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Environment Agency Approved CBDU80874

The UK Business Waste Regulations

Quickwasters rubbish collection

Business waste is any waste that comes out of any premises used for conducting any business or trading activities. There are several regulations in the United Kingdom that govern how various forms of business wastes should be recycled and disposed. All UK cities and counties are required to dispose waste in a manner that does […]

Waste Prevention Tips For Your Home

Waste less, reuse, recycle There has been a decrease in the amount of waste produced in London over the past three years. However, there are still a lot of work that needs to be done to reach targets. Recycling is a great way to turn rubbish into something useful. Preventing waste is even better. Therefore, […]

Recycle or Upcycle?

quickwasters upcycle and recycle

Either is good and here is why! Everyone should be concerned about the planets future and how the damage we are doing to it on a daily basis will alter the way the future generations live their lives. The reason that recycling is so important so we use less energy and produce less materials that […]

3 Tips for Increasing Recycling in the Office


1.Education Make sure you educate everyone in your office, let them know what is expected of them regarding recycling. You can start with the basics, you can make sure paper cups, drink cans and cardboard are recycled correctly on a daily basis. Then educate people regarding recycling everything from glass, to electronics and light bulbs, […]

Selling Up? Here is How to De-Clutter Your Home

declutter your home

There are many factors out of your control when you are selling your house like the location of your house or the current market conditions. However, what you can do is present your house in the best possible light by de-cluttering. Reasons why to de-clutter your home before selling; It helps you plan what you […]

10 Recycling Facts from Quickwasters!


Everyone knows that it is a great thing to recycle any items that you will normally need to dispose of as it will help the environment in the long run and help the future generations to continue to enjoy the benefits of this planet. Here are 10 facts from Quickwasters that you need to need […]

Are you Making These Simple Mistakes When Recycling?

recycle your waste

Did you know that when you put some of your recycling out for collection that it can actually get rejected when it reaches the recycling centre. There are some slight things that you may be doing when filling your waste bins that increase the chances of the material being rejected for re-use and added to […]

Quick Waste Clearance In North Finchley


North Finchley is a residential area in London with various supermarkets, restaurants and shopping stores. For the smooth running of the daily lives of the people together with the businesses in this suburb, an organized waste clearance is a must have. Here at Quick Wasters, we pride ourselves as the top ranking clearance company in […]

7 Tips For Residents In London To Keep Their Gardens Clean And Tidy During Summer 2017


Gardening is an ever evolving skill that has to keep changing depending on the season. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the beauty of your garden as the sunny weather provides the ideal conditions for flowers to bloom. In London, the warm conditions are for keeping your garden at its best by ensuring your […]

How to Dispose of Hazardous Waste


There are certain types of waste that can be a hazard to the environment, people and animals and it is essential that if you have built up some hazardous material at home or in the work place that it is disposed of in the correct manner.   There are a number of substances in different […]

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