3 Recycling Ideas for your Used Computer

Now that we’re all working from our home office we use our home computers a lot more and if your computer model is on its last legs then it may be advisable to consider replacement options. The question that then arises is: What options are there for disposing of your old computer in a safe and environmentally friendly way?

40 million unused electronic devices such as computers go to waste every year in the UK in our consumerist society. And with them dangerous chemicals such as lead and mercury find their way into our eco-system after our household clearances.

Knowing how to avoid e-waste is key to living a greener and more sustainable life also in our home office and at Quick Wasters we want to help everyone make greener choices.

Advantages of Recycling Your Computer

Recycling your computer or digital device responsibly carries many benefits such as:

  1. working with a responsible recycler or rubbish removal company, you rest assured that your personal information is completely and safely removed from the device.
  2. you protect the environment by keeping the toxins that are in your computer out of the landfills and away from the water supply. Additionally, the precious metals and materials used in these electronics must be mined, which takes a tremendous toll on the environment. By recycling your computer, you ensure that these materials are reused, reducing the amount of e-waste.
  3. other components of your computer can be used to rebuild other computers. This can provide an affordable computer for an individual or organization that otherwise would not be able to access one perhaps in a third world country.
  4. computers can be donated to charitable organizations, helping the community simply by recycling your used computer. Quick Wasters work closely with charitable organizations and will pass on items that can be reused.

Ways to Recycle your Computer to Avoid the Landfill

electronic-devices-recycling-ideas-for-best-e-waste-disposalComputers and other electronic items make up around two percent of all of the rubbish materials in todays landfills.

Besides the environmental issues, your computer also contains personal information that you may want to completely remove before disposing of it. This can give someone the opportunity of identity theft and a lifetime of issues.

1.   Choose a Certified e-waste Recycler

When you decide to get rid of your computer, search for a certified e-waste recycler by the Basel Action Network (BAN) on the on the ban.org/find-recyclers website, who will dispose of  it in an eco-friendly way, following all the national and international laws relevant to e-waste recycling. Compliance is ensured through third-party audits who certify the recycler’s practices. Quick Wasters work with such e-waste recyclers and can do this for you for your convenience.

2.   Return your Computer to its Manufacturer

Most established manufacturers of electronic devices like Apple run their own free recycling schemes, where they may recycle or reuse parts of your old computer in an environmentally friendly way.  Apple will send you a gift card with the value of the amount they estimate for your old device.

3.   Sell your Computer

One of the quickest ways to exchange your old gadgets for cash is by selling them online on e-commerce sites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree. You may be responsible for the packaging and posting, as well as managing the returns, missing items and refunds. For more convenience you can use trade-in sites such as Musicmagie, because you can send your electronic devices for free or arrange for a courier to pick them up from your home. You should receive your payment after they have listed your old electronics.

Leave your Computer Professional Hands

Today, only 18 percent of all old computers and other e-waste items are recycled. Consequently, around 1.84 million tons of electronic waste end up in landfills. By recycling your old and used computer in a professional manner or with the help of certified commercial waste removal services like Quick Wasters, you can ensure that you do not add to this sad statistic.

How to Get Rid of Old TV

An old TV is one of those things that is tricky to dispose of as easily as any other old item that you come across lying in your basement or garage. Well, don’t worry about it anymore. The following recommendations might just be what you have been looking for.

  • Never Throw Your TV or Any Other Electronic In the Trashhow to get rid of your old tv

As much as you may be tempted to throw away your old TV in the trash, it is not what you want to do. Even if it is legally allowed, there are some toxic materials that are harmful to the environment inside most electronics. Some of the chemicals which include cadmium, lead, arsenic and mercury may leak into the water supply that’s in the ground. You don’t want to think of the possible consequences of such an action.

  • Give It Out

Giving it away might be somewhat difficult especially since most people are interested in digital electronics. But you never know, you may find someone who doesn’t mind how the TV looks but rather whether or not it works. Trying never hurt anyone so go ahead and try to give it away.

  • Donate

Some places such as state operated day care centers, homeless shelters and after school programs are normally limited on electronics budget. These are some of the best places to donate your old TV since they are not interested in the type. They are more interested that they can watch something and enjoy. Places like homes for the needy or the poor may very much appreciate your old TV.

