Disadvantages Of Using Polythene In London

Polythene bags, also known as plastic bags have come to play such a central role in our lives; we carry our grocery in polythene bags, we wrap candy and other goodies in polythene bags, almost everything is being wrapped in polythene bags! Yet, polythene is to the environment what cancer is to the human body; they eat up the environment, and ultimately, will spell doom and disaster. In London, there have been attempts to ban the use of polythene, but the efforts haven’t borne much fruits.


So, what exactly are the disadvantages of using polythene in London?

  • Even before we delve into the scientific reasons of not having polythene around our homes, let’s start with the basic; polythene can easily choke, and suffocate young children. In fact, most products have a warning; keep polythene away from children.
  • Secondly, polythene is not biodegradable, in other words, it doesn’t rot! When you rump polythene around your garden, you simply turn it into a dumpsite as polythene takes years before rotting.
  • Polythene dumped in the soil tends to harm microorganisms that live on soil; polythene has chemicals that are toxic to plants, and organisms within the soil particles.
  • Polythene is also harmful to marine and aquatic life, and generally to any life around water bodies. Once polythene has been soaked in water for long, it releases chemicals that are harmful to the flora and fauna. Polythene in marine eco systems is always a disaster.
  • Still, polythene is such a major culprit when it comes to clogging of drainage systems and pipes. The blocking causes flooding that may have undesirable health consequences, or just interfere with the general flow of water.
  • As a Londoner, you may have pets around your home, or farm animals. If your animals digest polythene, the polythene solidifies and forms a solid body in the animal’s intestines. This can be lethal if not treated fast.
  • You love your candy, crisps, biscuits, and other household goodies wrapped in polythene, right? Yet, experts warn that polythene used to wrap and preserve foods contain toxins! The colorful decorations you see on the polythene contain cadmium and lead; these are potentially harmful materials that can adversely affect the human health.
  • After you have finished with your polythene bags in London, most people tend to burn them as a way of disposal. But when polythene is burnt, it produces Hydrogen cyanide, a cancer causing element. Hydrogen cyanide is not just a carcinogen; it also does much harm to the environment.


In light of the above disadvantages, you now have every reason to reduce or minimize your use of polythene around London.

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