How to reuse and recycle household wastes?

Household wastes play a major role in the segregation of annual waste generation. Most people are not aware of the dangers occurred from wastes. Some of the people are refusing the mistakes done by them and trying to make them right by arguing. There are many methods for recycling and reusing your own and old products which are especially useful for the environment. Instead of making the old products to be disposed of try to recycle them and reuse them for yourself.


Try to donate some useful materials for the home and roadside people who did not see some of the products in their life. You do not want to donate your own personal thing, the products which are old, not used by yourself, staying at home just to occupy the place, and the products you did not like. Most people will throw off their old products when they buy any new ones instead donates that for the people who are seeking the product. The things you can donate are clothes, shoes, electrical and electronic materials.

recycle household wastes

Direct Sell

There is an option called direct sell which makes you some money with the old products. You can sell your old mobiles, laptops, TV, etc., to the people who are seeking a second-hand product. If you utilize this method, it will be useful for many people and the environment too. The electrical and electronic wastes are crushed if you throw them off in a landfill, instead of wasting a product you can earn some profit by selling those products and will run for a long time with its new owner.

There are many online sites by which you can post your products for everyone to see. You can sell the product to a person if the model, price, and other specs are accepted.


Composting is one of the best methods for recycling your home-garden waste. Collect the waste leaves, branches, stems, and other bushes and dump them inland by covering them with a black sheet or plastic cover. You should not allow air and sunlight to be iterated into the composting

composte house-hold wastes

materials. After dumping the waste, make it decompose and leave it for a week. Then open the land, the wastes will get decomposed and treat the soil, the soil is now pure and eligible for the cultivation. The remaining decomposed wastes are the best fertilizer for agricultural products.


People are spending more money to spend their time in a campfire. Burning the waste is the best method of avoiding waste non-recyclable materials. You can collect the wastes which are not harmful and use them in your garden area for a campfire. So, you can clean your garden and relax your time in the night fire. This will not hurt your neighbors instead they will join you.

reuse and recycle

Recycling Centre

Many of the household waste includes papers, boxes, and books. You can sell your old notebooks, or you can give them to your junior for reference. IF you know that the paper waste is not usable, then you can collect all the paper waste and get it to the recycle center, they can recycle the old papers into a new fresh paper thus the natural raw material (wood) is prevented.