How to reuse and recycle household wastes?

Household wastes play a major role in the segregation of annual waste generation. Most people are not aware of the dangers occurred from wastes. Some of the people are refusing the mistakes done by them and trying to make them right by arguing. There are many methods for recycling and reusing your own and old products which are especially useful for the environment. Instead of making the old products to be disposed of try to recycle them and reuse them for yourself.


Try to donate some useful materials for the home and roadside people who did not see some of the products in their life. You do not want to donate your own personal thing, the products which are old, not used by yourself, staying at home just to occupy the place, and the products you did not like. Most people will throw off their old products when they buy any new ones instead donates that for the people who are seeking the product. The things you can donate are clothes, shoes, electrical and electronic materials.

recycle household wastes

Direct Sell

There is an option called direct sell which makes you some money with the old products. You can sell your old mobiles, laptops, TV, etc., to the people who are seeking a second-hand product. If you utilize this method, it will be useful for many people and the environment too. The electrical and electronic wastes are crushed if you throw them off in a landfill, instead of wasting a product you can earn some profit by selling those products and will run for a long time with its new owner.

There are many online sites by which you can post your products for everyone to see. You can sell the product to a person if the model, price, and other specs are accepted.


Composting is one of the best methods for recycling your home-garden waste. Collect the waste leaves, branches, stems, and other bushes and dump them inland by covering them with a black sheet or plastic cover. You should not allow air and sunlight to be iterated into the composting

composte house-hold wastes

materials. After dumping the waste, make it decompose and leave it for a week. Then open the land, the wastes will get decomposed and treat the soil, the soil is now pure and eligible for the cultivation. The remaining decomposed wastes are the best fertilizer for agricultural products.


People are spending more money to spend their time in a campfire. Burning the waste is the best method of avoiding waste non-recyclable materials. You can collect the wastes which are not harmful and use them in your garden area for a campfire. So, you can clean your garden and relax your time in the night fire. This will not hurt your neighbors instead they will join you.

reuse and recycle

Recycling Centre

Many of the household waste includes papers, boxes, and books. You can sell your old notebooks, or you can give them to your junior for reference. IF you know that the paper waste is not usable, then you can collect all the paper waste and get it to the recycle center, they can recycle the old papers into a new fresh paper thus the natural raw material (wood) is prevented.

Types of Recycling Bins

Recycling bins or recycle bins are the containers used to collect and store the waste materials before they are moved to another place. There are different types of bins of different sizes and different colors. The colors indicate the type of waste the people segregate. Majorly blue or green bins are used for the recycling collection of wastes. This is marked with the universal recycle symbol with the different slogans.

Recycling bins are classified into different colors according to the type of waste.

Different types of recycling bins

Black or Grey Colored Recycling Bins

Black bins are seen in many streets of the UK, and many people do not have the awareness of using these black bins. The black bins are kept in the streets for the collection of waste that is not recyclable. The wastes which cannot be recycled like food wastes, household wastes like a jar lid, tins, empty cans, etc., are to be disposed of into the black bins. If you do not have any idea about the bins in the street, please ask your area in charge or you can explore it online.

Black color recycling bins

Blue Colored Recycling Bins

The blue recycle bins are used to collect dry wastes such as papers, cardboard, cards, and drink tins. The plastic wastes are not supposed to be disposed of on those black bins, because they can be separately collected for the recycling process. Thus, the blue bins are used for the collection of paper and metal waste materials. Some of the areas use red bins for this process, so please assure the use of bins. IF you are not aware enquire the local authority.

Blue Colored Recycling Bins

Red Colored Recycling Bins

Red bins are used to collect the plastic wastes separately. Some of the authorities use blue bins to collect plastics, but if you see a red bin, please use that for the plastic wastes such as plastic bottles, food trays, shampoo packets, cleaning product bottles, and yogurt pots. Not all plastic materials are manufactured by pre plastics, there are some plastic wastes like plastic carrier bags, plastic wrapping, hard plastics such as flowerpots, polystyrene, and black plastics which are non recyclable are to be disposed of only in black bins.

