Different Types of Household Waste and Tips to Reduce Them

There is a huge collection of wastes which is increasing on our planet every day. Household wastes are a major part of our planet. There are essential things like plastics bags, glass, cardboard, broken wood, and so on. People use these things every day in their homes. Your family members regularly throw all your household waste into the bin without considering if waste can be recycled. That’s fine, in each home anyone can do this at least once.

Moreover, that is not a great way to get rid of your household waste. It will be buried in a landfill area, then it is dangerous for the environment. Do you know? Household wastes are classified into five different types. In this article, you can learn those types and how to reduce them.

1. Liquid Waste

Liquid Waste

Liquid wastes are commonly found in households, painting industries as well as in restaurants. This type of rubbish includes nasty water, detergents, organic liquids, and even rainwater. You should know liquid wastes are categorized into a point and non-point source waste. Industry manufactured liquid waste is point-source waste. On the other hand, natural liquid waste is a non-point-source waste. You can contact waste removal experts to dispose of your household liquid waste properly.

2. Solid Rubbish

Solid Waste

Solid waste includes a collection of rubbish materials that are found in your household along with commercial and industrial buildings. These wastes are divided into 4 types.

Plastic Waste

Plastic offers many benefits to your homes, hospitals, schools, and business industries. It is not biodegradable, but some types of plastics can be recycled. You cannot mix that in your regular waste and place it in your household bin.

Paper card/waste

These are paper materials like newspapers, cardboard, and food packaging covers. Papers are easily reusable and recyclable. Once it is reused, then place them into a recycling bin and dispose of them properly.

Tins and Metals

Tins and metals are found in various forms in your home. They are small oil containers. Metal is easily recyclable. So don’t throw it.

Ceramics and Glass

Ceramics and glass are easily recycled. Buy good recycling bins and bottle banks to dispose of them perfectly.3

3. Organic Waste

Organic waste

Organic waste is general household waste. Food waste, garden waste, rotten meat, and leaf manure are considered organic waste. Microorganisms are formed by these types of organic waste. Organic waste helps with landfill methane production everywhere. So, these are not considered regular waste. You can use a green skin bin or a garden bag to dispose of them.

4. Recyclable Rubbish

Recyclable Rubbish

Recyclable rubbish is a process for converting rubbish items and using them again. Those are paper materials, organic wastes, metals, glasses, and kitchen wood items. These items are recyclable. So do not throw it out in the landfill and water areas. Once you have collected it, then send it to near recycled centres and recycle it.

5. Hazardous Waste

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste contains all types of rubbish, and they are burnable, poisonous, noxious, and have opposite reactivity. These rubbish materials are prejudicial for humans and the environment. So, people can dispose of them properly at home. You can contact a professional waste removal company for disposing of hazardous waste.


These are the common waste found around in every household and other building areas. In this article, you have learned about household wastes and waste disposal methods. Make sure that you divide your household waste into these types to assure proper waste removal.

Get Garbage Free Home In Your First Call

Garbage is the collection of waste products or materials that is refused to use by humans. The garbage includes all the plastic, paper, glass, cardboard, clothes, electrical and electronics, wood, and all other solid wastes generated in your home. Clearing your waste will keep your home safe and neat and it is important to clear your wastes regularly. Hire a skip or you can use the garbage bags to store your wastes. Collecting and segregating waste is a tedious process in waste management. If you are not aware of the proper process, then you need to hire a professional service. You can get a garbage-free home in your first call when the experts are available in your place. House waste clearance is one of the best services to save people from the dangers and harms causing by wastes.

The waste should not be stored for a long time, it should be cleared regularly. Home is the place where a large number of wastes are generated especially in the kitchen and garden. Food waste is one of the hazardous wastes when it gets decomposed, it attracts insects and pests easily. Wastes are the major attractor of a number of pests, and the presence of pests can bring many diseases and allergies.

How will Professionals Dispose of your Waste?

How will Professionals Dispose of your Waste

As a well-experienced and legal service, the experts will collect your wastes and transport them to the nearest waste recycling center. The wastes which cannot be recycled will be transported to the nearest landfills or WTE plants. Many people are not aware of WTE plants, which is a station that converts the wastes into electrical energy, by burning them in high temperature and high pressure.

It will be easy for the professionals if you collected and segregated your waste properly. If you are not aware then leave it, the professionals can collect and segregate the wastes into different types. It is important to store the different types of wastes separately which is helpful in recycling. Mixing waste can cause danger to the environment while burning.

