Smart tips to dispose of the old pesticides safely

The prevalence of pests at any given time is dependent on the season. It is common to find a situation when the season of a particular pest ends when you still have its pesticide on the stock.

The pesticides are also bound to changes in the laws.  A particular pesticide brand might be banned or become unwanted when you still have it in stocks. Now that you can’t use or sell it, you will be forced to dispose of.

Pesticide waste is considered hazardous as it can cause harm to you, other living animals, and the environment. You, therefore, need to be vigilant when disposing of them. Best pest control services providers like Pest Exterminators will help you to be away from pests by without using much of the harmful pesticides.

These are some of the tips you can use to ensure successful and safe disposal of pesticides waste:

  • Read the label

dispose of pesticide safelyThe label of the pesticide container is one of the most resourceful sources of information, yet most users tend to assume it. Read all the information on the label to understand its toxicity level. The label, in most cases, will also give directions on disposing of the product depending on how old it is or its strength.  The label will also guide on the procedure and the right place of disposal, and at times will advise you to return to the manufacturer.

Do not dispose of the old pesticide in any manner other than how it is specified on the label. The label also provides contact details in case you need more information or get into contact with the pesticide.

  • Talk to the manufacturer

Not sure about how to go about handling old pesticides? There is no other sure way than to contact the manufacturer. You should ask if they take back the old pesticides. If not, they will advise you on the next cause of action.

Most manufacturers are available on phone, email, or visit them in person. You can get the manufacturer’s contact and location details from the label.

  • Contact a local hazardous waste disposal service

Not sure about the toxicity of the old pesticide or how to go about disposing of it? Several local hazardous waste companies are authorised to collect, recycle, recover, treat, or dispose of hazardous waste.  Old pesticides qualify as dangerous wastes.

These hazardous waste disposals have special crew and fleet of vehicles for dangerous waste handling. There are several local hazard waste disposal service companies online you can choose from.

  • Use a waste landfill

There are several landfill sites authorized to accept hazardous wastes. Before you take the old pesticides to the landfill, confirm if the site’s permit allows for it. Ensure the waste meets all the set acceptance criteria, and the landfill operator is ready to accept it.

The old pesticide must not be in liquid form; all liquid wastes are banned in landfills.

  • Wear protective clothing

The pesticides get to the body mainly through the skin and inhalation. You are, therefore, better protected by wearing personal protective equipment when handling the pesticides to prevent inhalation, dermal, and mucous membrane exposure.

Follow the manufacturer guidelines when using protective clothing. Some of the wears come with expiry dates or careful inspection notes to follow for productive use. Look out not to contaminate yourself, waste collectors, or the environment when removing the protective wear.

Clean all the disposable wears using soap and water to remove the pesticide residues before disposing of as regular garbage.

  • Keep copies of waste paperwork

Given that old pesticides are hazardous wastes, you have to follow hazard waste disposal guidelines which require you to keep all the records of the waste leaving your site. Get a copy of a consignment note every time you give out the old pesticides as waste, and keep the note for three years.

safe disposal of pesticides

  • Take caution when transporting pesticides for disposal

There is the risk of spillage when transporting the pesticides for disposition. Place them in a plastic bin and at a location where they are not likely to shift. If it’s on the back of a pickup, then you must cover the container tightly. And drive carefully.

Place the waste away from the passenger and other food products to avoid contamination.

  • Do not remove the pesticides from the original containers.

Keep the old pesticides in the original containers and labels at all times during storage and transportation.  Changing the containers causes spillage, and on the other hand, you will be left with a lot of containers to take care of.  

In conclusion, disposing of old pesticide involves a lot of care and caution. You need to have protective clothing, transport it safely, and follow all the directions from the label or given by the manufacturer. In the end, it is worth is; proper disposal of waste is always beneficial for your well-being, the people around you and the environment.

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