Quick Wasters Do Environmentally Friendly Recycling

Recycling of products has emerged as the cornerstone for most of the efforts the world is witnessing in a bid to save our planet. Recycling is a good way of being eco friendly; it helps recycle waste products and garbage into something that can be reused. And although many individuals have embraced recycling, it is only important that rubbish clearance companies embrace this trend too. At Quick Wasters, we pride ourselves in offering 100% eco friendly services to our clients. From the bags we offer for garbage collection, to the way we dispose of the waste, all our services are well thought of.


While most companies will promise you that their recycling services are eco friendly, the truth is that this is often far from the truth. It is not enough that that a waste collection company promises to recycle your waste; what means are going to be used to recycle that waste? Could the process of recycling itself, be more harmful to the environment, than coming up with the recycled products? All these are questions we asked ourselves at Quick Wasters, before arriving at our recycling methods. We go to great lengths to ensure that when we have sorted and compiled all waste, we separate all recyclable materials. Having identified what needs to be recycled, we then come up with the best and safest ways to recycle it.

For instance, while materials like plastics are recycled by being melted high temperatures, most companies burn tones of fuels to make this possible. Yet, if the same plastic is exposed to direct sunlight for some weeks, it becomes easier to melt, and less energy is needed to melt it! Talk of being eco smart! We use such basic but effective tips to ensure that our recycling is eco friendly. Again, we ensure that the bins we use to collect litter from our clients are recycled from materials collected previously.

Don’t be fooled, recycling is one thing; recycling products in an eco friendly way is another thing. Quick Wasters has emerged as a game changer, and you can always count on us to use eco friendly methods to recycle any waste we collect from you. We are not just driven by a hunger for profits, which makes most companies throw caution to the wind. Rather, we are always guided by the principle of eco friendliness.