Red Colored Recycling Bins

Green Colored Recycling Bins

The green bins are used for the segregation of different types of waste in different places. The green bins are used to collect glass wastes, dry wastes, and food wastes. They can also be used for green waste segregation. You can dump all types of household wastes and food waste into the green bins. The wastes can be collected and converted into fertilizers for agricultural purposes and the emission of CO2 is also reduced by protecting the environment from pollution.

green Colored Recycling Bins

Yellow Colored Recycling Bins

The yellow-colored bins are used to collect the textile wastes such as clothes, bed linens, and towels. You can dump all types of cloth materials into the yellow bins. Usually, these types of bins are not placed in streets or homes. The yellow bins are available in the recycling Centre for the collection of bulky cloth wastes. In some places, these bins are in orange color and these can be easily identified by their unique aperture.

Yellow Colored Recycling Bins

Purple Colored Recycling Bins

Thus, the purple bins are new to the recycling process, these are not marked for separate collection of waste. It can hold waste like paper, glass, and food waste according to the place where it is placed.

Purple Colored Recycling Bins


There are different types of recycling bins are used all over the country and they are used separately for the collection of different wastes. They are clearly named to place the waste. If you are not aware of the bins, please contact the local council for information about the bins.

What are Recyclable and Non- Recyclable wastes?

As a rubbish removal and waste clearance company we received many inquiries on what wastes can be recycled and what wastes cannot be recycled. This blog helps you to keep the wastes in a separate bin and to avoid mixing recyclable and non-recyclable wastes in the same bin. If you want to dispose of your wastes in a proper waste disposal method, then check out what wastes can be recycled and separate those wastes accordingly.

Why Recycle is Mandatory?

We create more waste than our previous generation. In the modern world, more products are getting introducing for human use. If we utilize the recycling process in an effective way, it will reflect on environmental health and it helps to minimize the production rate. Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into new products. This helps to reduce the energy spent on processing a new product. Hope you are cleared with the recycling process in our previous blogs. Let’s check out what are Recyclable material and what materials can’t be recycled.

Non- Recyclable wastes

What are Recyclable materials?

Recycling is the key factor of the waste reduction process, converting the waste materials into raw materials for new products. In the recycling process, the waste materials are converted into the same new materials. For example, waste papers are converted into new papers. Here is the list of recyclable materials.

The following materials are able to be recycled

Paper &Cardboard Materials

Paper materials and cardboard materials are considered recyclable materials with the acceptance of recycling centers.

Paper materials involve office waste papers, old magazines and newspapers, letters, and envelopes.

Cardboard materials involve thick sheets, wrapping boxes, and the boxes used for packaging.

 Glass Materials

Glass Materials can be easily melted and used as the raw materials for multiple making processes. Glass materials are perfect materials for the recycling process. There are many industries that are run depends on glass recycling.

Recyclable glass materials are bottles, plates, glass sheets, windows, tempered glass, and jars.


Most of the scrap materials are recycled by the proper recycling center. The scrap materials are being collected and get paid based on the weight of the metals. The cost of the metals will vary from one metal to another metal-based on their condition. The following metals are to be recycled.

Steel materials involve wires, tins, oil cans, cooking wares, cutlery, cables, and kitchen appliances.

Copper materials involve copper alloys, electrical wires, and water pipes.

Lead materials involve used batteries

Aluminum materials involve food wraps, aerosol cans, and foils.

What are Recyclable wastes

What are Non-Recyclable materials?

Like we said earlier not all materials can be recycled. The materials like soft plastic and biodegradable substances are considered as the non -recyclable materials and you put those materials in a separate bin not along with the recycling bin kept by your municipal council.

The followings are non-recyclable materials.

  • Plastic bags
  • Takeaway juice cups and coffee cups
  • Plastic straws
  • Medical waste
  • Ceramics

Contact us to know to dispose of the recyclable and non-recyclable wastes in a proper way.

How does recycling helps the environment?

