Why You Choose Us As Your Rubbish Removal Company In 2016

Rubbish collection Golders Green

2016 is just round the corner, and even as you anticipate the coming of the New Year, it is also time that you made up your mind about getting a good rubbish removal company in readiness for next year. After all, a clean office or home is a lovely place and everyone would wish to work or live in such. We have emerged as the leading garbage collection company in London, and its vicinity. Below are some of the main reasons why you should try our services;

Experienced; we have been offering garbage clearance services for several years now, and this has offered us invaluable experience. Regardless of the amount of garbage you want collected, or where it is located, you can always rely on us to handle it with ease and do a great job.

Expertise; apart from the long experience, our personnel is also highly trained on waste removal. From sorting the garbage into recyclable and non recyclable items, then separating the toxic waste, we are always equal to the task at hand

Flexibility; we understand that different clients have varying schedules, and as such, flexibility on our part is vital. We offer garbage clearance services on weekends, at night, or even on public holidays. Thus you don’t have to be inconvenienced in order to have garbage removed from your premises. Rest assured that we can always be flexible enough.

Eco friendly; our company greatly values eco friendliness and all our services are anchored on this concept. We don’t make use of harmful chemicals when disposing of any garbage we collect; neither do we dispose of toxic material carelessly. You can spare yourself the trouble of wondering where and how to get rid of toxic waste, as we go on to do that in the right way for you.

Affordable; our services are also relatively affordable, compared to what our competitors charge. We charge depending on the waste to be collected, which means that the more the waste, the higher the price, and the lesser the waste, the lesser the cost of clearing it. However, we also arrange with clients and bill them on a weekly or monthly basis, a flat figure that is constant regardless of the amount of the garbage available.

As we look forward to 2016, hire us today for the best rubbish clearance services, at home and both in the office.