Quick Wasters Guide To Food Waste Reduction

Food prices are continuing to rise and it can be difficult for families to prepare healthy nutritious meals each day,  especially as in many households both parents often work.


Living in London doesn’t help, the hustle and bustle and fast paced environment can increase stress levels and with many people no longer feeling secure in their jobs, preparing a hot freshly cooked meal really doesn’t seem like a priority at the time.

The truth of the matter is that eating well can help you remain healthier, better able to concentrate and more importantly helps educate your children.

  • Cook in batches

  • Use leftovers

  • If you use home shopping then why not try something like the Tesco delivery saver and have your shopping delivered twice weekly, this way you will get less waste

  • Shop more often, there are an abundance of fabulous small retailers in London selling fresh produce

  • Plan your meals in advance

  • Write a shopping list

  • Make twice as much as you need for a meal and then freeze half for another day

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Top Tips For Recycling Plastic

Plastic is plastic, right?  Unfortunately, when it comes to recycling, it’s not.  There are many different types of plastic and very few of them are suitable for recycling.  As a result, when you think you’re being helpful by popping that yogurt pot in with your plastic bottles, what you could actually be doing is ensuring that that bag of bottles is heading straight to incineration or landfill.

While plastic is a great packaging material, it’s not all that easy to recycle.  Especially when you have different types and qualities of plastic all mixed together.  The processes for recycling plastic differs depending on the type of plastic, and markets only exist for three types of reprocessed plastic:

2. Plastic bottles.
Plastic bottles in particular are easy to recycle.  They’re manufactured using one of two methods, which are easy to detect using infrared technology.  They should be empty but don’t require washing, and there’s no issue with regards to bottle tops, or colour, unlike with glass.  So you can make a huge difference to the environment, just by separating out your plastic bottles.

3. Plastic films, such as plastic bags and shrink-wrap.
Plastic film requires high volumes and consistent quality to be cost efficient, but collecting it separately makes a huge difference to the amount that’s recycled.

Waste Removal in 2017 By Quick Wasters Team

If you are having problems handling the junk in your residential or commercial premises, then you need to contact Quick Wasters Ltd in 2017 for all your waste clearance work, which is your number one junk removal company in London. In due time, unused items may accumulate and without your notice, the junk and waste in your premises could soon become a nuisance. If you do not act promptly, junk and rubbish could pose a health hazard in your home causing you to spend so much in healthcare. All these problems could be avoided if you contact us for your waste removal. We will make sure your home or office stays clean and gives you more space. Who does not enjoy being in a clutter free

All these problems could be avoided if you contact us for your waste removal. We will make sure your home or office stays clean and gives you more space. Who does not enjoy being in a clutter free environment? There are lots of reasons why our clients prefer us over many of the London junk removal companies. Here are just some of the reasons;

  • 24 hour service; we know no boundaries when it comes to giving our clients the best junk and waste removal services. By working round the clock we aim at turning cluttered homes into safe havens and more space availability. Regardless of the time of the day, you can reach us either Rubbish-collection-Golders-Greenthrough the website, calling or emailing and one of our staff will walk you though the whole process.
  • Friendly recycling policies; waste removal would be just a process of transferring waste material to the earth or environment if there were no recycling policies employed. That is why Rubbish Awa has partnered with various donation centers and recycling facilities so that the waste material collected does not turn into another nuisance to the environment.
  • Experience; you do not want to deal with amateurs who have little experience in the industry. A company with experience in the work is advantageous to hire, in that when there are unforeseen occurrence during the waste removal process they are always ready to handle the unexpected situation in a professional manner.
  • Fleet of trucks; our fleet of cars is our trademarks and therefore we ensure our cars come in various sizes to suit needs of our customers. If you need to remove waste from just a garden, we have a small size truck, and if you need to remove junk from a large folder, our large sized truck will work perfectly for you. The trucks are also in good condition and well maintained and that is why London’s favorite junk removal company are.