Same-Day Rubbish Removal 

Same Day Rubbish Removal

The same-day rubbish removal is the service offered by the professional services. The service can cost higher than the normal service, but the professionals will be available in your place within two hours of booking. Your wastes will be collected and disposed of in an eco-friendly manner without affecting the surroundings and environment.

Cost of Professional Waste Clearance Service

The cost will be based on the service you book for, and it will be varied according to the time and type of service. The cost will be less compared with your regular expenses. You can enquire clearly about the service and cost while booking and sure there will be no hidden cost.

Book Garbage Collections Now

Book Garbage Collections Now

Why were you waiting? If your home is filled with wastes, then it can cause many health issues. Book the London’s No.1 Rubbish Removal service Quick Wasters. They are the number one in London, and they can collect house waste, office wastes, building waste, residential waste, and commercial wastes. The service provided by them will be more professional and perfect compared to other waste clearance companies in London.

Tips for Waste Clearance 2021

Waste clearance is not an easy task, whether it may be a house waste clearance or office waste clearance. Due to the risk factors for waste clearance, we will not recommend waste clearance as a DIY project. Hiring a professional waste clearance company is the best option to handle a waste clearance service for your commercial and residential places. Some people consider hiring a waste clearance company is an extra expenditure, but the truth behind hiring the waste clearance company saves your time and minimizes your effort on facing trouble. Still, you want to try the waste clearance service on your own, then follow the Tips for waste clearance 2021, revised waste clearance tips shared by the professional waste clearance company in 2021.  

Tips for Waste Clearance by Experts

Check out the tips shared by the waste clearance experts

 Plan Before clearance

  The waste clearance becomes easier if you have a to-do clearance checklist before starting clearance work. Estimate how much time you need to spend to clear the waste. The maximum you need 6 hours to clear the house wastes and 12 hours to clear the commercial wastes. Try to cover the entire clearance within the estimated time. Creating a to-do list or checklist helps you to finish the clearance work within the estimated time. If you finish the task within the estimated time, then you have more time to concentrate on other works.

Separate the Unwanted wastes from the whole waste:

Your place may be accumulated with the things that you do not use often or use anymore. It’s a time to separate the wanted and unwanted things from your place. Plan and separate the unwanted stuff and throw away the things which you don’t want to use. Before throwing the wastes into the bin, check the wastes and which you want to throw away and which you want to keep.

Tips for Waste Clearance

Research more about waste Disposal:

 While clearing the wastes, there are more chances for hazardous things you need to handle with more care. Do more research to know how to handle hazardous things and carefully do the disposal procedures to avoid the unwanted risks from the toxic and chemical substances.

 Meet the professional

To avoid the harmful effects, meet the waste clearance professional or have a call with the experts to get more skills about the waste clearance methods. Only professional waste clearance experts how to handle the waste clearance and dispose of the wastes in a safe way. Professional waste clearance company deals with the hazards and other issues in a simple way. So they know how to guide you to perform the waste clearance in an efficient way.

We at Quick Wasters, have a special team to answer the quires related to waste clearance and the waste clearance method with the guidelines.

Top 10 tips to dispose residential waste from households

Residential waste also known as domestic waste is a compilation of household garbage like plastic bottles, cans, food scraps, newspapers, magazines, fruit peelings and even garbage waste and tree trimmings. Disposing off domestic waste can be a process especially if you have no idea of what you are doing. However, the easiest method is to call Quick Wasters house clearance services and let them deal with everything without you lifting a finger. Getting rid of residential waste can be dealt with in different ways that can be affordable and environmental friendly.

