How to Dispose of Plastics in right way?

Plastic Wastes are the wastes that are generated all over the world. People love to use single-use plastic products which are easy to carry, use, and throw off. Everyone is aware of the dangers caused by plastic, but no one is ready to refuse the usage of plastics. Plastics took a minimum of 450 years to 1000 years to decompose themselves. Many people will have the idea of recycling when this question arises “how to dispose of plastics?”. It is good to recycle the plastics, but in Europe, only 32% of the plastic wastes are recycled, but in the UK 370,000 tonnes of plastic bottles are recycled, compared to just 13,000 tonnes in 2000, it shows that the usage of plastic is increased 20 times more than the past years. In the UK, each person is producing 76Kg of plastic wastes every year.

Single-use plastics

The single-use plastics are the properties that are used by every person every day. Some of the plastics like, plastic bottles, straws, bags, etc., It is good to say that the UK government allows the local authorities to collect the plastic bottles for recycling. Recycling is the best method to dispose of single-use plastics especially bottles. The process of recycling plastic bottles is easy compared to other products. You can use the Recycling Locator, to find when and how the local authority council will collect your wastes.

Dispose of Plastics in Uk

Plastic Straw

The usage of plastic straws is increasing today because it is less costly and it very easy to use and carry and it attracts the buyer with its different colors. The plastic straws cannot be recycled and disposed of easily, it took many years. The only method of disposing of the straw safely is to avoid using those products. Try to use wheat-fibred straws which is also a single-use product, and you can buy a metal strip that can be used for years without any restriction. Please do not throw off the straws place them in your own place in a closed area or a bin.

Plastic recycling

 Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are loved by all the people when it was introduced. Because it is easy to carry and does not require any charge and it is a single-use. There is no way of disposing of the plastic bags, just return those bags to the shop and the owner of the shop will transfer the plastic bags to a recycling center. The usage of plastic bags is reduced when it is charged in 2015, not only recycling, but you should also avoid using the plastic bags, instead use your own cloth bags or buy a string grocery bag.


The usage of plastic is still increasing in many countries, though the plastics are recycled, the production and the process of recycling will produce toxic GHG gases which will affect the environment and the ozone layer. The only way to dispose of plastics is to avoid using them and try to advise your surroundings about the danger caused by plastics.