Recycling What You Don’t Know…


Nearly all of us these days have a recycle bin. However, to this day a lot of people still are not going the right way about it and are not making the best usage of having one. So before just chucking the next packet you see into the recycle bin or dustbin, there are still some key things to remember.

Are you sure it goes in there?

Even though recycling is a great way to keep things green, it’s going to be pretty useless if you’re putting the wrong waste in it. Putting the wrong items in the recycle can contaminate other waste, meaning the whole bin won’t get recycled and will have to be sent to landfill instead. It may come as a surprise to you with some items, but unfortunately black bags, shredded paper (for the most part), food waste, some plastics (including polystyrene), nappies (unsoiled or soiled) and textiles can NOT be recycled.

Don’t forget to check

Let’s be honest, we have all done it where we chuck a recyclable item in the usual waste bin. A little goes along way through, and we all have time to just have a quick check on the packaging before throwing it away.

You may not see it but it’s true…

  • Up to 20% of recycle bins get contaminated and have to go to landfill.
  • Up to 60% of rubbish that goes to the dustbin could be recycled.
  • The unreleased energy that goes into the average dustbin could power a television for a staggering 5,000 hours!
  • 1 recycled glass bottle can save enough energy to power a computer for 25 minutes.
  • Every single day over 80 million drink and food cans end up in landfill from just the UK alone.

We are all in this together

If we want to keep this planet healthy it’s a must to understand how important the do’s and don’ts of recycling really are. Because even though you may think you doing good by putting everything in the recycle you’re really not. Every little helps, and if more us just had a bit more knowledge on recycling and had a quick check on the packaging, it can go a long way.

10 Creative Plastic Recycling Ideas

Plastic wastes can be remodeled to some of the most brilliant items. Throwing away anything that can be made into something is not fun at all and will only do harm to the environment once thrown in a landfill. Below are some cool ideas that you can use to make the best out of your empty bottles, jars, jugs as well as containers.

  1. Bird feeder

Bird feeder

Most people have probably made a pop bottle bird feeder by now and if you are among the group that still hasn’t, you really have to try. This will not only be fun to make, it will also be easy as well as inexpensive and you will be providing the birds with a food source

  1. Planters

If you have very large bottles or milk jugs, you can cut one side off the turn it into a planter. Plant some houseplants like succulents that don’t require so much dirt. If you like, you can decorate it to make it look even better.

  1. Coin jar

This will be a great experience if you have kids because you can have them decorate the jars to their liking. This will be an instant personalized bank.

  1. Small baskets

Small baskets

Take a large bottle and cut the bottom then wrap it with some fabric to make a small decorative basket.

  1. Beads or charms

If you like making jewelry, this is a great craft. All you have to do is punch out some shaped from bottles then use them as beads to make charms and pendants.

  1. Flower vase

What you will need to make a decorative flower vase is a plastic bottle, washi tape, a rubber band. Put a few bottles together and tie them with the rubber band to keep them in place. Wrap the washi tape abound the bottles, fill them with water then put the flowers inside.

  1. Colorful peacock

If you want to decorate your home, then you can make a decorative peacock using plastic bottles. You can add whatever color you please in order to make it more pretty.

  1. Lampshade


With a little creativity, you can make a lampshade from drinking straws. All you have to do is find as many straws as you can then twine them together in a creative way to make a really great lampshade

  1. Beach toys

Soap bottle cut on top make great beach toys for the kids. They can use them to scoop sand and play with water.

  1. Braided plastic bags

You can braid some plastic bags instead of throwing them away and use them as rope to tie something.

Tips  by http://quickwasters.co.uk

Tips to Teach Your Kids to Recycle a Home

We are living in a world in which every person is aware of the need and the means by which they can do their bid in conserving the environment. The most practical way for anyone can play an integral role in achieving this noble endeavor is through recycling. Parents are therefore keen to make sure their kids turn recycling into a lifelong and instinctive habit. How can a parent go about doing this? Below are 5 tips to get your kids to recycle at home.

