The Residential Rubbish Clearance Guide

You may have built up an amount of rubbish in your home due to having some work done around the house, a gardening job completed or have had a party that has produced many more bags than you would over a normal week or fortnight.

garden waste removal

If this is the case, then you will want to get it cleared out as soon as possible so it does not become an obstruction or start to make your home smell.

You do have several options that will help you clear everything out, leaving you with a tidy and rubbish free home.

Your local rubbish collection service will only allow for a certain number of bags to be taken away. If you need to know how much you are allocated, get in touch with your local authority to make sure, this method may help you dispose of a percentage of it.

Some boroughs have recycling containers that will allow you to dispose of things like old clothes, glass, plastic’s, and paper or carboard. If unsure of where these are located, again contact your local council or visit their website.

If you have a large enough vehicle, then you may be able to take your junk to a local recycling plant. You will be charged for this by the ton which can be expensive. If you do not have a suitable van you will need to hire one which will also cost money.

On top of all the things above, there will be some hard work that comes with all of this. This will also be harder for a person that lives alone, does not drive or you of the older generation.

If you decide that you wish for some help to remove your items quickly and safely, why not call the Quickwasters Rubbish Clearance company to help get your property clean and tidy in no time at all.

You can get in touch by giving us a call on 0203 538 0765 or email us at

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Importance Of Professional House Clearance Service In London

There are a number of reasons why you would need professional house clearance service. These reasons can be put in a number of fairy definable categories. The categories below briefly summarizes the main reasons why you would need to secure the services of a professional house clearance service provide;

  1. Conservation of the environment

The proper disposal of all forms of waste has become a major concern all over the world. Everyone now knows that waste has obvious detrimental effects on the environment. These effects range from the release of hazardous chemicals in to the water, soil and air to the degradation of the natural beauty of a locale. This awareness has led to a whole host of regulations on proper disposal of waste especially waste from homes considering household waste accounts for over 60% of all waste generated by the human race.

Only by hiring a professional house clearance service in London can you be assured that the waste from your home is properly handles and disposed. Instead of winding up in a dumpsite, your waste ends up as being reused or recycled and where neither approach is possible the proper disposal approaches are used.

  1. Improve the Organization of a Home

Clutter in the home consumes space that would be otherwise more adequately utilized. Unused furniture, non-functioning appliances, old clothes, worn out books, pictures, decorations and so forth can eat up considerable space in the attic or garage. The oddest thing is that most people don’t even know just how much stuff in their homes can be classified as junk and just how much hiring a professional cleaning service provider in London can improve the organization in their homes.

  1. Benefits to the Health and Well-Being of an Individual

Finally the last category of benefits concerns itself with the health and well-being of the individuals living in a home. A cluttered disorganized space in the home can become the focal point of negativity in the house, instantly able to bring down the mood of anyone who wanders past the space. Furthermore junk in the home provides a place for all sorts of vermin to breed in your house. By hiring a professional house clearance service provider in London you will be assured of getting rid of the existing or developing vermin situation alongside the junk in your home.

It should be now clear how important is to hire a professional house cleaning service in London.

5 Awesome Tools And Tips For House Waste Removal

Carrying out a house waste removal exercise at your home can become quite a tedious and headache inducing endeavor if not planned for in advance.What follows below are a few tips and tools that will definitely make your house waste removal exercise manageable and thorough.

  1. Identity The Items To Be Removed

The first step is determining exactly what in your home is actually waste. Picking out junk items can be a difficult task if human sentiment is factored in. Therefore when deciding the junk to remove from your house, be as objective as possible and think in terms of the frequency of actual functional use of an item.

  1. Identify Which Items Might Require Specialized Handling

A number of items that are part of household junk do fall into more specific categories. These items will fall into either one of two specialized categories which are hazardous and bulky in nature.

  1. Identifying Bulky Items

Items that fall it this category tend to have a lot of mass and also occupy a large volume of space. Examples include automobile related junk such as engine blocks, transmission blocks, the chassis or parts of it and even entire cars, heavy couches, large hardwood dining tables, grand pianos and so forth.

To remove bulky items from your home, the house clearance crews would need specialized equipment to allow for the easy maneuvering of such items such as pulleys, heavy duty nylon rope, winches, powered cranes and so forth.

  1. Identifying Hazardous Items

Items that fall into this category contain chemical substances that can pose an either direct or indirect risk to people and the environment. Examples include asbestos and mercury containing fluorescent light fixtures, CFC-containing appliances such as non-functional air conditioners and refrigerators, phosphorous containing cathode ray TV tubes and all disused electronic equipment.