We are aware of the three Rs Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and its benefits to the environment. Reduce is limits the usage of excess products and buy products only for the needy. Reuse is finding alternate options for using new products without purchasing the new one. Recycling is converting a waste product into the new one.  Let’s see how recycling helps the environment and what are the process involved in recycling

Importance of Recycling

Recycling protects our environment and preserves our resources. Check out the importance of recycling to our environment.

Economic growth

Recycling is a sign of the economic growth of the country. Recycling contributes to business expansion, revenues, new start-ups, health, and economic development.

Improves Human Health

Recycling reduces pollution in the air and water that helps to minimize health issues in humans like skin allergies, breathing troubles, viral diseases, etc.

Energy Conservation

Recycling plays a main role in energy conservation and saves energy

recycling process

Process Involves in Recycling

The recycling process involves three basic steps

Process 1: Collecting the wastes

The first step in recycling involves the collection of wastes to be recycled from various places. Collecting the wastes in a separate tin or cover helps to identify the material. Mostly all the waste bin has separate tins for composable wastes, non-compostable wastes, and recycling wastes.

Process 2: Processing Recyclables

Once the collection is done, allow the recyclables to the recovery process. The waste products are cleansed and processed into raw materials for some other manufacturing.

Process 3: Manufacturing

In the market, most of the products are manufactured with the raw material of recyclables. Even you also purchased the new products made of recycled things without your knowledge. Here is a list of products that contain recycled materials.

  • Paper bowls
  • Carpets
  • Ornaments
  • Plastic plates
  • Bags and wallets
  • Wooden cardboards
  • Steel vessels
  • Garments
  • Household decorative things

importance of recycling

What Products Should Be Recycled?

The following list is the common materials to be recycled for future products.

  1. Plastics products

Plastic products are the first enemy to the environment that brings various harm and pollution. It takes more time to decompose, so plastics scarps are recycling into useful products. Instead of recycling plastics avoiding the usage of plastic products is the advisable option to maintain our environment health.

  1. Paper products

Paper products are recycled into pulps and then turns into new paper products.

  1. Glass products

Glass wastes products are recycled without loss in their quality and strength. Recycled glass materials are used as the recipe for new glass manufacturing

  1. Metals

Metals like brass, aluminum, brass, iron, copper are recycled into scarps and used as raw materials for new metal manufacturing.

  1. Food Products

Food items are under rapid compost items. Food recycling has various benefits like biogas, feed for animals, and for gardens. Eggshells, vegetable peels are used as compost for house-hold plant growth.

How does Recycling help To Save Energy & Natural Sources?

How does Recycling help To Save Energy & Natural Sources?

The natural sources like trees and the forest areas are mainly cleared in need of the raw materials like trees and other sources. These raw materials are mainly needed for the manufacture of materials like papers, wooden furniture, etc. The recycling of waste materials and reusing the waste materials will reduce the number of trees being cut every year for various purposes.

How Recycling help To Save Energy & Natural Sources

Many industries use the trees as a source to generate heat energy through fire. This can be avoided. The source to generate to produce heat energy in the industries can be replaced by the other alternates. Per year tons and tons of trees are being cut for the purpose of generating heat energy in industries and other areas.

How does Recycling help To Save Energy & Natural Sources

The next main need of the trees is the manufacturing of papers. The usage of papers can be reduced in the office and the commercial areas by having digital devices to take notes or other things. Instead of using the letter pads for taking notes in corporate offices, they can use mobile phones or PC’s to take notes. Also, recycling of the papers will help us in reducing the number of trees being cut every year.

In busy cities like London, it is important to maintain the eco-friendly environment. This can be done by planting more trees around the living areas, this will help us to get fresh air. Also, proper waste disposal will also result in the good eco-friendly environment in London.

Recycling help To Save Energy & Natural Sources

In London, people should ensure that their waste materials are properly segregated and sent to the recycling plants for reuse. For this, handover all kind of rubbish wastes to the best waste clearance company in London like QuickWasters. junk clearance company like QuickWasters will ensure that all the waste materials are segregated and properly recycled. Hence, it is important to recycle to save energy and the natural resources.

How Recycling Helps To Save Nature?