  1. Get Kids to Understand Why They Need to Recycle

The most effective way to get kids to understand why they need to recycle is to get them to see the detrimental effects of not doing so.  You can go about doing this by getting your kids to watch videos on such topics as:-

  • Effects of landfills on the ecology of the areas they are located
  • Floating waste dumps in the world’s oceans
  • Effect on health of irresponsible dumping
  • Effects of plastic waste on marine bird populations and so forth

Be sure to explain the videos to your kids as you watch then together. You can also browse for articles o the various topics related to recycling.  Where possible you can take your kids to recycling plants, landfills, polluted coasts and such other locales.

  1. Provide Incentives for Kids Recycle

By coming up with a reward system, kids will have an incentive to save. A point based reward system will also allow you to keep track of the recycling activities carried out by your kids. Incentives will give your kids the drive to keep recycling at every opportunity.

  1. Encourage Kids to Come up New Ways to Recycle

Your kids will go all out in their efforts to recycle if they know that you will reward personal initiative. There is nothing better in making a kid work harder than showing that you appreciate their effort. You could be surprised by some of the ideas that kids come up with.

  1. Come up With Project Made with Recycled Materials

Your kids will just love finding stuff to recycle if it will end up as part of a project. The more engaged the kids are in the project, the more they will recycle. One fun project has kids making flower decorations from waste plastic bottles.

  1. Lead By Example

This is indeed the most important bit in getting your kids to recycle because if you don’t recycle then your kids will not. So let your kids see that you do take recycling seriously.

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Why You Should Plant More Trees In London

London has tasted the devastating effects of global warming; just recently, high tides coupled with heavy rains saw the city experience some of the worst flooding ever witnessed. Londoners were seen leaving their stalled cars in the middle of the street, and wading to safety. The Thames burst its banks, unleashing a flood that left many fearing that central London would be badly affected. However, the good news is that all is not lost. Experts recommend that by planting more trees, Londoners will be making a huge contribution towards slowing down the global warming.

Trees In London

Why is it important to plant more trees in London?

  • Global environment; 90% of global warming is as a result of greenhouse gases emitted. Trees absorb these gases, thus greatly reducing any harmful effects to the environment. Failure to plant more trees, or cutting down existing trees causes the carbon emissions to reach the Ozone layer without any hindrance or slowdown. Thus each time you plant a single tree in London, you help reduce global warming, and help preserve the ecosystems of the earth.
  • Local environment; for every tree cut, one is advised to plant two more. Trees are core pillars of the eco system; they enhance the fertility of the land, reduce soil erosion, and even act as stabilizers for coastlines. During flooding, trees help reduce the momentum and force of the floodwaters. Besides, trees also act as homes to birds, and other wild animals.
  • Aesthetic value; in a cosmopolitan city like London that continues to grow and expand, planting trees will add great aesthetic value to your home or compound. Nothing is as attractive as guests visiting your compound, to find green, flourishing trees neatly planted. The shade, the fresh air; trees are irresistible and we always find ourselves going for their shade on a sunny day.
  • Social economic; trees are a source of food, latex for rubber, and even medicine in some instances. Although you can plant any kind of tree in your London home, it would be more recommendable if you’d go for trees that have additional value.
  • Privacy; trees will also add some privacy to your London home. You can start by planting some along your fence, or even in the middle of the compound. Nothing feels as great as enjoying a nice book while under a flourishing tree. It’s also an ideal place to work from with your laptop.


The best time to plant a tree is yesterday; the second best time is now. Take the initiative, and strive to plant as many trees as you can.

Tips by http://www.quickwasters.co.uk

How Does Environmental Friendly Recycling Help


Quick wasters attach great importance to the environment, and all our waste disposal services have this consideration at the root of our operations. We like to emphasize to our clients the need to ensure that when we collect waste from their premises, we always recycle what can be recycled. This is one way of ensuring that the environment is well taken care of. So, what are the major benefits of environmental friendly recycling?