Below are a few tips on how to get rid of residential waste in your household

  1. Reducing Garbage – first of all you can reduce your garbage by using cotton bags instead of plastic bags. Cotton bags are reusable and washable for a long period of time unlike plastic bags. We tend to throw away plastic bags every single day. And the good thing about cloth bags is that they are eco-friendly. You can also buy foods with less packaging. Buying foods in bulk will save you the space of 5 boxes or sacks. You can quickly transfer the bulk foods in airtight containers that are better than stacking up boxes and papers. Vermicomposting is also another way of reducing your garbage. It entails buying dairy items in containers you can reuse, buying from the farmer’s market and making dinner instead of heating it up.
    house waste
  2. Reusing and Recycling – this is one of the most eco-friendly ways of handling waste materials. Instead of piling up garbage that can be reused or even resold, why not do it! You can start by donating items you do not use anymore. This includes toys, cloths, furniture or any other domestic appliances. If you do not need it anymore, someone else does. They are charity sites you can donate to or have a backyard sale where you can make money off goods you do not use anymore. Another way of recycling is reusing containers for storage purposes. Make sure you also follow the recycling regulations in order to learn and know how to dispose of hazardous and poisonous waste in the environment.
  3. Composting – this is the best way of getting rid of garden waste. This is where you as the owner are required to save your food scarps and any garden waste like yard cuttings and storing them in bins for days waiting for it to compost. The composition is used mainly in the garden. It is a process not so many people like indulging in.
  4. Using Bottled water – instead of using bottled water; why not invest in buying a water bottle and carrying water from home. One of the most recycled things from garbage waste is empty water bottles. Throwing out plastic is not good for the environment.
  5. Reusable cutlery – Make a habit of using reusable cutlery. If you know you are eating out of the house, make it a habit of carrying cutlery with you especially when you have carried food from home and plan on eating it in the office.
  6. Go straw less – many times we tend to use straws when drinking water, juice or any other beverage. However, it will not kill you to go straw less and either drinks from the cup, can or bottle.
  7. Avoid using paper cups – It is very common for most working people to pass by a coffee shop and get coffee which is placed in paper cups. In order to avoid garbage or piling up waste, try buying a thermo flask cup which is reusable and will serve you for years.
  8. Recycling the right way –how to clear household waste Reduce, reuse and recycle is a recycling theme everyone around the world is being taught. However, not many people have mastered the art of recycling the right way. Different types of waste are recycled in different ways. If you are never sure of how the cycle is done, you can always call Quick Wasters who offer the same services at affordable prices.
  9. Opt out on any form of paper mailing, billings and more – We are in a technological era where everyone can have easy access to e-mail. You can contact your bank or your favourite magazine store and let them know they can send you your bills through mail. Going paperless saves the environment by limiting the amount of paper production and throw out as well.
  10. Use of reusable bags – In some countries that promote recycling, the use of paper or plastic bags is prohibited. This is where reusable bags come in. if you own a reusable bag to go shopping with it saves you the amount of plastic bags you were intending to throw out.


Quick Waters is a team of professionals that deal with garbage and all types of waste removals. Visit their site today at https://www.quickwasters.co.uk/ and see all the services they offer at affordable prices.

How to clear wastes from your House in London Easily and Safely?

In London, the waste generated from the house may contain materials like garden materials, wood materials, plastic wastes, food waste, etc. These waste materials from the home contain both the decomposable and non-decomposable wastes in it. Hence these should be properly segregated before the disposal.

Quickwasters house waste clearance in London

In London, Quickwasters is the best house waste removal company who will collect the waste materials from various sources and will dispose of them safely after the proper segregation. Quickwasters will send the non-decomposable waste materials to the recycling plants for reuse, whereas the organic waste materials are processed and converted into the organic composts which can be used in agricultural land fields for the effective crop growth.

As a resident of London, you may find it difficult to clear the domestic wastes in a safe manner. In this case, comes the Quickwasters, the best rubbish removal company in London to help you out. Just give a call, Quickwasters team will reach out to you to collect the waste materials from your area. Quickwasters have vast experience in the waste removal niche, which makes them best in the junk clearance in London.

house waste clearance in London

In London, you can maintain the environment to be eco-friendly by doing the proper waste disposal. Proper waste disposal in the sense, handing over the waste to the rubbish clearance company like Quickwasters will make your job easy. Quickwasters will collect the wastes and will dispose of them safely without causing any dangerous hazard to the human beings and the outside environment. Quickwasters team feels proud on serving the residents of London and helping them to clear their wastes in an easy and safe way. Thus ensure the safe disposal of your waste materials by getting the rubbish removal services from Quickwasters in London.

How To Do The Perfect House Waste Clearance?

House waste clearance involves disposing of all unwanted wastes like unused items, plastic bags, rubbish wastes, garden wastes, unwanted furniture items, etc. Certain types of wastes can be disposed of easily in an eco-friendly manner, but the certain types of wastes like plastics, rubber materials should be taken care to dispose of in a safe eco-friendly manner.

Planning the time needed to do the entire house clearance will ensure everything goes very smoothly. Hiring a professional waste clearance companies for doing the house waste clearance will ensure that all wastes are collected and disposed of safely in an eco-friendly manner. Residential wastes should be handed over to the waste clearance companies instead of dumping or throwing it in open lands.

