Quick Wasters Guide To Food Waste Reduction

Food prices are continuing to rise and it can be difficult for families to prepare healthy nutritious meals each day,  especially as in many households both parents often work.


Living in London doesn’t help, the hustle and bustle and fast paced environment can increase stress levels and with many people no longer feeling secure in their jobs, preparing a hot freshly cooked meal really doesn’t seem like a priority at the time.

The truth of the matter is that eating well can help you remain healthier, better able to concentrate and more importantly helps educate your children.

  • Cook in batches

  • Use leftovers

  • If you use home shopping then why not try something like the Tesco delivery saver and have your shopping delivered twice weekly, this way you will get less waste

  • Shop more often, there are an abundance of fabulous small retailers in London selling fresh produce

  • Plan your meals in advance

  • Write a shopping list

  • Make twice as much as you need for a meal and then freeze half for another day

To find out more information, then visit: www.quickwasters.co.uk