Importance Of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The effects and impacts of climate change are no longer a myth, or a rumor; they are out there in the open for everyone to see. Today, the harmful emission of harmful gasses to the environment, the reduction of forest cover; all these have contributed towards the current unpredictable weather patterns, air pollution, and droughts in most parts of the world. Global warming has been caused primarily by harmful practices of mankind towards Mother Nature.

So, how can I help Mother Nature remain unharmed, undisturbed, on a personal level?

On a personal level, we can sum up in 3 main ways, the things you can do to help mother nature overcome the greed of mankind; reduce, reuse, recycle.

Reduce; as an individual, try engraving in your daily habits, a tendency to reduce your usage of whatever commodity you’re using. Reduce the electricity you consume monthly by investing in energy saving bulbs, or make use of transparent roofing sheets that will let light inside your house in the daytime. Do not leave lights on when no one needs them. Reduce the amount of water you use in your household; wash your car close to your garden or lawn so that water irrigates the plants therein. Avoid washing and cleaning items with the tap running; rather, get a basin to reduce water wastage.


Reuse; out of the rubbish generated in your household or office premises, quite a huge percentage of that waste can be reused. This starts from simple things like ensuring that you use both sides of a paper before throwing it away, to more complex ones like converting and repainting old car tires in your home, and then using them to enhance the aesthetic value of your driveway. These tires can be half buried lining both sides of your driveway, and then painted creatively; they always give the home a great look.

Recycle; recycling will also help you spare Mother Nature the loss of resources she would have undergone to produce new items. Harmful gases are emitted and much fossil energy used, each time a new item is manufactured. But recycling helps manufacture a new item, without using new raw materials.


These 3 methods are the bottom-line; you should embrace them and make a tangible contribution towards helping the environment remain fresh and healthy.