  • Balances the environment; the most obvious benefit of recycling in a way that’s environmental friendly, is that doing so helps strike a balance. While each year many trees are felled to produce paper for instance, by recycling papers severally, we help preserve forests and ensure that more trees are growing than are being felled for manufacturing papers.
  • Reduce pollution; Industrial pollution chokes the environment badly, the waste produced in major industries is the leading cause of air pollution. By recycling plastics, cans, etc, we spare the environment of all the wastes that would have been emitted manufacturing new ones.
  • Reduce energy consumption; on the same breath, manufacturing industries do consume a lot of energy for them to operate. By recycling, we spare energy that would have been used to power manufacturing plants.
  • Global Warming; experts have advised that recycling is one way to alleviate global warning. During production of new products, harmful greenhouse gases get emitted and these are greatly reduced if the world would embrace recycling.
  • Conservation of natural resources; Mining, extraction of natural resources, these are some of the ways in which the environment is being depleted of her precious resources. Doing so means that future generations won’t have sufficient resources to support their existence on the planet. Recycling helps preserve and conserve these resources, by making use of waste materials rather than extracting new ones.
  • Create Jobs; today, recycling has employed millions round the world. Men and women work in recycling plants today, making use of waste materials to come up with new, usable products. In the absence of recycling, these people would be jobless, and the environment would also be burdened.
  • Reduce waste in Landfills; another interesting benefit of recycling is that it greatly reduces the amount of waste in landfills. Take for instance, dumping an old computer or furniture in a landfill! Such would not decompose easily, and could just make the landfill look full and unusable, while in the real sense, it is more prudent to have such wastes recycled. Landfills should be preserved for waste that is capable of decomposing pretty fast.

Thus with the above benefits of recycling, it is clear why the next time you’re looking for a waste clearance company, you should always lookout for one that cares for the environment. When a company offers to collect and clear your waste, seek to find out what they intend to do with the recyclable materials.

Waste Recycling and its Core Principles

Waste Removal Watford

The world’s population today is estimated at a little over 7 billion. You and I contribute to the garbage and waste production around us on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the rate at which waste is produced in the world is way faster than the rate at which this waste is degraded. Quick Wasters believes that recycling waste is the most appropriate, sustainable method of waste management. Recycling means that about 80% of the waste produced can be put into use. You not only conserve the environment, but also create employment to those working on recycling companies. That sure is noble. The principles that guide the waste recycling phenomenon and are adapted by Quick Wasters include;

Environmental conservation
This is the most important principal of recycling and is our core principle at Quick Wasters. Waste material that is non biodegradable and is obtained from non renewable resources, poses a threat to our planet. This includes metallic products, plastics and electronic waste. We ensure that these products are recycled and thus reduce the constant use of new raw materials hence conserving the environment. Do rubbish removal in a safe way to maintain eco-friendly environment in London.

Reduction of the use landfills and pollution
In fast growing cities like London there is limited space for construction of new landfills for the disposal of waste that we generate. Therefore when we recycle waste we reduce the amount of waste that goes into the landfills. With the debate of climate change and global warming, We are encourages recycling and reduction in the production of methane gas from the biodegradation of waste materials. We thus directly advocate for a reduction in air pollution and the production of green house gases.

Saving energy and money
Have you thought of the cost and amount of energy used in producing a plastic bottle? It is definitely higher than that used in producing the same plastic bottle from recycled material. As a country and city we should seek alternative sources of energy. Most manufacturing companies around us mostly produce energy from non renewable sources of energy. A core value of environment conservation is the sustainable use of energy. That is why We are is founded on the value of promoting an eco- friendly environment.

It is very important for everyone to embrace recycling, and make an effort to promote recycled items.