10 Easy Ways to Become Environmentally Friendly

Being environmentally friendly is basically leading a life that does not put any harm to our environment. This means that you have to take personal measures to make the earth a better place for our communities and generations to come. The following are the measures you can take to conserve the environment effectively.


  1. Protecting water sources.

Trying natural pesticides and herbicides can be a good way to start. You can plant species that can just naturally take care of the pest and weed problem in your garden. Moreover, personal body care items such as soaps and shampoos usually have a significant negative effect on the environment. Consider replacing them with natural versions.

  1. Avoid dumping hazardous waste materials

Environmentally hazardous materials may include paint, plastic substances and ammonia. The above only constitute a very small number of toxic wastes which are quite harmful to the environment.

  1. Plant more trees         

 We all need trees in this planet and the reasons are rather obvious.  Trees are necessary in the production of oxygen, timber, preventing soil erosion among other numerous benefits. Start planting as many trees as you can.

eco freindly

  1. Buy recycled products

You should always go for recycled products when you visit a store. You can only identify them by the recycle symbol that is usually printed on them. That will make you environmentally responsible and eco-friendly.

  1. Install a better shower head

    Ensuring that you install a better shower head which is meant to preserve water and reduce the water heating cost is a way to show your support for the environment conservation campaign.


  1. Re-use

There are so many things we usually throw away but can essentially be reused. Re-sealable plastic bags that held carrots today can hold crayons tomorrow. Change your mind set about reusing your things today and help save our planet.

  1. Buy locally grown produce

Buying locally grown products is vital in supporting local farms. This purchasing behavior encourages the maintenance of our planet’s protective layer by promoting natural production of environmentally safe products.

  1. Use both sides of the paper

So much paper is thrown away by an average person and is even worse when that person is an office worker. This should not be the case if you set your printer’s default option to print double sided (duplex). 


  1. Maintain your vehicle

Vehicles have been one of the biggest contributors to air pollution at present. Most of these vehicles usually have poor systems because of their poor maintenance. Take the task to regularly maintain your vehicle and save our planet today.

  1. Join environment conservation groups.

These groups assist you to reach out to other people and educate them on the environment conservation methods.

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