5 Safe Ways to Reuse your Household Wastes

Wastes are generated everywhere by every people in this world, this is because of lack of knowledge and awareness. Businesses, use a professional waste clearance service to clear their wastes regularly. But all homes are not using services provided by waste professionals, instead, they are throwing off their wastes. It will be good to hear that you work on your own waste management practices. Because your home is the place where a number of wastes can be generated and left untreated. If the wastes are left untreated, it would lead to a heavy danger in the future. You can have the habit of reusing the products instead of throwing off your wastes. Here are the 5 safe ways to reuse your household waste.

5 Safe Ways to Reuse your Household Waste

The habit of reusing will help the environment from the generation of unwanted wastes. This will also help to save your money and sometimes reusing can increase your monthly profit too. It will be difficult when you start, but if you practice well, then this will lead to a pollution-free environment. Below are some of the safe ways to reuse your household waste.

  • Plastic, Glass and Cardboard Containers
  • Newspaper
  • Old clothes
  • Excessive Food
  • Wooden Stumps and Logs

 Plastic, Glass and Cardboard Containers

Most generated waste from homes is plastics, glass, and cardboard. You can utilize them for another purpose instead of throwing them off. The plastic bottles can be used as a flowerpot but cutting their top. Use the bottom half as a flowerpot this will save your money instead of buying a new pot and reduces the generation of waste. As the plastics, glass bottles, and containers can be used to mix salads and the cardboard container can be used to store your products.

Glass wastes



If you are a regular newspaper reader, then you will have huge paper wastes. You can use them in your cupboard or wardrobes as a protective sheet. The newspapers can also be used to wrap the gifts and for cleaning.

Old Clothes

Many people are throwing their old clothes, instead, you can cut them into pieces. These cloth pieces can be used for cleaning purposes and also you can make a screen using old clothes. If you have excessive old clothes, you can donate them to roadside people and even donate them for the homes. This will useful for many children and people who are accommodated in homes.

Reusing Old Clothes

Excessive Food

Food wastes are the highly generated waste in every home. Try to reduce your purchases, if not the food will be decomposed and wastes. If you have excessive food donate them to the roadside people or to the pets. This will lower your expenses and increases your reputation among society.

Wooden Stumps and Logs

There are many gardeners who are throwing off their excessive wooden sticks. Though they can be recycled, it took much time to get into the recycling center. You should not be responsible for any unwanted waste generation. Instead, use the wooden sticks and stumps to generate a campfire in your backyard. It will be more fun and reduces waste. You can even cut your branches into logs and sell them which will increase your monthly profits.

Best House Clearance Services in London

House clearance is one of the popular businesses in the UK in the late 90s.  Nowadays search engines show the best result of reputed house clearance services for the customers who need hiring a house clearance services. In the UK, the search for house clearance company get increases day today and the volume of searches has tripled in 2021. The bitter truth is the house clearance services are offered by very few companies who are offering the rubbish removal service, waste removal service, and other clearance-related works.

house wastes

How to choose the best house clearance company?

Here are some guidelines to choose the reputed house clearance company in the UK.

  1. Request an estimate

Before confirming any house clearance business, contact them personally and get the estimation for all their services.

  1. Compare the service and price

After getting the estimation and service details, compare it with the other business that offering a house clearance service. Filter the companies that offering the best clearance services for a cheap price.

House Clearance Services London

Sings of reputable house clearance company:

  • High-ratings and positive reviews from their previous customers.
  • Licensed waste clearance company
  • Having insurance and following the rules on collecting and disposing of the wastes.
  • Check for the VAT registration
  • Check their website, the company having a good website can show their brand value.
  1. Book your service.

After checking all the details now it’s time to book a house clearance service. Fix a date and time to begin your house clearance service. Depending on your wastes and things the hours will extend.

  1. Reminder before a day of house clearance

After booking your service with a reputed house clearance company you will get a gentle reminder from the house clearance team to inform the house clearance will begin on the mentioned date. You will get this reminder mostly one or two days before your house clearance day. A house clearance company will arrive on time on the date they signed.

Best House Clearance Services  London

  1. After the arrival of the House clearance company

On arrival of the house clearance team, they first introduce themselves ad ask you to show the house-hold items to be cleared. After that, they will start the clearance work without any delay and load those items in their own vehicle. After the completion of waste clearance work, you need to pay the balance amount for the house clearance service.