To remove such items from hour home, house clearance crews would need to possess specialized safety equipment to shield them from immediate harm. Furthermore strict disposal protocols must be followed to ensure sound disposal of the items.

  1. Use Appropriate Labels To Identify The Items

After identify which items you want removed, be sure to provide appropriate named labels. You can even use color coding to make it easier to recognize the items.

What now remains is to choose the most convenient time for you and call a professional house clearance company to handle the rest of the home waste removal.

5 Awesome Tips When Choosing the Best House Clearance Company in London

Are you a resident of London and are looking for the right house clearance company around? Or it could be that you are not satisfied with the current house clearance company, and are looking for a more reliable, or affordable one? Well, no matter the case, truth is that London is home to numerous house clearance companies. And although each of them will claim to offer the best services, not all match up to their hype. In fact, many residents have been left bitter, frustrated, and with more problems than initially.

So what’s the way forward, how can one be sure that they are picking the right house clearance company in London?

  1. Experience; first and foremost, always take time to consider how long the clearance company has been serving residents of London. This is important because the more experienced a clearance company is, the more likely it is to be reputable. Clearance companies that have just started offering their services may not be so conversant with the different London neighborhoods, or rules and regulations of waste disposal.
  2. Reputation; once you have narrowed down your search to a few experienced clearance companies, the next step will be for you to ascertain what their reputation is. You can do so by checking out the client reviews on their website, or even the comments on their social media pages like Facebook or Twitter. Do former and existing clients have good words for the clearance companies? Or are they ranting and complaining about bad services? Such will help you determine the right London house clearance company.
  3. Tools for the job; house clearance is more than just collecting and disposing of any waste or rubbish within your home. It is about doing it safely and efficiently. A good house clearance company should have the right tools, from specialized trucks and vans that won’t spill any rubbish along the drive way, special bins that you can put all your waste before the next clearance, and so on so forth.
  4. Professionalism; the fact that waste clearance is a messy job doesn’t mean that the clearance teams should come dressed in dirty clothes, shouting and disturbing the serenity of your premises. Get a clearance company whose clearance teams are dressed in clean protective clothing, are courteous, and respectful to the serenity and tranquility of your premises.
  5. Hidden charges; this is one of the worst nightmares for most Londoners! Always seek to find out in advance whether the clearance company has any extra hidden costs like parking and loading fees. A good clearance company should give you a quotation before commencing the work, and promise not to add anything else afterwards.

15 Tips for Keeping Your House Clean

Everyone loves to go home to a clean and tidy house after a long day at work. Similarly, we all desire to raise and bring up our children in clean and tidy homes. As such, we must put in place practical steps that will ensure that our houses are always clean and lovely places to be in;


1. Collective responsibility; the first and most important tip to keeping your home clean, is by understanding that it is a collective responsibility. Everyone living in that house has a responsibility to keep the house clean.
2. Rubbish bins; have rubbish bins placed strategically within your home. This greatly reduces littering.
3. Leftovers; food leftovers should always be cleared from the kitchen soonest. They attract cockroaches and rodents if left for long.
4. Recycle; out of the rubbish generated from your home, find out what can be recycled, and used for a better purpose.
5. General cleaning; set apart one day of the week when you will be doing a general cleaning of your home. On this day, you can get your kids to help you in cleaning the glass windows, tending to the garden, de staining your sinks, etc.
6. Dishes; always clear dishes from the dining table immediately, regardless of whether they will be cleaned immediately or later.
7. House cleaning companies; you can also hire the services of house cleaning companies to help you keep your home clean.
8. Furniture; invest in furniture that can go for long without showing any signs of dust or need for cleaning. Brightly colored sofas for instance are great to the eye, but a nightmare to keep looking clean.
9. Mopping; you don’t have to wait all week to get time to clean your house thoroughly; in the meanwhile, you can mop electronics, furniture, with a wet piece of cloth.
10. Be smart; polythene bags are some of the worst forms of rubbish at home, and are hard to dispose of. When shopping for your groceries, go with your own basket rather than relying on the store to wrap all your items in polythene bags.

