Mattress Removal London by Quick Wasters

Say goodbye to your old mattress with Quick Wasters Mattress Removal and Disposal, London!

Unsightly mattresses lying around your home eating up your precious space?

Searching for a licensed bed and mattress removal service in London to safely dispose of these old mattresses?

This is the page. Quick Wasters is the right team. And, this is a good time to call.

Quick Wasters Mattress Removal and Disposal are one of the premier waste clearance companies in London.

We know how tough and expensive it can be to safely and responsibly dispose of waste in a city like London.

And that’s why we want to make bed and mattress removal a breeze for you.

When you choose Quick Wasters for your mattress removal needs, rest assured our services will be:

  • Fast – We can collect your old mattress on the SAME DAY.
  • Affordable – We offer the BEST prices in London.
  • Hassle-free – We’ll ensure your ongoing works are not disrupted while we collect your mattress.
  • Round-the-clock – We can pick up your old bed or mattress any day of the week.
  • Friendly and professional – We’re nice guys who take our jobs very seriously.
  • Eco-friendly – We recycle pretty much everything we collect.

So, forget hiring a rubbish skip.

Let’s join hands and do our bit to keep London clean and beautiful!

How do Quick Wasters Mattress Removal work?

How_do_Quick_Wasters_Mattress Removal and Disposal work

Step 1: Contact us

Request for a quote.

You could also call us at 0203 538 0765 and 0800 567 7755 or email us at

Share these details:

  • Contact details
  • Mattress dimensions
  • A photo of your mattress (optional)

Step 2: Get a free no-obligation quote

Once we receive your details, we’ll send you a work estimate as soon as possible. If everything sounds good to you, we’ll proceed with the mattress removal and disposal.

Step 3: Set up a date

Let us know when you would like us to come and collect your mattresses. The same day, next day, holiday, any day.

Step 4: We collect your mattress

Our man and van team will arrive at your premises at the appointed time. Just sit back and enjoy your cuppa while our rubbish removal team quickly (and quietly) loads your mattress onto our van. We’ll even tidy up before we go.

Step 5: We recycle your mattress

We ensure that your mattress doesn’t just end up in a landfill. We partner with the local authorities to responsibly dispose of your old beds and mattresses.

Why are mattress disposal and recycling important?

Why are mattress disposal and recycling important

 Know how long it takes for most mattress components to decompose?

80-120 years.

Memory foam mattresses can even take up to 1000 years. Mattresses contain a host of toxic materials including foam, synthetic latex, flame retardants, bleaches, and dyes. These are extremely poisonous to animals and plants and cause ground pollution. That’s why it is super important for all of us to responsibly dispose of and recycle old mattresses. And if that isn’t reason enough, fly-tipping is a serious offense in London.

So, the last thing you want to do is hire unlicensed waste carriers and cowboys who might tempt you with their low charges and dispose of your mattress unlawfully. And if the local authorities trace the fly-tipped waste back to you, you could end up paying a fine of £5000. So, hire Quick Wasters today and leave your mattress removal worries behind.

6 reasons why you’ll love Quick Wasters for Mattress Removal and Disposal

6 reasons why you’ll love Quick Wasters for Mattress Removal and Disposal

1. We offer the best prices in London

£15. That’s all you need to spend to get rid of one old mattress.

2. We provide lightning-fast services

Need an instant quote for your mattress removal? You got it.

Need your old mattress removed the same day? We’ll be there.

We don’t call ourselves “Quick” Wasters for nothing!

3. We collect your rubbish from all over London

Whether you stay in Highbury or Clapton, Bloomsbury or Hanwell, we’ve got you covered.

You name your location and we’ll be there with our man and van team to pick up your old bed or mattress.

4. We’ll pick up your mattress without getting in your hair

You don’t have to bother about carrying your heavy mattress down the stairs.

Just point us in the right direction and we’ll handle EVERYTHING. you won’t even know we’re there.

5. We are an Environment Agency-approved company

Why is this important?

‘Cause if you hire an unlicensed waste disposal company, the courts could fine you for up to £5000.

6. All our other clients LOVE us

We’ve been in the rubbish removal services for nearly a decade and have had quite a few happy clients on our journey including De Beers, Barclays, and more.

We’ve been described as “polite”, “professional”, and “punctual” among many others

Let Quick Wasters remove those old mattresses from your home right now!

Contact us today and we’ll be there in a jiffy!

Click here for a free quote!


How much does it cost for mattress removal and disposal?

We charge £15 to clear one mattress. Our waste clearance prices vary based on the volume, weight, and type of the waste and also on the number of laborers involved and the time taken to clear the rubbish from your place.

Do I need to pay extra for same-day rubbish removal?


Can I get my bed or mattress removed on the weekend?

Absolutely. We’ll be there to remove your mattress on weekends, bank holidays, or whenever you need us to.

Can I get my bed or mattress picked up from anywhere in London?

Yes. East, West, North, South, or Central London, we’ll be there.

What other kinds of waste do you collect?

We collect all kinds of rubbish from your home and industrial areas including:

  • Furniture – Sofa, kitchen cabinet, etc.
  • Garden waste – old pots, lawnmowers, etc.
  • Appliances – washing machines, fridges, etc.
  • Builders and construction waste – drywall, doors, etc.
  • Flooring materials – carpet, laminate, etc.
  • Wood – doors, plasterboards, etc.
  • General household waste – Boxes, books, toys, etc.

For regulatory and health and safety reasons, we DO NOT collect hazardous waste, clinical waste, chemical waste, and meat waste.