  1. Recycle and Reuse

A reputed house clearance company finds alternative ways to reuse the collected items. They either donate the collected wastes to some charity or to a recycling plant or find alternate options to reuse the products to limit the volume of waste into landfills.

House Clearance Services  London

After the house clearance, send the feedback and review about their services that help them to improve their service quality and it helps for a new booking.

Quick Wasters is a well-reputed house clearance company that additionally offers rubbish clearance, waste removal, and disposal in all locations in London.

5 Tips To Get Your Old Furniture Removed Before Buying New Furniture

There comes a time when you need to make a change in your home. You might want to move to a bigger or smaller space so the need to get of your old furniture comes up. Sometimes you might just want to make a complete change to your home to give it a new look. Whatever the reason, there will always be the question of what to do with your old furniture. Furniture takes up a whole lot of space in the home and its not as easy as just throwing it out with the trash. Disposing of it takes some thinking through. Luckily, there are quite a number of good ideas we can share when it comes to getting rid of your furniture. Depending on how quickly you want to get rid of it, you can decide to use one of the following 5 tips;

  1. You can choose to donate your old furniture

When considering getting rid of old furniture, you could consider donating it for reuse instead of throwing it away. Giving your furniture a second life by donating it is great for the environment and better yet, it will go to someone who actually needs it. You could choose to take it to the donation centre or venue or you can always arrange to have it picked up. There are many places that appreciate the gesture and would be happy to get your old furniture off your hands. Some charities also are happy to accept your old furniture and you will have put your old furniture to good use. Think about all the homeless shelters and thrift stores that would be happy to have your old furniture.

remove old furniture

  1. You can choose to sell or trade your old furniture

This might come as a surprise that the one thing you want to get rid of could be the exact item someone else might be looking for. So, don’t be so quick to take your old furniture to the landfill or throw it out. You might find someone willing to part with some cash to take it off your hands. Your old sofa might just be worth something to someone. There are plenty of online sites where you can place an ad at no cost and you might just find someone willing to buy what you want to get rid of. All you need to do is open an account, take a couple of good pictures in good lighting and then publish the ad. Be sure to price it reasonably so that you get it off your hands as quickly as possible. Another option is to trade it in for another item. There are many options online that allow you to trade what you want to dispose for something else you might want. Be sure to act with caution when it comes to online selling. You can choose to meet the person at a central location and bring a friend along. Remember to take the cash first before handing over your furniture to prevent getting fleeced and its important that safety is important, don’t share too much personal information with strangers.

  1. Rubbish removal services

tips to remove old furnitureWhen you’re thinking of residential waste clearance like disposing your old furniture, you have an option of letting someone else pick it up and dispose it on your behalf. There are a number of rubbish removal services that operate in your local area and they would gladly come and pick up your old furniture at a reasonable cost. They take care of everything; all you need to do is arrange a time for them to pick it up and share your location with them. They will do the rest; some recycle while others donate the items handed to them.

  1. Ask whether your old furniture can be hauled away

Sometimes, when you order new furniture or big appliances, the company delivering your furniture might be able to haul away your old furniture at no cost. So, when you have selected your new furniture, ask them whether they have a provision for collecting old or used items. They might just save you the trouble and hassle of looking for a way to get rid of your old pieces.

  1. Dispose of your furniture in a landfill

Sometimes your furniture might be so worn out that recycling or reusing it isn’t an option. There might be no other option that to take it to the landfill to dispose of it. Whatever the reason, find out whether the rubbish removal services in your area would collect bulky items. Can you put it out in the curb or might there be rules against disposing of bulky items? If you can put it on the curb for rubbish collection then all that is required is for you to move it from your house to the curb on collection day. If not, you can find out the location of the nearest landfill and find out when you can drop it off and any costs you might incur. Even you can get in touch with the house clearance company to sort it out.


With these tips, you can choose what works for you and you can get rid of your old furniture in no time.

3 Ways To Reduce The Household Wastes

As the proper waste disposal becomes little tough in the recent days, we can control the waste production as much as we could. Reducing the generation of the wastes will help you in maintaining eco-friendly environment throughout the city. Hiring the best rubbish removal company will ensure the safe waste disposal but here let’s check the simple ways to reduce the waste generation.