11. Train your kids; train your kids to collect any foods they drop on the floor when feeding, and clearing their own dishes after meals.
12. Inform visitors; if your home has a spacious compound, neat lawns and flower gardens, then when visitors visit you should always inform them to maintain cleanliness. Some people have a tendency to litter compounds anyhow; inform them in advance not to litter the compound, or erect a sign in your compound, requesting your guests to avoid littering.
13. Garden; a garden also plays a huge role in the general appearance of your home. Always keep it clean.
14. Reduce; reduce the amount of everything, from the water or electricity you consume, to the waste you generate.
15. Reuse; lastly, reuse whatever can be reused out of your home rubbish.

How To Pick A Good House Clearance Company In Your Area

Cleanliness is second to godliness and as a home owner, the cleanliness and tidiness of your homestead is entirely dependent on you. While the best option would be for you to personally do all the cleaning required in your house, there are times you’ll find yourself very busy, or away from home for long duration. Does that mean that your house should remain untidy? Not really. In such instances, the best thing to do would be for you to hire the services of a house clearance company around you.


How can one pick a good house clearance company, where would one start?

  1. To begin with, conduct a quick search on the internet. In this day and age of the internet, almost all waste clearance companies worth that title do have a website where you will find their details and contacts.
  2. Having identified the numerous house clearance companies online, select those that operate close to your area. This is important because it means that they have experience collecting waste around your home, and are conversant with all the legal requirements of doing so.
  3. What is the reputation of the company you’re interested in? Many waste clearance companies have been known to promise heaven and promise very excellent results, only for them to fail you miserably. Get a company what has a reputation for delivering its side of the bargain.
  4. Experience is also very important. The longer a house clearance company has been in operation, the likelier it is to do a great job.
  5. While some waste clearance companies specialize in collecting waste in certain settings, others do combine and multitask. For instance, some companies offer office clearance, commercial building waste clearance, industrial waste clearance, to mention but a few. Opt for a company that specializes in house waste clearance.
  6. Having put all the above factors into consideration, then you’re almost there. You only need to now ensure that the company has fully embraced eco friendly ways. In this day and age when the implications and consequences of global warming are so evident, the last thing you need is a waste clearance company that is blind to any harm on Mother Nature. Companies that use harmful and strong chemicals when clearing waste, or do not embrace recycling should be ignored in favor of those that do. Besides, even the disposal of harmful waste and other toxic materials must always be done far away from residential areas, and in an eco friendly way. Most companies will even offer you scented bins for putting in waste that have been made of recycled materials.

Make use of the above tips when looking for a good house clearance company.

How Quick Wasters works in Residential Waste Clearance

For the past few years, Quick Wasters has emerged as the preferred choice for many residential home owners looking for waste clearance services around London. Quick Wasters has not only proved itself as a reliable and reputable waste clearance company in the UK; they have changed the game and set the bar so high for others to imitate.

Licensed waste disposal london

So, what is so important or special about Quick Wasters?

  • Equipment; each time you hire Quick Wasters to come clear waste in residential areas, they always make use of the latest equipment. This includes specially designed trucks that can hoist all waste and garbage and transport it for disposal in an enclosed manner. This not only reduces littering, it prevents any foul stench from spreading with the residential area.
  • Personnel; they also have highly qualified personnel that can handle all manner of residential waste correctly.
  • Sorting; regardless of the amount of waste you need cleared from your residence, Quick Wasters, as part of their policy, will always sort the waste first. Toxic waste, reusable waste, and ordinary waste are all sorted out.
  • Eco Friendly; one thing that has helped Quick Wasters become so popular is their embracing of green methods to clear waste. From offering clients bins that have been recycled from waste, to avoiding the usage of harmful chemicals that may harm the environment, to even recycling whatever waste can be recycled, Quick Wasters have embraced eco friendly methods.
  • Garden clearance; garden clearance may be included in your residential waste clearance once in a while. Quick Wasters have invented a method of utilizing the branches and hedges that have been trimmed, and turning them into something useful. For instance, these trimmed branches are used for mulching in the garden, or made to rot and later used as manure.
  • Legal requirements; in most residential areas around London and the larger UK, there are council and local authority rules that spell out how all waste should be disposed of. Quick Wasters are very conversant with these by laws, and they always adhere to hem when collecting residential waste. They know how and where to dispose of harmful toxic waste that calls for special attention.


Contact Quick Wasters today for all your residential waste clearance needs, and learn why they are the preferred choice for many. Their professionalism and thorough job will leave you smiling and contented.

