How to Reduce Electronic Waste in Simple Ways?

Every year, a million tons of electronics or e-waste end up in landfills. The reason is the modern business world is increasing electronic devices in the present decades. So, no one can see the world without technology and electronic devices. Improper e-waste recycling is not only harmful to the environment but also to humans and animals. In the world, only 20% of waste can be recycled. The remaining 80% of e-waste is directly sent to landfills.

Generally, people will throw out their old electronic items to buy new ones. The best examples are smartphones, TVs, and PCs. These products’ life comes long days, but people don’t use them for long days. Nowadays, smartphones are in first place in the electronic market. So, it supports increasing industrial waste and some other hazardous waste.

Sometimes, e-waste is also considered household waste. The natural risks are caused by improper e-waste recycling. In spite of that, how to manage electronic waste in simple ways.

Here are some simple methods to reduce E-waste,

  1. Sell Unused Electronic Devices
  2. Donate Your Old Electronics
  3. Recycle and Remove E-waste Properly
  4. Maintain Your Electronics
  5. Purchase Fewer Items
  6. Repurpose or Re-Evaluate
  7. Store Data Online
  8. Use Rent Electronics Instead of Buying

8 Ways to Reduce Electronic Waste

1. Sell Unused Electronic Devices

Sell Unused electronic devices

It is the best way of reducing your e-waste in your home. There are many online platforms that can help people to buy other products. If you can give a discount, poor people can buy your old product instead of buying a new one. On the other hand, nice old gadgets always attract people these days.

2. Donate Your Old Electronics

Donate Your Old Electronics

Donating is a good practice to improve the relationship between different people. So, your old gadgets save you pocket money and give you a good feeling about yourself. And your electronic device life will also be increased instead of increasing landfill waste.

3. Recycle and Remove E-Waste Properly

Recycle and remove ewaste properly

If you dispose of or recycle your e-waste without proper methods, then it is more hazardous and helps to make e-waste multiply. Nowadays, some famous brands like Apple, Samsung, and other consumer companies provide recycling options for their customer’s devices. Because recycling means less cost than creating a new one.

4. Maintain Your Electronics

Maintain your electronics

If you have a good and well-conditioned electronic gadget, then keep your device safe. Don’t throw it outside. It is a smart way to control electronic waste that forms in your home. Which are the best devices for easy maintenance? Mobile phone, computer, laptop, TV. And smartwatches are the best choice for electronic maintenance.

5. Purchase Fewer Items

Purchase Fewer Items

Normally, a large amount of e-waste is formed by the purchase of new gadgets we do not require. So, you can reuse your electronic gadgets and avoid buying new electronic devices. However, if it is necessary, then find a sustainable one. Because those gadgets survive with you for long days.

6. Repurpose or Re-Evaluate

Repurpose and Reevaluate

If you go to local shops, you should think twice about buying the latest electronic devices. Each and all electronic devices have a certain life span. So, you don’t upgrade a new device when the old one is working in good condition.

7. Store Your Data Online

Store Your Data Online

If you use memory disks and other storage devices, then you can change your data to cloud storage. It increases your storage device’s space. In some cases, memory devices are quickly corrupted, so no one can provide assurance about your data. Google Drive, Dropbox, and other cloud storage providers offer storage services at flexible costs.

8. Use Rent Products Instead of Buying

Use Rent Products Instead of Buying

If you have a plan to use any electronic devices for a specific period of time, then use rented items. For example, if you need any weighing scales for measuring, then get them for rent instead of buying a new machine. And it is the friendliest option for reducing waste.


All consumer companies know the ways to attract customers with their electronic devices. Just the same, we are all following the ways to reduce electronic waste and protect the world.