take inventory often and consider using an inventory tracking system to avoid spoilage and waste.
    • First In, First Out (FIFO)—use and store items in chronological order
    • Store food tightly and appropriately, stalling spoilage
    • Use storage containers that can be reused. You can also request food to be delivered in reusable containers to avoid having to buy new containers.
    • Buy in bulk
    • Review your menu—find ways to incorporate all of your food products into your menu (e.g. using vegetable heads and stem to make soup stock)
    • More recycling, less trash, smaller trash removal bills
    • Donate edible leftover food to local community food banks
    • Consider a trash compacter to reduce dumpster tips/container pulls
    • Consider a Baler to bale cardboard and other recyclables this removes these items from your waste streams.
  • Work with an organics vendor to set-up a food waste disposal program:

 Waste Reduction By Area

Bar & Beverage
• Know your customers—purchase items based on what your customers buy
• Recycle bottles & cans—if you don’t have room to store your recycling, serve fountain or draft drinks
• Use reusable plates & utensils—invest in plastic cups and plates to avoid continuous purchasing of paper products
Appliances & Equipment
• Maintain kitchen appliances—it costs money to maintain, but it costs more money to shut down a kitchen when an appliance fails
• Have regular check-ups for HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air condition)—clean the coils and filters and look for air loss from refrigerator doors and freezers
• Clean fryers and filter the oil daily—this extends the life of the fryer and the oil
• Use straw dispensers (health department approved) instead of prewrapped straws
• Use washable table linens
• Purchase concentrated cleaning supplies & environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies

waste prevention for restaurants

Recycling Tips For Schools

Organic waste composting  in school is an effective way of recycling. Organic waste makes excellent compost and the process can easily be achieved in most schools. Fruit and veg peelings, along with apple cores, banana skins, tea bags and egg shells can all be composted. To provide more ‘bulk’ to your compost bin, you can add shredded paper from the school office and paper towels. Both of these items compost very well and help to soak up excess moisture in your compost bin.

Setting up a recycling scheme/system

    • Recycling in schools works best when the whole school is involved and a consistent scheme is put into place. In secondary schools, success is also achieved when whole departments work together.recycle-in-school
    • Decide where recycle bins are to be placed, e.g. classroom, corridor, staff room, school hall, common room etc. Ensure the area is accessible for depositing and collecting the recyclable waste.

• Ensure there are recycling in areas where a lot of ‘recyclable’ waste is produced, e.g. paper recycle bins near the photocopier, resource room, art area or ICT suite.
• Make sure there is a clear distinction between the general waste bins and the recycling bins. Ideally, bins should be different colours/and or size. Labels should be clear with pictorial examples for young pupils where possible. A ‘checklist’ on the bin is also a good idea.

  • Remind pupils/students during assemblies or briefings of what can and cannot be included in the recycle bin. Managing the system
    Ensure there is an effective collection system in place. This must be arranged and managed in conjunction with the site manager.
  • Recycle bins should be checked before being emptied. Common contaminants in the bins are plastic wrappers, paper towels, tissues, milk cartons (primary schools) and drinks cans/bottles (secondary schools). These items should be
  •  removed prior to emptying into the outdoor recycling bins, ready for collection.
  • A rota for collection by pupils/students is an ideal way to check for contaminants, if this is not possible, check with site manager and/or cleaning staff to see if they can do this.

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How Recycling Can Save Your Business Money

How Recycling Can Save Your Business Money

How To Save Money Recycling

In most offices, paper can make up a big proportion of the waste that is disposed or recycled every day. You can create a campaign that suggest that you ‘think before you print’, this can include setting up printers and photocopies to print double sided to encourage everyone to use old scraps of paper instead of buying sticky note pads.

Furniture and electrical equipment

Electrical equipment is one of the fastest growing sources of waste from businesses in London. Electrical waste can sometimes also create harmful waste due to heavy metals, non-biodegradable plastics, battery acids and other hazardous elements. It can also pose a security risk if any sensitive information is left on unprotected hard disks or other storage media.

The best option for businesses if it is necessary to throw something away is to donate the product to a local re-use organisation so it can be used again.  Re-used goods offer excellent value if you are a new business starting up, moving offices, or expanding your workforce. The furniture that is available has typically only been used for a fraction of its intended life span.


For more information on ways to recycle and the services available in your area visit:

Top Tips For Recycling Clothing

Buying clothes:

People spend so much money on clothes each year. There are lots of ways you can make the most of this money by checking our wardrobes and making a list before we go shopping, choosing clothing designed to last longer and buying second hand.

