Winter Waste Management Tips

While the winter season comes from your area, you should start preparing for managing the waste which is formed by winter. Cold weather gives a specific type of waste management challenge. So, every business and organization should plan before winter.

If you are working at home or outside areas due to COVID-19, waste management is responsible for everyone. Managing winter is not an easy one. Because winter will affect your business premises or offices.

In this article, we provide some winter waste management tips to avoid household waste and manage your company’s waste.

Winter Waste Management Tips

Focus on Biodegradable

Focus on Biodegradable

The winter season is a good time for going green! Such as cuttings, wood chips, tea bags, soggy newspapers all being 100%biodegradable. Hiring a professional rubbish removal company is the fast way to dispose of waste from your house and surrounding areas. It is the right way to ensure the waste is recycled.

Store Recycle Bins Out of the Snow and Rain

Store Recycle Bins Out of the Snow and Rain

In the colder season. Nothing worse than seeing the rainwater in the recycling bin. You should avoid the recycle bin for placing it outside. In your home, make sure to store bins under the shelter.

Reuse and Recycle

Reuse and Recycle

If you have old and unused jackets or sweaters in your home or office, then donate them to roadside people. Because the winter season is a tough time for all. So don’t forget to donate.

Keep Storage Areas Well-Kept

On the basis of this, damaged water produces smell and diseases for your family. Check your storage unit for any leaks. Especially, around your windows and doors. And also, cover the storage areas with high-quality plastic. It helps to avoid the risk of water damage from your place.

Be Careful of Ice

Be Careful of Ice

The winter season gives bad weather and creates accidents while you are driving. Sometimes ice is spreading on the road. If you can see a high amount of ice in your areas, then hire the rubbish removal companies which belong to your area.

Be Aware of Winds

A large number of wastes end up in landfilled areas in winter. If the heavy wind is blowing, the landfilled wastes are spread all over areas. And it damages the soil, water, and the environment. Sometimes the wind blows to generate the house garden waste. So, to avoid the waste, throw it outside, and put it in your household recycle bin.

 Prevent Waste from Freezing

Freezing generates many problems in your waste. On other hand, waste recycling companies don’t want to collect frozen or soggy waste. Because waste recycling is the hardest thing of these kinds of wastes. Confirm your recycling bins whether it is sealed or not. In this situation, you can use different waste bins for disposing of the waste. Once the freezing is mixed with chemical-related products, then it creates hazardous waste in your surroundings.

Turn Waste into Firewood

If you can find any paper, cloth, and wood wastes in your home. Then use that for fire burning. It stops the wastes sent to the landfill and reduces the soil waste.

Keep Your Staff Safe

Many waste professionals will have worked with waste management activities during winter days. So, waste removal companies should offer personal protective equipment for their staff to serve winter. And staff should also be aware of falling ice.


In this blog, we have given winter waste management tips for avoiding winter injuries. It helps to improve your waste management skills.

How to Handle Safe Winter Rubbish Clearance?

Spring is the most favorable season and time to clear up their residence and commercial property wastes. When it comes to winter snow and ice are the first thing comes on everyone’s mind. But if you left your place throughout the winter without clearing your wastes and junks then it will get accumulated at the end of the season and it will be too hard for your to clear out all wastes from your place. Utilize our winter rubbish clearance service and make your place super clean to enjoy the snowy environment and of the winter season.

Now the choice is yours, whether you going to throw away all wastes and enjoy the winter season at your terrace or just be with the accumulated wastes and junks throughout the winter.

Winter rubbish waste removal

safety rubbish removal tips for winter

1. Always cover your wastes or keep it indoor

To avoid the freezing of your rubbishes like old furniture, carboards, or other commercial wastes, make sure to store all your wastes in the tightly closed contaminated bin or use a plastic wrapper to wrap your bin. It avoids your solid waste from freezing and turning into ice bars. Lock all your recycling bins and keep them inside your home until the arrival of the waste collection team

2. Don’t block the exits

In case of any emergency, if you need to get out of your house or building via a fire exit window, and in that time if your emergency route is blocked by your wastes or junk then it will be a big headache. In winter, the junks are easily wrapped-up by snow and it blocks your route. So, make sure, no bins or storage containers are placed near the emergency exit route.

3. Donating to the needy people

Instead of keeping the space blocking things like indoor furniture, stationery items, other things with yourself, donate this to the needy people or to any charity who are in need of those things. The charity organization will come and pick your used things on their own. This will help to keep your place clean and you do need to hire any winter waste removal team to collect your wastes. This will save you money and time.

4. Prevent your wastes from freezing

Many waste removal company don’t want to collect the frozen waste or soggy waste from any place that will create more problem of their disposal and recycling process. So, make sure all your bins are properly sealed and also collect the wastes in separate bins to avoid the chances of wastes freezing together.

5. Avoid slips

You should be always careful with the snow and ice that makes more slips. There are more chances for accidents while removing the wastes during the winter along with the snows. Be more cautious and keep all your step with the presence of mind when stepping out to clear your wastes. Try to reduce the risk of unwanted slips by removing the slippery materials like carpets, wooden tiles, or other fabric in your place.

Winter Rubbish Clearance in London by Quick Wasters

Quick Wasters is a waste management company that offers a wide range of winter rubbish clearance services around London. We are insured and fully licensed by waste management authorities. Our Staff is highly trained and conversant with any kind of garbage clearance that may be required. We offer winter rubbish removal London that include;

Commercial waste clearance
At Quick Wasters, we collect almost all kinds of garbage produced by commercial companies such as used computers and electronics, confidential documents for destruction, sheets of paper, old furniture, and any other waste that may be produced by a commercial premise.

Garden Junk Clearance London

Residential waste clearance
A wide range of your household wastes such as old bath tubs, old furniture, sinks kitchen cabinets, rubbish accumulated after a house renovation. We basically collect, sort and dispose anything else that is considered waste from your household.

Building waste clearance
As a company we boast of our experience and skill in clearing building waste from renovations and expansions of a large or small range. We sort out the waste into recyclable and unrecyclable material. Recycling is a core value as far as conserving Mother Nature is concerned. Cleaning of the building site is inclusive of the winter rubbish clearance package.

Garden clearance
Our well trained personnel has wide knowledge on gardening in addition to removal of waste from gardens. We will ensure that as we clear out the debris we will not interfere with the beauty and general ambiance of the garden. We offer this service regardless of the size of the garden; we are always ready to serve your needs.


House waste clearance
At Quick Wasters we deal with the clearance of varied general household waste, ranging from old timber, old carpets, old furniture, kitchen units and even general house clearance.

Office waste clearance
Our package covers the clearance of offices, shared work places, industrial sites, shops, constructions sites, warehouses and many more. We dispose off your office furniture, cabinets, book cases, and any other wastes that are found in the office that you want out of your space.

Quick Wasters caters for waste clearance in almost all the areas where waste is constantly produced. We are efficient, effective and professional in waste management. Our prices are competitive and unmatchable in the industry.