  • Look Out For Any E-Cycling EventHow to Get Rid of Old TV

Be on the lookout for the electronics recycling events that are carried out once in a while. These events might be your best bet. Normally, when these events are carried out, you may need to pay a small amount of money to get your TV to be picked up, something like £20 or less. Once you have your eyes and ears on an upcoming new event, make sure that you make it to the site as early as possible because as soon as the truck is full, you may be forced to go back with your TV.


Getting rid of an old TV can be a daunting experience. However, with the right help and guide, you can do it effortlessly. For some DIY advice on how to get rid of your old TV, visit our blog

Winter Rubbish Clearance In A Most Effective Manner

There is a lot of work involved in clearing a house in winter, which sometimes include complete overhaul, and therefore it is vital to ensure you hire the services of a company that will handle you waste in an effective manner. Once rubbish is deposited in a certain location, it needs to be cleared promptly since accumulation results in an even further complication of the situation. But waste removal is not all that is important but how you handle it. Different types of waste require different expertise in removal process. For a waste removal company to operate in an efficient manner it needs to have the following qualities;


  1. Right equipment; you need to work with a company with fleets of trucks in various sizes. This is the main feature of a rubbish clearance company and therefore the size and number of tracks should help you determine whether the company will suit your needs. Trucks are the lifeblood of junk removal companies. Quick Wasters has lots of trucks from small to large size for all types of rubbish collection.
  2. Work with clients’ schedule; the fact that a company has 24 hour service does not mean that a rubbish clearance company should bombard you at weird times. The company should be able to tailor their services according to a customer’s schedule and availability. We at Quick Wasters work while giving priority to our clients’ needs. We will only come to your premises when you give us an appointment.
  3. Cleanliness; the most important aspect of a rubbish clearing company is its cleanliness of the equipment. The fact that a company deals in rubbish clearance and junk removal does not mean the trucks should be in unkempt look and have rusted metal. Check the condition of the cars online and see if it indicates they take good care of their trucks. The variety of trucks found at Rubbish Away is in good condition and new so that no matter how large your rubbish and junk size are, we can handle then with much ease.garden waste removal

You want to have a clutter free environment and provide safety to your family especially if you have children living with you. Junk can cause serious accidents if sharp metals are left carelessly hanging around your premises. Therefore we want to ensure you enjoy a peaceful clean and tidy environment. Contact us today for a free quote.

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House Clearance services in London for affordable prices

When any person is considering a house clearance in London there are a few things you have to considering prior to you begin. The type of things you need to bear in mind are, transportation, reusing and workforce.

There are numerous reasons somebody could have to clear rubbish out so you have to be prepared for each circumstance. From death of an enjoyed one to vacating these ideas need to assist you have a successful house clearance.

Now lets look at what you should consider before a:

House Clearance in London

Workforce— First thing you require to consider is how big the task is that you are dealing with. If it is a huge task you need even more people. The time scale plays its part below also. If you’re not in a rush then you don’t require as many individuals but the majority of people like to do it all in one go and get it over and finished with. There might be plenty of lifting and moving included when clearing a residence out, you can have all types of scrap from ovens to wardrobes complete of clothes. If it is a huge residence and if an old person had once lived there, there might a big amount of rubbish to go through, type and get rid.

Transportation– When handling a house clearance there can be lots of stuff to container and therefore you could require a van or a car to shuttle the rubbish from website to website. There can bigger products like a refrigerator or couch that has to be removed in the appropriate manner. Wherever you might be taking the bags of unwanted items you will require a method of getting it there. If you can’t drive discover someone who can, like close friend or relative. Most councils provide a service of collecting specific items and they will effectively remove it for you.

Recycling – This is vital to the method you do away with your unwanted products. You have to take a look at this from the beginning and when you sorting things out produce piles of container and reuse. There is a lot that can be recycled now a days so ensure you get as much of it as possible you can. Old clothes can go to charity shops, undesirable furniture can be passed onto to others that want them and paper can be recycled.

These are simply the 3 primary topics to think about if you’re going on with a house clearance. However all this can be facilitated if you got the experts in. Call QuickWasters for best rubbish removal London services.

Most house clearance companies have adequate individuals for each task, enough transportation to get rid of things in the allocated time and they know how advertisement where to go to reuse things the right way.


See some of the Testimonials from some of our past customers in London.