Getting more out of our existing clothes

The reason some of your clothes remain unworn is because they no longer fit, need repairing, or they don’t suit our style or taste anymore. To overcome this, you can:

  • look for shops nearby which offer repair and alteration services
  • wear clothes in new combinations and use accessories to give clothing a new lease of life
  • use energy efficient laundry methods.

Keeping clothes out of the bin:

Nearly half of the people put their clothing in the bin. All of our clothing can either be re-used or recycled.

Pass it on!

If clothing is in good condition but is no longer of use to you, consider passing it on to someone else:

  • Pass on, exchange or share unwanted clothes with friends and family.
  • Unwanted clothing has a value. You could sell them online, at a car boot sale or via Cash for Clothes.
  • Donate clothing to charity shops or through collection services offered by charities other organisations.


Clothing that isn’t in good enough condition to be passed onto someone else can be recycled into other things.

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Top Tips To Reduce Household Waste

Household Food Waste

Research has found that in the UK throwing away £13 billion of household food waste in a year (about 7.3 million tonnes). Some waste is inevitable (egg shells, tea bags, etc) but a large proportion of this waste can be avoided. Get into te habit of using up what you’ve already bought before you buy more groceries. This is especially important with fresh produce such as fruit or vegetables, bread, etc. Checking what you have in the fridge and cupboard before making a shopping list, as many buy in  bulk to ‘save money’ yet end up wasting the food.

Technology and Gadgets

Technology seems to date so quickly and there’s always a new gadget people purchase. Sometimes we really do just need to think seriously about whether we do actually need that shiny new toy or whether we are just buying it for the sake of it. Other times though you may  need to upgrade or buy a new piece of technology and in these cases you can do it  knowing it won’t go to waste. Gumtree, Facebook or Freecycle are all good places to sell or donate your old technology to someone who will get good use out of it.


Fashion too has become very disposable, as it is often cheaper to buy a new item of clothing than it is to repair the old. Buying cheap isn’t always the most cost effective in the long run though, and spending a bit more to buy quality will usually mean it lasts longer and works out less expensive on a ‘cost per wear’ basis. However there are situations where it may be difficult to avoid purchasing clothes that will only be worn a few times. Clothing is at least one of the types of potential waste that can most easily be reused or recycled.  You can sell at car boot sales or on Facebook, or donate to a local charity.

Quickwasters are the UK’S AND London’s #1 Rubbish Removal Company!

When you want a reliable, trustworthy and efficient rubbish clearance company in London, then Quickwasters will cater for your need. We focus on providing both domestic and commercial services in a way that surpasses the expectations of all our clients. To us, every customer deserves to be pleased with the important job that they have set us to do, and we do it efficiently while protecting the environment.



What Quickwasters the best in the capital?


  • Clients have different rubbish removal needs, and that is why we offer diversified services where we take care of all types of rubbish. Among the many services that we provide are office, garage, house, garden, junk and outdoor rubbish clearance. Have no stress about your electrical equipment and hazardous waste as we will remove it without causing any harm to you, us and the environment.


  • Asking for services from any company means that you trust them to do the job right and that is what you get with us. We are a trustworthy rubbish company with various testimonials from customers. We have professional workers, and you can contact our customer service at all times. When you contact us, we will carry out the job at the requested time, and at all times we strive to finish the work on time.


  • Our main aim is to clear rubbish without harming the environment. As a result, we focus more on healthy waste management practices that involve reusing, reduction and recycling without having to take any amount to the landfill.


  • Rubbish clearance doesn’t have to be an expensive process as our prices are affordable. We give you a free quote as well as different packages, and you can choose the one that is by your budget. The set price is what you will pay, and no extra charges are requested afterwards.


  • We only hire professionals and experts in their respective fields so as to provide only the best services. When going for a job we bring all the tools and equipment needed and our workers are clean and wear the right outfits for safety purposes.


  • Our flexible work schedule allows us to meet customers’ requirements and we even customize services to ensure satisfaction.



Why you May Need to Clear Your Office

You may have the need to clear your work place out from any equipment that is no longer useable or broken. You also may be relocating to pastures new and need everything that your business requires to operate to be transported with you.

office relocation

packing boxes

With the ever changing improvements in technology, you may also have a large amount of electrical equipment to dispose of or recycle. You cannot put electrical equipment in with your normal waste although it can be recycled. You will need to stick to the rules of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive, you can out more about this in this short guide.

If you are deciding to move buildings to expand our maybe downsize your office space, there are a lot of things that you will need to organise and consider. You will need to sort out and separate items into what you are taking with you, what you wish to throw away, what can be recycle and maybe you have some items that you can give to charity.

You can get in touch with the team at Quickwasters today for some professional advice on clearing your work place or office. If you need to relocate or need any items cleared, give us a call today!