Start 2016 Clean At Office and Home

People are fond of making New Year resolutions, often regarding individual goals and targets. While this is commendable, it should also be noted that cleanliness plays a huge role in helping you achieve what you have sent your eyes on. A clean home is a great place to live in, while a clean environment makes employees more productive and contented. It is thus the high time you made a decision to start 2016 in a clean environment, and maintain that trend all year long. Below are some tips you can embrace to position you for a clean start to 2016;


Rubbish bins; whether it is in an office, or at home you can start by placing rubbish bins strategically around. Rubbish bins reduce littering in the compound, especially if placed along entrances and areas where employees congregate often.

Less Paperwork; in the office, you can have your fellow workmates reduce their paper work. In this day and age of the internet, almost everything that would be done on paper can be done via email. And if papers have to be used, always ensure you use both sides of the paper. This is a great way to ensure that you start your 2016 a clean and tidy office.

General cleaning; before the year comes to an end, you can organize with members of your staff, or family members to carry out a thorough cleaning of the home or office. This could include unclogging drainage systems, scouring the toilet seat and sinks, removing cobwebs, and so on so forth. Ending the year on such a clean note will ensure that everyone starts their new year in a clean environment.


DIY; there are some easy and simple DIY tips you can make use of to enhance cleanliness in your home. Tasks such as slashing grass in your compound, or trimming over grown hedges is not only a nice way to exercise; it helps your place appear neat and well kept.

Rubbish Clearance Company; one of the most recommendable and effective ways to ensure that your start 2016 on a clean note, is by hiring the services of rubbish removal companies. These companies are experts in collecting garbage in both residential and commercial properties. Besides, they are able to handle any amount of garbage you may have, and dispose of it in eco friendly ways.

House Clearance- What Do We Collect?

A house clearance can be quite tasking, especially if you don’t know exactly how to go about it, or don’t have the means to do it all alone by yourself. However we clearly understand that, and at Quick Wasters, we offer effective and affordable House clearance services. You don’t have to struggle all alone trying to clear your house of junks and unwanted items; we are just a phone call away, and we’ll leave your house sparkling clean.


When it comes to clearing a house, our services encompass everything from cleaning the basement, the shelves, ensuring your garden is also tidied up, and also ensuring that any waste cleared is disposed of in a way that does not harm the environment. How do we do this? We do so by first sorting all waste we have cleared from your house, and putting aside what can be recycled. What cannot be recycled and needs to be disposed of permanently, we also put aside.

What are some of the items that we collect?
Clients would be pleased to learn that we clear almost all forms of waste including;
Furniture; any broken or old furniture in your house, we clear such and either donate what can be salvaged, or completely dismantle and dispose of what cannot be salvaged.

Electronics; Old TVs, fridges, radios, desktops, water dispensers, you name it; we clear all forms of electronic waste. Again, what can be recycled from the electronic waste we do recycle, while what can’t be recycled is disposed of.


Clothes, personal items; you don’t have to worry about us being able to dispose of your old clothes, and other personal items. At Quick Wasters, our team will easily clean up and collect all personal items which you may never be using. This may include toys you bought for your kids year ago, old shoes, basins and utensils you no longer use, and so on so forth.

Garden clearing; Quick Wasters understands that clearing a house is incomplete without ensuring that the garden too is tidied up. Thus, whether is it collecting polythene bags off your garden, or getting rid of fallen branches, we take it as part of our duty to leave your garden really tidy.

Cheapest Rubbish Removal services in London for Household Waste and Office Clearance

Finding the cheapest and the most reliable Rubbish Removal services in London for Household Waste and Office Clearance company in London may the aim of any one who Google “Rubbish Removal London” one of the most searched and high competitive keyword in the wast collection niche in London.Cheap Junk Removal London

As a leading junk removal company in London, Quick Wasters tries to make it easier for our customers to find us on the search engines by optimizing the websites for the relevant search results. However you may be confused to identify who to hire if it’s your very first waste disposal experience in London. Also if you have never hired us before or hear about our services, you will certainly not know why you should hire licensed clearance company.

For this reason, we have done short video which explain about our services and why you should consider hiring a leading waste management and disposal company like Quick Waster to to do the job for your quickly and more effectively. As the name says, “Quick Wasters” we perform all our clearance services faster leaving your premises, whether it’s office or residential clearing. This comes whiting our dedicated staff members and they always willing to go and extra mile to do the best Rubbish Removal services in London.

Rubbish Removal services in London

Rubbish Removal London

By: Sam Hett