# Be sensible in buying the products, make sure to buy the household products which tends to produce only less amount of wastes. Avoid buying more plastic products as that will increase the waste source and will make tough while disposing of. Though there are many ways of disposing of the wastes, make sure that you use the products which reduce the amount of waste production.

reduce the household wastes

# Try to buy the reusable products, buy the bags made of cloths or other materials. Instead of buying plastic bags or covers, you can use the bags made of cloths, This is good to nature and will also be used again. This will also reduce the waste generation.

# Try to use the wastes in a useful way. The waste materials like vegetable wastes and other green wastes in a productive way. Using this kind of waste materials in your gardens as the organic compost will help in good plant growth. This will increase the mineral content in the soil as well.

reducing the household waste production

# Recycle the materials, though there will be some wastes produced like plastic wastes, metals scraps, etc. Recycling is the only way to dispose of the wastes safely. Hiring the best rubbish removal company in London like Quickwasters will help you in clearing the wastes safely and will also make sure that all the wastes are recycled.

Hence as a resident of London, follow these simple steps to reduce the waste production and maintain an eco-friendly environment in London.


Summer 2018 – House Clearance Services In London

Home clearance in London is paramount in maintaining the good healthy environment. In London, you will consider clearing the wastes from the house during the summer. As a resident of London, you should hire the best and trustable house clearance company to clear all kind of wastes from your area. In London, Quickwasters remains as the best when it comes to house waste clearance in London.

Choosing the best house clearance company will help you find some time to relax with, as all the waste clearance activities will be taken care by the best house waste clearance company in London like Quickwasters. The rubbish removal companies will do the clearance in a professional way without causing any disturbance to the nearby people.

As a resident of London, when you plan to clear the house wastes this summer in 2018. You can hire Quickwasters for all kind of clearance activities. Quickwasters van and man team will reach your doorstep to collect all kind of wastes leaving the space neat and clean. In London, Quickwasters is the best-trusted rubbish removal company by the people. Recently Quickwasters is selected as the best rubbish removal company in Chelsea by the Three Best Rated UK.

house clearance in london by Quickwasters

When you compare with the other rubbish clearance companies, Quickwasters offers the clearance services at the very affordable cost throughout the London. Especially, when it comes to the house waste clearance, Quickwasters staffs are more friendly to the customers which make them best in London.

house clearance london

Not only house waste clearance, Quickwasters also offers other rubbish clearance services like commercial waste clearance, office waste clearance, residential waste clearance, garden waste clearance, building waste clearance, etc. Quickwasters has advanced equipment to handle the bulk wastes easily and safely. Hence contact Quickwasters in London for all kind of rubbish clearance activities.


House Waste Removal Tips In London

In London, due to the increasing population, the amount of waste generation also remains high. To maintain the healthy environment in London, it is important to dispose of the wastes in a safe and eco-friendly manner. Rubbish removal companies in London plays a vital role in collecting and disposing of the house wastes.

Step 1:

Domestic waste materials tend to contain all types of rubbish wastes like plastic materials, garbage wastes, food wastes, metal scraps, rubber materials, etc. So to maintain a healthy environment care should be taken to dispose of these materials in a safe way. Initially, the wastes from the domestic areas should not be thrown in Open lands or water bodies. Instead which they must be stored in a waste bins or bags and should be handed over to the Rubbish removal companies in London.

house waste removal london

Step 2:

Waste materials from the various sources will be collected by the waste removal companies in London. Then these wastes are segregated by them into decomposable and non-decomposable wastes. The segregated wastes are then transported for the proper waste disposal by the rubbish clearance companies. The rubbish removal companies in London will have the advanced equipment to handle the huge amount of wastes.

house waste clearance

Step 3:

After the waste segregation, the rubbish removal companies will transport the decomposable waste and will process them to convert into energy like heat, energy, gas. etc. Whereas the non-decomposable materials like plastics, rubber wastes, etc are sent to the recycling plant by the rubbish removal companies for reuse. Thus Rubbish clearance companies in London will take care of the proper disposal of the house wastes in a safe manner to both the environment and the human beings as well.

house waste removal london

Thus the house wastes should be properly collected and should be handed over to the rubbish removal companies in London to ensure the proper waste disposal. The main advantage of hiring the rubbish removal companies is that they are properly licensed to handle all types of wastes and also they will dispose of the wastes according to the law and rules framed by the Government. In the city like London, Rubbish clearance companies play a vital role in managing the wastes. Get best affordable rubbish removal in London from Quickwasters.