The natural sources like trees, etc are used for the manufacturing of materials like paper, wooden furniture, etc. The trees should be preserved in order to maintain the eco-friendly environment. Being a human we should make sure that more trees are planted than being cut. This will help us in many ways to lead a healthy life.

How Recycling Helps To Save Nature

Does recycling help to save nature?

Yes, the main purpose that the trees being cut is for the manufacturing of papers. Hence if we store the waste papers, old newspapers, catalogues, etc and if we recycle, then the need for the trees will be reduced. That is these waste paper materials will be recycled, processed and then will be used in the production again.

recycle wastes and save nature

In many commercial places like schools, colleges, universities, office, etc the paper wastes are generated in a large manner. That is they consume more paper and tend to generate more wastes. The paper wastes from these areas should be disposed of in a safe way by recycling.

Thus as human beings, we should be responsible fully for nature and should plant more trees rather than cutting it. As a resident of London, you can collect the paper wastes from the commercial areas like corporate offices, schools, colleges and can send them to the recycling plants for the proper reuse. Even you can handover the waste materials to the rubbish removal companies in London like Quick Wasters to make sure that all the wastes are disposed of in a safe way without causing any danger or hazardous effects to the surrounding environment.

save nature by recycling the wastes

Thus in London to clear the wastes and dispose of safely, you can contact the best rubbish removal company in London like Quick Wasters. Hence, Plant more trees and help to maintain an eco-friendly environment in London.

Recycle Wastes And Save Trees

Nature is the precious thing which we should preserve and handover to the future generations in a productive way. Mostly the natural sources are used due to the production of materials like wooden furniture, manufacturing of paper, etc. Hence the natural resources like trees can be saved if we reduce the amount of usage of paper or wooden materials. Also, if we recycle the waste products and use them again, then the necessity for cutting the trees for the purpose of manufacturing new products will be reduced.

Quickwasters Rubbish Clearance London

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Mostly the natural sources are used for the need of raw materials to manufacture the products like paper, wooden furniture, etc. If reduce the need for raw materials, then the natural resources can be preserved considerably. hence the need can be reduced only be reusing the waste materials by recycling.

recycle wastes ro save trees

The waste materials like newspapers, catalogues, wood wastes from construction areas can be collected in large number and can be handed over to the best rubbish removal companies in London like Quickwasters. The waste clearance companies will then send these type of wastes to the recycling plants to be used in the production again. These waste materials are processed and used again in the production for the manufacturing of fresh materials.

In London, it is important to preserve nature and maintain the good ec0-friendly environment. As a resident of London, you should hand over the waste materials properly to the best waste clearance company in London to make sure that the non-decomposable waste materials are sent to the recycling plants for reuse.

recycle waste materials and save trees

Also reducing the usage of the materials like papers will also help in preserving the nature. This can be done by taking notes on pc or phone instead of using the paper. Best is to avoid storing the old data in paper format instead of storing it on PC in digital format. This will reduce the space and also will reduce the usage of paper.

Importance Of Recycling Wastes In London

Importance of recycling wastes in LondonIn London, the rubbish materials generated from various sources may contain both the decomposable and non-decomposable waste materials in it. These non-bio degradable waste materials should be collected and disposed of in a safe way without causing any dangerous hazards to the human beings and the outside environment. Recycling is the only way to dispose of the non-bio degradable waste materials in a safe way.

The main advantages of recycling the wastes that the waste materials are processed and used in the production again. Instead of burning the wastes like plastics and rubber tire, if sent to the recycling plants, the surrounding environment can be saved from natural disasters. The burning of these waste materials will cause health issues to the human beings and also to the environment. Hence to maintain the eco-friendly environment, recycling is required.


Recycling Wastes In LondonQuickwasters in London is the best rubbish removal company. Quickwasters ensure that all the non-decomposable waste materials like plastics, rubber tires, metal scraps are properly segregated and sent to the recycling plant for reuse. Though the amount of energy involved in recycling the waste materials is very high, it is the only way to dispose of the non-bio degradable wastes in a safe way.

As a resident of London, when you have the bulk amount of wastes. You can simply call the Quickwasters, the best waste clearance company in London. Quickwasters team will reach your place to collect all your rubbish and also will send them to the recycling plant to use them in the production again.

