Hire Hygienic rubbish clearance in London

Maintaining good hygiene is hard for rubbish clearance and waste collection companies. But at Quick Wasters we maintain proper hygiene, we take it as pride by having the environment health and our client’s safety in our mind. After the covid-19 pandemic, we updated our safety rules in waste management and seriously follow the rules to maintain good hygiene in the past few days.

In general, hygiene is not preferred to be so important in the Rubbish Clearance industry. At Quick wasters, we took a step forward and address how good hygiene in waste clearance and rubbish removal helps our customers and clients free from various infections and diseases. Our crews and rubbish removal team supports a lot to maintain the proper hygiene in our client place, that adds more advantage and reputation to our business.

What is the checklist for Good Hygiene?

 Regular Handwashing

 To maintain good hygiene regular handwash is the mandatory option. Some rubbish removal teams refuse to follow this due to the removal of gloves for every hand wash. But at Quick Wasters, we provide separate hand sanitizer gel for each person and instruct them to wash the hand before starting the task and after completing the task.

Maintain Hygienic rubbish clearance in London


At Quick wasters, all our team members using only a high-quality medical-grade facemask issued by the hospitals. While going to the client’s place, we inform our team members to take an additional face mask. The masks are 3-ply premium 3 layered masks. Now the medical-grade facemasks are available at normal commercial shops.

Maintaining Social Distancing

At Quick wasters, our rubbish clearance crew members will maintain a social distance of a minimum of 2 meters distance between our clients during work hours and also maintain the same in general. We also regularly monitor the health of our crew members and check for the symptoms of Coronavirus. We provide proper medical care and turn off them from work if anyone is unwell or tested with any symptoms of Coronavirus.

Hygienic ways of rubbish clearance in London

No Direct Contact

After the increase of Covid- 19 cases, we are not allowed our rubbish clearance team to have any direct contact with our clients or other publics. So, all the communication is made only over a phone or online. We stopped to get the signature from the hard copy and agreements, instead of that we are communicating through emails, and photos of each work are sent to the clients for verification.

Maintain Clean Vehicle

The last one is to maintain the vehicle in a proper way. At Quick wasters, all our trucks are cleaned and sanitized daily. We are cleaning the entire vehicle twice a week and maintain good hygiene.

If the rubbish clearance company maintains the above-mentioned hygiene standard means you can book their service without any worry. Otherwise, you must pick the one who is maintaining good hygiene in the rubbish clearance industry.