Role Of Rubbish Removal Companies In House Waste Clearance

House waste clearance involves disposing of the unwanted belongings and materials like furniture items, old plastic wastes, garbage wastes, garden wastes, etc. The house waste or domestic waste may contain several rubbish items like polyethylene bags, rubber wastes, glass materials, etc which are tough to dispose of safely by natural way. These waste materials should be taken care to dispose of safely in an eco-friendly manner.

domestic waste clearance

Waste materials from the domestic areas may contain both the decomposable and non-decomposable wastes in it. These waste materials should be properly segregated separately and should be disposed of in a safe way. The rubbish clearance companies in London play a vital role in collecting the domestic waste and disposing of them safely. As an individual, you should not throw the house wastes in open landfills, water bodies or agricultural land fields as it will have the significant effect on the environment. As an individual, it is the prior responsibility to dispose of the house wastes in a safe way. You can avail the house waste clearance service to dispose of the wastes.

house waste clearance

Throwing the domestic wastes in the water bodies and the agricultural fields will reduce the soil quality which will also affect the crop yielding. In normal cases, you can store the house wastes and can handover it to the waste clearance companies near you. They will take care of disposing of those wastes safely. Rubbish clearance companies will collect the waste from all the sources and also will segregate them into decomposable and non-decomposable wastes. The decomposable wastes like garden wastes, garbage wastes are used in the compost and converted into energy like heat, gas or manure. Whereas, the non-decomposable waste materials like plastics, rubber, metals are collected in a large manner and sent to the recycling plant for the reuse.

house waste removal

The main advantage of hiring a rubbish clearance company to remove the house wastes is that they are properly licensed and will have the advanced equipment to handle the wastes. The rubbish clearance companies will know the strategies of disposing of several types of wastes safely as according to the laws framed by the Government for Waste management.

Rubbish clearance companies in London plays a vital role in helping the people out there by collecting the house wastes from them and disposing of them in a safe manner. Rubbish clearance companies in London will ensure that wastes are collected, segregated, transported and disposed of safely in an eco-friendly manner. Best rubbish removal services in London by Quickwasters.

How To Get Rid Of House Wastes When Moving Into A New Place In London?

In London, Multiple businesses evolve each day, so there will be lots of people moving in and around the city for the purpose of education, business, etc. In this case, you will have more chances of vacating the house and plan to move on to the new place. During this type of migration, There will be lots of wastes generated in your houses. The possibility of disposing of these wastes by you single-handedly is very difficult. So to dispose of the house wastes in a safe manner you can avail the waste clearance services from the professional clearance companies in London.

The house waste clearance companies in London will collect the house wastes in a large manner. These house waste clearance companies will segregate the collected wastes into decomposable and non-decomposable wastes. The decomposable waste materials are processed and converted into energy like heat, gas, manure, etc. Whereas the non-decomposable waste materials are sent to the recycling plant for reuse. The only way to dispose of the non-bio degradable waste materials in a safe manner is by recycling. The house waste may contain the materials like plastic wastes, furniture materials, metal scraps, papers wastes, etc. These type of wastes should be segregated before disposing of them, which is done professionally by the house waste clearance companies in London.

house waste clearance london

London is the city with the heavy population. In these type of areas, waste management should be followed strictly to maintain the good environment. Despite government rules and waste management policies, the waste clearance companies in the city are actively involved in clearing the several types of wastes and disposing of them safely. House waste clearance companies in London will have the advanced equipment to handle the heavy wastes. These rubbish clearance companies are licensed to handle all types of waste materials in a proper way.

house waste removal london

Despite generating a large amount of waste, you can follow certain steps to reduce the waste generation. Use the disposable material to save the nature. You should reduce the usage of materials like plastic bags, plastic bottles, etc. You should follow the reduce, reuse, recycle strategy to manage the waste materials effectively. Especially in the city like London, proper waste management policies will help the future generations to stay safe from environmental hazards. Professional house waste clearance company in London helps to manage the domestic or residential wastes effectively. Contact Quickwasters for best rubbish removal in London.

