Protect Natural Resources And Save Them (Air, Water)

Can you imagine living without water for a week? Or inhaling polluted air for a day? Well, these things are hard to imagine, we are so used to having the best of them that we just can’t think of it any other way. The air we inhale is free, we wake up, open a tap, find water flowing, shower, brush, cook, this is just so normal! However, if one were to look at the bigger picture, then it is easy to realize just why it is so important to ensure that we protect and conserve the natural resources around. In the words of one Nobel laureate, Nature is very unforgiving. For every action against nature, there’s a reaction. Mind you, the natural resources of the world today are being depleted unlike on any other time in history.

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How are natural resources misused or polluted?

  • Air pollution can be in form of releasing harmful gases and fumes, or even by what we call sound pollution via loud music and noise.
  • When harmful gases are released into the environment, they form an artificial cloud above, and mist. In cities like Beijing, New Delhi, fumes from cars and industries have turned the air into a milky whitish mist that limits visibility.
  • As for water, polluted water from industries directed into rivers, streams, has been known to kill aquatic animals, as well as diminishing the plant life therein. Just some years ago, Shell, the Oil Giant, was responsible for one of the worst Oil spills in history, a spill that killed thousands of sea birds and other marine life in the American Gulf coast.

Best ways to conserve air and water;

  1. When showering, don’t leave the taps running for long, use as little as water as you need.
  2. Instead of driving to the workplace in your car and emit so much carbon waste, you should consider riding a bike, or using public transport.
  3. When washing your car, instead of doing it on plain stones or gravel, consider doing so on the lawn or grass. The waste water can irrigate the grass, and reduce the need for later watering.
  4. Habits like cigarette smoking are not just harmful for your health; the smoke isn’t very friendly to the environment.
  5. Water can also be recycled; in Israel, waste water and sewerage are recycled, to produce water than can be later used for irrigation, even drinking!


The good thing about protecting our natural resources is that the steps are simple and easy, you can be the change that you want to see.

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