Different ways how to up-cycle furniture

There comes a time when furniture outlives its lifespan and becomes fit for disposal. At such times, a home owner has 3 options; to upcycle it, recycle it, or dispose of it as junk. While recycling is a term most of us are used to, it is upcycling that’s truly the amazing option. Just when you thought the furniture pieces had outlived their usefulness, you come up with creative, crafty ways of Upcycling Of A Furniturerevamping it! Whether by repainting the pieces afresh to inject a vintage feel, or fitting them with upholstery to give them a completely new look, upcycling never disappoints.

  • First and foremost, you’ll need to be very sure of the furniture that you wish to upcycle. Much as upcycling is recommendable, you have to be realistic on pieces that are beyond repair. Thus, decide on what you proceed ahead with, and devise a plan to upcycle it.
  • Take for instance drawers. If you have a chest of drawers that you wish to upcycle, you’ll have the option of repainting them with carefully thought colors to bring out the theme you wish. Often, an ebony-mahogany like shade works magic in bringing out a vintage feel in most furniture.
  • While at it, try and concentrate most on the parts that would be easily noticeable, so as to conceal them. For instance, arms rest in a seat tend to get worn out faster. Similarly, the legs tend to get worn out from around the area touching the ground. To conceal such, get the correct varnish and apply a thick coat, before opting for a color or shade of your preference.
  • You can sand the furniture before applying any emulsion paints you have; however, this option isn’t so recommendable for old furniture that doesn’t need to be scrubbed off anymore. Like aforementioned, applying a coat of varnish and waxing are always more recommendable and equally effective.recycled palet
  • In scenarios where you’re looking to buy second hand or old furniture with intent to upcycle it, you’ll need to excise maximum caution. Speak to your local dealer and find out as many details as possible about the furniture. Has the owner tried to upcycle it previously? Are there any repairs that may wreak havoc in the near future? Such questions will help you get value for your money, and also come up with the appropriate upcycling option to proceed ahead with.

Upcycling is fun and helps you give your home or office a new look at minimal cost.

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