Domestic Wastes Recycling Process

Domestic wastes recycling process is assumed to be an environmentally friendly and most beneficial method, though the collection, sorting, and processing of the waste consumes some amount of energy and impacts the environment. Some of the domestic wastes like, paper, glass, metal cans, and plastics are collected for the process of recycling. Some of the recycling centers collect your garden wastes too, for the process of composting.

What are the Domestic wastes to be recycled?


Any household waste can be recycled for later use and with new material. Recycling the papers requires less amount of energy compared to other products i.e., it requires 28 to 70% less energy and produces 95% fewer emissions, requires less water, and lower raw materials. Not all paper waste can be utilized to produce new paper, recycling paper materials, will result in less fiber, and the quality of the paper will be very low, so to improve the quality of the paper, the fresh raw fiber is required.

paper waste recycling


Almost 3.6 million glasses are recycled per year in the UK. Recycling glass is a better process to reduce the energy required, emission of toxic gases, and fresh raw materials. All the lass products are collected, crushed, and melted using a furnace and recycled as a new product in a new molding. The only disadvantage is recycling the glass with non-glass products, all the non-glass products must be removed before the process of crushing.

Glass wastes

Metal Cans

Metal is the only product that has a high rate of recycling in the UK due to its high economic value. The two metals which are often seen in household waste are aluminum and steel cans. The aluminum foils are used to pack the food products and the steel cans which are the drinks. Aluminum and steel both can be recycled indefinitely that the metals can be melted and reused without the loss in their quality. The metals can be recycled efficiently and in an eco-friendly method without causing damage to the environment and surroundings. The recycling of metals reduces the pure raw materials from the earth, and it prevents the natural resources.

metal can wastes


Recycling plastics is the commonly used recycling process, i.e., melting the plastics and molding the melted plastic material into another product using a different molding dye. There are 50 different types of plastic materials, so only the professionals can do the process of recycling and it cannot be done by the common people and the people who are not knowledgeable about the process of recycling. The plastics should be segregated separately before it is getting into the crushing.  Instead of looking for recycling the plastic wastes reduce the use of plastics to save the environment.

plastics wastes

Most of the household plastics are bottles, wrappers, and paper bags. These are made of only 3 types of plastics. So, segregating, and recycling household plastics is easy compared with the industrial and commercial processes.


Domestic recycling is the process of producing a new product using an existing raw material that has been using for a long time. The recycling process helps the environment by reducing the usage of natural resources and by reducing the pollution in our environment.