10 Best Eco-Friendly Travel Tips

Eco-friendly travel is an adventure for everyone. Our planet has many beautiful resources for living things to survive their life. As the latest trend, people are traveling to different places with motorcycles. So, the environment is affected by the collection of rubbish like plastics bottles, clothes, food containers, and much more. The major part of rubbish materials is formed by tourists in each country.

It does not matter whether you are traveling inside or outside of your country. But, reducing the carbon footprint and reducing plastic waste is a must of the one for you. Here we have discussed some eco-friendly travel tips for a good journey.

Best Eco-Friendly Travel Tips

If you care about the environment, you should keep these tips in your mind while traveling.

1. Use Eco-Friendly Bottles 

Eco-Friendly Bottles

You can use a spill-proof tumbler instead of lightweight teacups. It controls the solid waste sent to the landfilled areas. On the other hand, some people and children throw plastic water bottles into the roadside areas. Such a reason plastic waste increases day by day. Aluminium water bottles are more sustainable than plastic water bottles. You can take eco-friendly bottles in your bag.

2. Save Energy

If you are planning weekly or monthly trips; you should unplug home electric things before leaving your home for a trip. For example, coffee makers, microwaves, computers, chargers, entertainment systems, fridges, and so on. It will save electricity and money.

3. Pack light

Pack light

This is not necessary; however, it has a huge environmental impact. If you have planned a short-time trip, pack lighter is a good choice for you. You can take a pack lighter with essential things like a mobile charger, food, water bottles, basic medicines, hand towels, and so on. It helps with reducing waste on traveling.

4. Take Public Transportation

It is not necessary all the time. However, public transportation is the best way of traveling. Public transport vehicles used less fuel for passengers as compared to your own vehicle. Another best way is a walk. If your destination is a very short distance away, then you can walk without using a vehicle. And it’s analytic for your health.

5. Eat Local

Eat Local

Whether you are traveling or not, don’t take the local food products outside. It means nobody needs to keep those foods on traveling time. On the other hand, you can eat in local stores instead of buying, it encourages local business.

6. Choose Eco-Hotels

Nowadays, many eco-friendly hotels are popping up in every city. Eco-Hotels are a good part of our environment. They use renewable resources like solar, wind energy, organic soaps, high-quality clothes, and individual recycling bins. On other hand, they use energy-efficient and water-efficient items. In the food, they use locally grown food to reduce waste. And also, the observance of non-smoking policies.

7. Shop Locally

Shop Locally

All essential needs are available in-home countries these days. So don’t try to purchase new things when you travel. Instead, you can buy the products in local shops to reduce plastic waste.

8. Leave No Trace

It doesn’t matter how much time you should spend outside or inside your home or other places. But the most important thing you should leave behind is footprints only, not plastics. On the other hand, if you can see any reusable waste things in your home, then take them and put them into the recycle bin. This activity controls household waste.

9. Never Feed Wild Animals

If your traveling is based on wild things like visiting a sanctuary or forest areas, then never feed wild animals. Because animals can lose their instincts to hunt. On the other hand, this activity controls food waste.

10. Educate Others

Some people will not understand how plastic and hazardous wastes are damaging our natural resources and human environment. So, you can advise them. It makes a better relationship with a person.


Here we have known some eco-friendly travel tips. You should follow these tips and make your wonderful journey without rubbish.