Importance of Recycling Bins

Recycling is one of the best processes to protect the environment and the surrounding from unwanted wastes and pollution. Recycling is the reprocessing of the wastes to get a new product. The wastes are generating more and more every year concerning the increase of population. The wastes are not only dangerous to the environment and the natural resources, but also it is very dangerous to human health. Because wastes are the major inducer of pests and other bacteria and viruses which can cause unimaginable damage like COVID-19.

In today’s life recycling is very important to save land and water and to maintain the economy of a country or a business by using the recycled material. Recycled products are very much useful for many small businesses. This blog is to provide information about the importance of recycling bins.

recycling bins

Recycling Bins

Recycling bins are the bins that are used to collect the wastes and later the waste is transported to the recycling center. The recycling bins are available in different sizes and colors, and they can be fitted or placed in any place like home, school, or office, etc., You can hire a skip according to your family size if you need a bin for your home. The large and different colored bins are used in industries to collect the different types of wastes.

Advantages of Recycling Bins

• Helps to collect the wastes
• Reduces the waste segregation in a landfill
• Saves the air and water by collecting any types of wastes
• Toxic wastes can also be dumped into a dumpster
• One-time purchase and it can be used for years
• Useful in industries and offices to keep the company clean
• Do not worry about the segregation of large amounts of waste, a large bin can be used as a composting heap.

Importance of Recycling BinsTypes of Recycling Bins

Though there are different colors and different sizes, the recycling bins are majorly classified into three types with the three major colors. They are Blue, Brown, and Green/Grey. Each bin is used for different purposes, in different places, but according to the UK government regulations, there are limitations about what should these three bins contains and what types of wastes should not be thrown in these bins.

What to put in 3 Bins?

Blue bin should contain the household wastes like paper wastes – magazines, newspaper, junk mail, etc, cardboards, food tins, plastic bottles, and glass jars. The Brown bin should contain green wastes like grass cuttings, branches, logs, flower cuts, etc., and the Green bin should contain waste that is not recyclable.

Types of Recycling Bins

What must not go in 3 Bins?

The blue bin should not contain plastic bags, polyester, food waste, green waste, and liquid wastes, and the brown bin should not contain metals, food wastes, any of the plastic waste, and general refuses, and the green bin should not contain e-waste, fluorescent bulbs, garden waste, recyclable wastes, garden wastes, and textile and cloth wastes.


There are many types of bins which are differently colored are available in shops. Each bin is used for different purposes, and there are separate bins for recyclable and non-recyclable wastes. You should use the garbage bins properly and try to choose the size and color of the bin while purchasing.