Household waste clearances when moving out of a residential premises

Household Wastes:

The household wastes may include the solid waste comprising of garbage wastes, plastic materials, glass bottles, cans, clothing composts, food wastes, garden wastes, papers wastes like newspapers and old magazines, plastic bags, etc. The household wastes may contain both the bio-degradable and non-bio degradable wastes. They must be disposed of in a safe manner without bringing any hazardous effect to the human beings and the environment as well. The waste clearance company will take care of disposing of the domestics wastes safely without bringing any danger to the human beings and environment.

Dispose of Hazardous Wastes Safely:


The domestic areas may generate wastes like e-waste, furniture wastes, etc. The food and garden waste may include the grass cutting, vegetable wastes, etc. Garden wastes may be sent to the manure production plant which is the best way to dispose of the food and garden wastes in an eco-friendly manner. The other non-decomposable wastes like plastic materials, metal scraps, etc must be sent to the recycling plant. The burning of plastic materials and rubber materials will give out the enormous amount of smoke which will cause a very hazardous effect to the human health and environment as well.

The domestic areas will generate lots of waste when people’s are moving from one resident to the other. When they are vacating their places they will be in a situation to dispose of the wastes, so in this case, they can avail services from the waste clearance company who will take care of the activities like segregating the decomposable and non decomposable wastes separately and then disposing of them safely.

The household wastes may be generated in abundant volume during the time of festivals, other events like condolence, etc. During this time the care must be taken to dispose of the generated waste in a safe manner. At this Scenario, the waste clearance company comes into the play, who will take care of all the domestic clearance activities during the time of festivals or other events.

quick wasters londonWhen the people are moving from one resident to the other, they may have the lots of materials and waste objects to be thrown off. During this situation, instead of disposing of them in the water bodies or agricultural lands, they can call waste clearance companies who will take care of disposing of the waste materials in a safe eco-friendly manner.

Waste Clearance companies will take care of disposing of the wastes in a safe manner. The Waste clearance companies offer services like commercial waste clearance, residential waste clearance, building waste clearance, garden waste clearance, house waste clearance, office waste clearance, etc. Thus the waste sources that are generated from various fields must be taken care in order to dispose of them in a safe eco-friendly manner by without bringing any danger to the environment or human beings.

Summer 2017 House Clearance Services In London

Home maintenance is paramount in creating a healthy and habitable environment. As a homeowner, you know how junk can accumulate over time making your home prone to bacteria as a result of accumulated waste. Junk may come in many forms including rubbish waste, old toys, scrap metal and other unused items which only add clutter to your home making it unappealing. If not careful, you could spend so much time and resources trying to clear away waste from your home that has been neglected for some time.

Summer-2017-House-ClearanceChoosing a home clearance company requires careful though and consideration. A good clearance company should put your home needs into when clearing your home.  The best house cleaning service can save you time and give you peace of mind. You do not have to deal with unsightly corners inside your hose and in the compound especially when you have visitors. There are lots of house clearance companies in London but Quick Wasters strives to stand out from the rest. This is because of the excellent services offered which include;

  • Professional service; if you deal with shoddy house clearance companies, you can risk a simple project being turned into a nightmare. The staff from Quick Wasters is professionals in the industry with extensive experience. Therefore they can be trusted in clearing your home
  • Great customer service; there are various ways of contacting us and this makes us offer excellent customer service to our esteemed clients. You can reach us either through email, our official website or calling us and one of our friendly customer care staff will be happy to assist you.
  • Great equipment; it is one thing to move a few pieces of furniture but it is quite another to completely overhaul a setting in order to effectively complete the junk removal job. We have all types of sophisticated equipment, machinery and trucks of all sizes so that your needs are fully met.
  • Competitive prices; the prices are unbeatable and we always make sure our service is worth every cent you will spend.

The best house clearance in London is surely Quick Wasters. We enjoy doing our job and what we love the most about our jobs is the fact that we have left lots of clients pleased with our services. Contact us today for an efficient house clearance service and let us remove the ugly site of accumulated junk from your premises.