How to avoid plastics in your Daily routine life?

Have you ever noticed the number of trashes that you create daily? Some people are more conscious of avoiding plastics by taking water bottles and shopping bags with them instead of buying plastic bottles and bags. To minimize the usage of plastics and to manage the trashes in your daily life, you should monitor how much trashes you produce from day to night in your daily routine life and how plastics play a major role.

In this blog let’s walk with an ordinary person’s life and explore how much plastics have been used by a single person in a single day.

There is a lot of chances for the normal person to contact with the plastics and other trash from the moment they go out and come back to their house.

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Day to Day Lifestyle Vs Plastics

Starting with your morning breakfast, if you take milk or fresh juice for your meal from a plastic jug or plastic can then it will add to your plastic trash list after emptying the plastic can. Other than milk products, the veggies and fruits are also stored in the refrigerator also may be covered with plastic wrap for freshness.

After the preparation of the meal, the next thing is looking for your bath towel for a hot shower. Probably your bathroom is fully equipped with plastics. Starting with toilet seats, shampoo, shower gel, body wash, shower cap, and other deodorants are coming in a plastic element.

Throughout the day, when you go out for work or study you may around more plastics include plastic pens, mobile cases, and so many plastic parts.

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When it comes to lunchtime, same as breakfast you are utilizing plastic cups, plastic straws, and plastic bags. The plastic straws alone will produce tons of wastes for a year worldwide.

After completing all your daily works and it’s time to return back your home. Surely will cross more plastic elements while returning and it’s a time for dinner. Again, open your refrigerator for a salad mix or rolls wrapped in a plastic cover. At the end of the day, all these plastic covers and plastic elements go to the trash can.

Now, we hope you aware of the role of plastics in our day-to-day life and how we use them. Now we summarized some expert tips to avoid such plastics in your daily life.

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Tips to reduce the usage of Plastics

  1. Stop storing the foods in the refrigerator in plastic wrap.
  2. Replace the plastic shampoo or conditioner bottles with wooden storage elements.
  3. Avoid taking of breakfast in a plastic cover, if possible, have a meal in your home or take it in bags made of paper or clothes.
  4. Avoid using plastic cups or plastic straws and replace them with paper straws.
  5. Always have a shopping bag with you to avoid plastic covers.

Pay attention to the day-to-day lifestyle and minimize plastic usage with the help of waste management experts and make your environment plastic-free.