Residential Waste Collection services in London

Licensed Waste Disposal Company in London

Waste Disposal London

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By: Sam Hett

House Clearance Services in Harrow North London

Are you looking for a house clearance in harrow North London? Then Quick Waster have the best affordable services for you in London. As a leading fully licensed rubbish removal company in London, we have a team of professionals who has been working with us and done over hundreds of house clearances in Harrow and all over London. house-clearance-harrow

Why should you hire Quick Waster for house clearance in harrow?

  • Fully Licensed Company in North London
  • Same Day Services
  • Cheapest prices in Town
  • Professional and friendly services
  • Reliable for all your waste removal in London
  • Our own Vans for the services

We are  certified for the disposal of the wastage products by the organization so we take all your wastage with us on truck since we have the license of that likewise. All our workers are skilled and friednly.

Residence clearance Harrow North London

We supply the very best and extremely inexpensive centre to all our clients by shifting and by the lifting fact. We likewise have great quality trucks with the high loaded facilities. We are supplying our services for whole week consisting of Sunday also and we wear’t take any additional costs for that. Such things reveal that what level we aspire to supply you the finest services of clearing your houses and the yards. We are easily offered for the little load to the huge gigantic load also. Our filled load charge is pointed out in catalog as per the UK currencies. If you have the load of the clearing wastage between this range then we can set the rate as per your requirement. Our experienced workers do something much better than others that they load all the wastages into our high quality truck after the clearance.

House clearance Harrow

We likewise collect the wastages from all the method and throughout the entire residence in upper floor and in basement also. Our qualified employees dispose some bad material however they also check some materials which have a quality and can be recycled than they keep it and send those products for our recycling division for future use of those products like the wood in the furnishings and some other materials likewise.

Our rubbish removal london company covers entire location of the London. Our trucks have more ability of packing waste than the regular ones so in that case we constantly concentrate on client’s benefit not of ours and that’s our real purpose.

Residential Rubbish Removal 

With that been said, if you are looking for house clearance in Harrow North London, look no further and contact Quick Wasters today. You may also visit our site for Harrow Waste Removal services for affordable prices in Queensbury and Kingsbury. 0203 538 0765 Get Free Quote 0800 567 7755

Residential Waste Collection services in London for affordable prices

We are happy to announce our services expansions throughout London. And our teams are now available to provide fully flexible same day clearance services in Tottenham London for affordable prices.

As a leading residential and commercial waste collection company in London we our team of professional clearance staff if willing to go an extra mild to provide you the best services in the city. It;s our goal to keep the city clean and tidy at its highest levels and for that reason our prices are the most competitive in the entire city of London.

You can see our prices at our website here: http://www.quickwasters.co.uk/prices.php

and for all your inquiries you may contact Sam Hett the owner and the most friendly person you could every find in the waste niche in London with  responsibility.

Recently we provides some rubbish removal in Tottenham London and the bellow testimonial shows you our dedicated services for all our customers in the city.

We as the leading provider in our niche focuses on being the best waste rubbish removal company in London and that motivation will always be carried with us when we come to provide you the services. So this will give the ideal comfort and peace of mind for your get the job done at the most reasonable cost.

We do not want you to stop hiring someone to do the work for you so our efforts fall in place to give you the best.

Below you can see another testimonial which explains what we do and how we do it why we are the best choice when it comes to rubbish removal London.

Residential Waste Collection services in London

Garden Waste Removal London

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Why you should hire a Licensed Waste Disposal Company in London?

When you are living in one of the world’s best cities, there are certain guidelines which you may need consider, especially if you are looking to hire a waste removal company to help you with domestic cleaning or a major rubbish removal activity in your commercial premises. In this article we will be looking at why you should always take the services of the Licensed Waste Disposal Company in London to take care of your unwanted things and dispose the rubbish.

The very first thing is the security and the reliability of the services you take. If you take the services from a company which does not have License to operate in London and provide the clearance services it’s very much likely you may have issues with the councils and also you have not security for your premises and belongings.

Second thing is you will  have peace of mind and the services provider knows what they are doing. So the clearing job is going to be dine professionally and very effectively leaving your garden or office tidy.

Third would be, you can always ask for a receipt and it gives you the taxing advantages if you also business.

Finally I would say as leading rubbish removal company in London is  Quick Wasters always advice it’s customers in London to be aware of the best services you can take for very affordable price from us. Rubbish removal London at the affordable price by QuickWasters.

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