House ClearanceThe waste materials like plastic, rubber materials are collected by the waste clearance companies. The collected wastes are segregated and then non-decomposable wastes are sent to the recycling plant by the waste clearance companies. the main advantage of hiring a waste clearance company is that they will have the tie-up with waste recycling plants to ensure the safe disposal of wastes. The non-decomposable wastes like plastics are sent to the recycling plants by the rubbish clearance companies and will be used in the manufacturing again.

House WasteThough the amount of energy involved in recycling the old materials is high, recycling is the only method to dispose of the wastes safely. The other decomposable waste materials like garden wastes, food wastes can be used in compost and is converted into energy like heat, gas, etc. It is difficult for the normal people to segregate the wastes into decomposable and non-decomposable materials. So the rubbish clearance companies will collect the wastes from the various sources in a large manner, segregate them, transport them and finally dispose of them in a safe way to both the environment and the human beings as well.

quick wasters london

Sometimes the house clearance involves in handling the huge amount of wastes. So it is difficult for an ordinary people to handle it. In this situations, the waste clearance companies use the advanced equipment to handle the huge amount of wastes. Rubbish Clearance companies are well-trained professionals to do the waste clearance activities in an organized manner. Hiring a house waste clearance for your domestic waste removal will make sure that all the wastes are collected and disposed of in an environmental friendly manner. Quickwasters is the best for rubbish clearance services in London.

Finding The Right House Waste Clearance Services Company

Finding a right house clearance company is not an easy job. Here are some tips for you to the best house clearance company at an optimal cost.

house clearance services

It is important for you to find a reputable and professional house clearance company who can provide you the hassle-free rubbish collection and removal services at affordable cost. Choose the right company which has the expertise to carry out the house clearance activities in an efficient way. The professional house clearance company will offer the services like rubbish collection, transportation, disposal and the recycling. It is important to hire a professional house clearance company who will take care of all these activities at the optimal cost.

Since the household rubbish removal includes all kind of wastes like electronic items, kitchen appliances, etc. It is important to make sure that the rubbish removal company that you are hiring is properly licensed to handle all kind of rubbish stuff. Before hiring a rubbish clearance company you have to make sure that the company has the license to carry out all kind of waste clearance jobs. The waste clearance company that you are choosing should be capable of handling all kinds of rubbish stuff.

house clearance services

Waste clearance companies come in small and large sizes. The small waste clearance companies are capable of doing small personalized cleaning works, whereas the large waste clearance companies will have the advanced equipment to deal with the rubbish stuff. The large waste clearance companies will use some modern start of the art technology to handle the rubbish wastes.

Before availing a service from the waste clearance company. It is important to assess the amount of waste you need to dispose of. It is worth enough to spend time in finding the right rubbish clearance company instead of finding the odd one. The best rubbish clearance company will involve in activities like collecting the rubbish from the houses, transporting the wastes to other places, disposing of the wastes safely. The wastes clearance companies will segregate the non-decomposable waste and will send them to the recycling plants. Recycling is the only method to dispose of the non-bio degradable wastes in a safe and eco-friendly manner.

house clearance company

Professional rubbish clearance companies will use most adaptive technologies to dispose of the wastes in a safe manner. The household wastes may contain plastic bags, metal scraps, glass materials, etc. These wastes material should be taken care to dispose of in a safe wafe way. Are you in need of rubbish removal in London, then Quickwasters will be the best choice for you.


Household waste clearances when moving out of a residential premises

Household Wastes:

The household wastes may include the solid waste comprising of garbage wastes, plastic materials, glass bottles, cans, clothing composts, food wastes, garden wastes, papers wastes like newspapers and old magazines, plastic bags, etc. The household wastes may contain both the bio-degradable and non-bio degradable wastes. They must be disposed of in a safe manner without bringing any hazardous effect to the human beings and the environment as well. The waste clearance company will take care of disposing of the domestics wastes safely without bringing any danger to the human beings and environment.

Dispose of Hazardous Wastes Safely:


The domestic areas may generate wastes like e-waste, furniture wastes, etc. The food and garden waste may include the grass cutting, vegetable wastes, etc. Garden wastes may be sent to the manure production plant which is the best way to dispose of the food and garden wastes in an eco-friendly manner. The other non-decomposable wastes like plastic materials, metal scraps, etc must be sent to the recycling plant. The burning of plastic materials and rubber materials will give out the enormous amount of smoke which will cause a very hazardous effect to the human health and environment as well.

The domestic areas will generate lots of waste when people’s are moving from one resident to the other. When they are vacating their places they will be in a situation to dispose of the wastes, so in this case, they can avail services from the waste clearance company who will take care of the activities like segregating the decomposable and non decomposable wastes separately and then disposing of them safely.

