Global Warming; What To Watch Out For

Some years back, global warming sounded like a myth, a distant possibility that many of us would not live to see. We were told that the world would end, it would become inhabitable, and that time was running out. That was about a decade ago. Today, these things are coming to pass; global warming is real and with us! Just last year, all the leaders of the major super powers in the world met in Paris, France to chart a way forward regarding global warming. Governments accepted to reduce their carbon emissions, so as to slow down the warming of our planet.

Is global warming real, what are some of the things one should look forward to?

global warming

  • Melting ice; some years back, we had big mountains that had snow capped tops, we had glaciers that were covered by ice. But over the years, they have lost their ice, as temperatures rise and melt that ice! In the coming years, you can expect to see more ice melting from the highest mountains, glaciers and avalanches melting without slowing down.
  • Rising sea levels; with the melting ice, this water ends up in the oceans. Today, the water level in most oceans has risen by several inches, compared to the way they were a century ago. Scientists warn that if this trend is not reverted, mankind’s survival on earth is doomed. If the ocean rises even some few centimeters, it could lead to unprecedented disasters.
  • Changing weather patterns; the unchecked carbon emissions from the major world economies have tampered with traditional patterns. Long rains and short rains are no longer predictable, as the patters become harder and harder to predict. In future, people should expect hotter summers, and less cold winters.
  • Droughts; with changing weather patterns, the world has witnessed unprecedented droughts. From the recent drought in California, one of the worst in history, to the droughts in Sub-Saharan Africa and in Southern Africa, to drought in some Australian plantations; there is a trend that seems to transverse all the continents. The droughts are expected to become more severe in future, and in some cases almost irreversible.
  • Flooding; this is another consequence of global warming that we have experienced, and will still continue to experience. Just recently, London witnessed some of the worst floods ever witnessed in the country, a river in the US burst its banks and claimed several lives; flooding is a direct consequence of global warming.



Global warming is real, and if mankind won’t reverse the current carefree attitude towards carbon emissions, we may be doomed as a species.

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