Quickwasters in London offers all kind of waste clearance services like Commercial waste clearance, domestic waste clearance, building waste clearance, office waste clearance, house waste clearance, etc. Contact, best rubbish removal company in London, Quickwasters for any kind of waste clearance services.

Benefits Of Recycling Wastes In London

In London, the amount of waste generation is very high due to the increase in population. The waste materials like plastics, rubber tires, etc may cause very dangerous hazards upon burning them. The toxic smoke that comes out when burning the plastics and rubber tires may contain the chemical agent called dioxin.

waste recycling london

The dioxin has the direct effect on the human immune system, the effect of dioxin in the human bodies will cause many diseases like skin allergy and also other severe problems. As a human being, you should take care to protect the environment, thereby protecting yourself. Upon burning the plastic materials, the dioxin is produced which will deposit on the plants, crops in the agricultural fields and will enter into the human body as a food material.

waste recycling in london

In the wealthy cities like London, care should be taken to dispose of the hazardous wastes like plastic wastes, rubber wastes, glass materials, etc in a safe manner to both the environment and the human beings as well. The only way to dispose of the non-decomposable wastes in a safe manner is by recycling. The recycling is the strategy in which the old plastic wastes or metal wastes or glass wastes are crushed, melted and reused in the production again.

Though the amount of energy required to recycle the plastic waste materials is high than producing a fresh plastic from the raw materials, it is important to recycle the plastic wastes to dispose of them safely. As an individual, you may find it difficult to dispose of the plastic wastes, In this case, you can avail the waste clearance services from the professional rubbish clearance company in London to dispose of the non-decomposable wastes safely.

waste recycling

The rubbish clearance companies in London like Quickwasters will collect the waste materials from the various sources and will segregate them into the decomposable and non-decomposable wastes, The decomposable wastes are disposed of in an organic manner, whereas the non-decomposable wastes are sent to the recycling plants for reuse. In London, the rubbish removal companies are properly licensed to dispose of the wastes as per the rules and laws framed by the Government. Are you looking for rubbish removal in London, Then Quickwasters will be the right choice for you.


Interesting Facts About Recycling Wastes

Recycling is the only method to dispose of the non-decomposable wastes in a safe and eco-friendly way. Rubbish clearance companies will collect the wastes from various sources and will dispose of them in a safe and eco-friendly way.

recycling wastes

By recycling an aluminum can you can save energy. The amount of energy saved by recycling an aluminum can is capable of playing a music album on your iPod. By recycling about hundreds of used aluminum cans you can save energy which is capable to give energy for room lighting for a period of two weeks.

Anything can be recycled right from plastics to papers, The amount of energy that is generated by recycling the waste materials is more than 70% of what is being produced from the process.

Dumping of the plastic bags in the ocean will have hazardous effect on the living organisms. It is estimated that the dumping of plastic bags in the seas can kill up to 2 million sea creatures every year. Care should be taken to dispose of the plastics wastes in a safe manner.

waste recycling

It is estimated that more than 60% of wastes materials in the trash is not recycled. Proper recycling of wastes from the rubbish can solve the electricity crisis of the nation. In the most of the nations, the electricity crisis can be solved by the proper waste recycling mechanisms.

As you know that lots of waste papers are generated from the educational institutions, corporate offices, etc. A single ton of paper is produced by cutting around twenty-three trees. So by recycling the paper wastes, they can be reused again in the manufacture. Thus by recycling the paper wastes, you can save the environment by preventing the cutting down of trees.

Glass waste materials are the non-decomposable materials. A glass waste may take more than 4000 years to decompose. So these waste materials should be collected from various sources and should be sent to the recycling plant for reuse. While recycling the glass materials are crushed, melted and used in the production again.

recycling wastes

Thus to dispose of the non-decomposable wastes safely, it can be handed over to the waste clearance companies. The rubbish removal companies will collect the wastes from the various sources and will segregate them and will send it to the recycling plant for the reuse. Quickwasters is the right choice for rubbish removal in London.