The household wastes may be generated in abundant volume during the time of festivals, other events like condolence, etc. During this time the care must be taken to dispose of the generated waste in a safe manner. At this Scenario, the waste clearance company comes into the play, who will take care of all the domestic clearance activities during the time of festivals or other events.

quick wasters londonWhen the people are moving from one resident to the other, they may have the lots of materials and waste objects to be thrown off. During this situation, instead of disposing of them in the water bodies or agricultural lands, they can call waste clearance companies who will take care of disposing of the waste materials in a safe eco-friendly manner.

Waste Clearance companies will take care of disposing of the wastes in a safe manner. The Waste clearance companies offer services like commercial waste clearance, residential waste clearance, building waste clearance, garden waste clearance, house waste clearance, office waste clearance, etc. Thus the waste sources that are generated from various fields must be taken care in order to dispose of them in a safe eco-friendly manner by without bringing any danger to the environment or human beings.

Types Of Waste And Its Clearance Methods

Wastes are produced from various sources on daily basis. The wastes may be generated from many sources like construction areas, domestic areas, industrial areas, etc. The larger cities around the world remain as the source where tons of wastes are generated daily. The waste clearance system must be followed in a way that they are disposed of in a very safe manner without making any hazardous effect on the environment or humans. There are many techniques through which we can dispose of the decomposable wastes in an eco-friendly manner.

waste removal london

Commercial & Building Waste clearance:

Commercial wastes are generated usually in very large scale from the areas like educational institutions, trade or business areas, sports or recreation areas excluding the industrial and household wastes. Building wastes are generated from the construction areas where waste sources like concrete wastes, metal scraps like nails, wooden wastes are generated in a large manner. The commercial wastes and building wastes must be managed and dispose of in a proper manner without making any hazardous effects. In this case, these activities will be taken care by the waste clearance companies who will dispose of the solid wastes in a safer and eco-friendly way.

House & Garden Waste Clearance:

quick wasters londonThe wastes like plastic materials, garbage wastes, glass bottles, cans, cloth composts, paper wastes, etc. The materials like plastics must be disposed of in a safe way because burning the plastics may result in pollution to the environment, the plastic materials are not decomposable. So the waste clearance companies will recover the plastic materials and will send it to the recycling plant to follow the reuse strategy. Garden waste may produce grass cuttings, flower cuttings, etc. The garden wastes are usually the biodegradable waste which is easy to decompose.

Office and Industrial Waste Clearance:

The large-scale waste sources are industries where they generate tons of wastes daily which must be taken care to decompose in a safe manner or it must be taken to the recycling plant for reuse of the materials like metal scraps, etc. Office Wastes may contain the paper wastes in the large manner which must be recycled in order to manage the waste effectively. Industries and large organization cannot spend time in disposing of the wastes. So the waste clearance company will take care of recovering the industry wastes and will segregate them to send the wastes to the recycling plant.

What Waste Clearance Company do?

Waste Clearance company will take care of collecting all types of wastes like industrial wastes, commercial wastes, domestic wastes, office wastes, etc and also will dispose of them in a very safe manner without bringing any hazardous effects to the environment. Waste Clearance company will involve in converting the waste into recyclable materials if they are not decomposable like plastics, metal scraps, etc.

Waste Prevention Tips For Your Home

Waste less, reuse, recycle

There has been a decrease in the amount of waste produced in London over the past three years. However, there are still a lot of work that needs to be done to reach targets.

Recycling is a great way to turn rubbish into something useful. Preventing waste is even better. Therefore, if you reduce the amount that you produce in the first place and reuse things for a second time, you will also avoid the industrial processes that are involved in recycling.

Waste less, shop smart

There are a lot of ways you can produce less waste when you’re out shopping.  Follow these tips and you can see how much less waste you will produce.

  • Say “no” to single-use bags. Take your own bags when you go shopping. This will also mean you avoid paying 5p per bag.
  • When buying gifts, think about how to wrap them in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Plan your meals and make a list before going shopping.
  • Buy refills of products like washing detergents, coffee, hand wash and use refillable drinking bottles. It is also much cheaper.
  • Packaging costs money and can increase the price of goods. A little packaging can help to prolong the life of some foods but try to avoid excess packaging, especially on Easter eggs, toys and individually wrapped items like biscuits. Wherever possible, look for unpackaged products or buy products packaged in reusable or recyclable material.
  • Avoid disposable items that are used once and then thrown away. There are other products available which can be reused, for example rechargeable batteries, razors where the head can be replaced and low energy light bulbs.