Home Recycling Help

The large majority of household waste that is produced can be recycling into other things. It is estimated that 70% of what the average family throw out on a weekly basis is recyclable. If you take some care with this, you will save room in your main rubbish, bin, reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill and save your local authority money.

To start with you should have a place at home where everything can be stored in separate containers. This can be boxes, bags or bins. Your local council will provide you with these. If you do not currently have these, you can contact them through their website to order what you need.

Nearly all paper and card can be recycled. Flatten out old boxes so you can get more room in the container. Books, birthday cards and old toilet roll tubes can be put together.

Nearly all plastic containers are also recyclable. If you are unsure, just check the packaging. Some lids are not recyclable and this will be stated. These will have to go into the normal bin for disposal.

Metal is also recyclable. Any tin foil, tinned goods and old deodorant sprays can go into the same box. You should rinse out old food cans so that additional mess will not happen and you will avoid bad smells.

Find out where your recycling poin is in your area. You will be able to take old bottles, plastic, paper and card and even old clothes there. You can get this from the local council’s website.

You will have a limit to what you can have taken away from your collection date. If you have large amounts, it is advised to use the services of a local, reputable and licensed rubbish removal company to removal any unwanted items from your home or business premises.