House Clearance- What Do We Collect?

A house clearance can be quite tasking, especially if you don’t know exactly how to go about it, or don’t have the means to do it all alone by yourself. However we clearly understand that, and at Quick Wasters, we offer effective and affordable House clearance services. You don’t have to struggle all alone trying to clear your house of junks and unwanted items; we are just a phone call away, and we’ll leave your house sparkling clean.


When it comes to clearing a house, our services encompass everything from cleaning the basement, the shelves, ensuring your garden is also tidied up, and also ensuring that any waste cleared is disposed of in a way that does not harm the environment. How do we do this? We do so by first sorting all waste we have cleared from your house, and putting aside what can be recycled. What cannot be recycled and needs to be disposed of permanently, we also put aside.

What are some of the items that we collect?
Clients would be pleased to learn that we clear almost all forms of waste including;
Furniture; any broken or old furniture in your house, we clear such and either donate what can be salvaged, or completely dismantle and dispose of what cannot be salvaged.

Electronics; Old TVs, fridges, radios, desktops, water dispensers, you name it; we clear all forms of electronic waste. Again, what can be recycled from the electronic waste we do recycle, while what can’t be recycled is disposed of.


Clothes, personal items; you don’t have to worry about us being able to dispose of your old clothes, and other personal items. At Quick Wasters, our team will easily clean up and collect all personal items which you may never be using. This may include toys you bought for your kids year ago, old shoes, basins and utensils you no longer use, and so on so forth.

Garden clearing; Quick Wasters understands that clearing a house is incomplete without ensuring that the garden too is tidied up. Thus, whether is it collecting polythene bags off your garden, or getting rid of fallen branches, we take it as part of our duty to leave your garden really tidy.