Benefits of Recycling Wood Waste

In the UK, a million tonnes of waste woods are generated every year from construction and household sources. This is a horrible and highlighted thing due to people’s need to manage wood waste effectively and sustainably. Wood is a valuable material that is durable and renewable. Nowadays people can destroy a large number of trees for their household purpose.

Trees execute instrumental carbon absorption along their lifetime and promote oxygen levels. Recycling wood wastes not only helps to reduce household harmful waste. This method helps to reduce the need to fall trees continuously. In the UK, some waste removal companies focus on recycling methods as possible. They provide recycling tips and raise recycling awareness to people. This article gives the benefits of wood recycling.

How is the Wood Recycled?

How is the Wood Recycled

Unused household and industrial wood wastes are collected by a rubbish removal company, then it is moved to a materials recovery facility. That wood is separated, filtered on a scale from well-conditioned to destructive, if applicable. After they are transported to be recycled or repurposed. Across the world, only 15% of woods are recycled. Recycle woods are used in chipboard, animal bedding, mulch for gardening and landscaping. If the wood is not recycled, it is buried in the landfill.

Which Type Of Wood Can Be Recycled?

Which Type Of Wood Can Be Recycled

These types of woods are recycled by a waste disposal company.

  • Mango Wood
  • Pine, Spruce wood
  • Birch Wood
  • Alder Wood
  • Poplar Wood
  • Fir Wood
  • Oak Wood
  • Ash Wood
  • Hornbeam Wood

These types of recycling woods are used to make wooden packaging pallets, wooden crates, animal bedding, papers, chipboard, wooden box, and furniture. Additionally, it is used in gardening and landscaping. If the wood has not been recycled. Then, it buries into the landfill.

Benefits of Recycling Wood Waste

Benefits of Recycling Wood Wastes

1. Inhibit Waste to the Landfill

Generally, a huge collection of wood wastes are falling into landfill areas. If any wood ends up in the landfill, it provides harmful effects to the landfill and water fill areas. Recycled woods are used in a variety of household and construction products.

2. Create New Materials

This benefit is the provable one. Woods are recycled and used for different purposes like planks of wood for gardening, furniture table, and wooden chairs, and this is the prominent way to save the wood from landfills. Another useful thing is the high number of wood planks that are used in building construction sectors. So you can use recycled wood products and reduce your cost.

3. Protect Trees

Protect Trees

Every tree are playing an important role in our ecosystem, and another important thing is trees help with rain falling and stop soil erosion. It provides oxygen, which is essential for survival. And the earth’s temperature is controlled by trees. So keep your areas clean and protect the trees.

4. Protect Natural Resources

On the earth there are two resources available, one is renewable and non-renewable (Natural resources). So, everyone should be careful about handling non-renewable resources. Not only trees, other natural resources like groundwater, coal, methane, natural gas, oil, and metals. People can use the natural resources safely

5. Reduce Cost

Wood Recycling is one of the cost-effective methods when compared to other recycling materials. You have done this at a low cost thus saving your money. Wood products are easily reusable and recyclable. You can reuse some wood items without recycling.

6. Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Trees play a major role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It takes CO2 and controls global warming and creates oxygen. Recycling wood materials is saving energy when compared with virgin materials. And it helps to control and minimize gas emissions.


In this article, we discussed trees being considered renewable resources. On the other hand, like forested and hill areas, wood recycling is not sustainable. They are destroyed by fires and landslides. So wood recycling is important for saving our earth and trees. If you want any other kind of rubbish removal services for your home, then contact Quick Wasters.