What are Recyclable and Non- Recyclable wastes?

As a rubbish removal and waste clearance company we received many inquiries on what wastes can be recycled and what wastes cannot be recycled. This blog helps you to keep the wastes in a separate bin and to avoid mixing recyclable and non-recyclable wastes in the same bin. If you want to dispose of your wastes in a proper waste disposal method, then check out what wastes can be recycled and separate those wastes accordingly.

Why Recycle is Mandatory?

We create more waste than our previous generation. In the modern world, more products are getting introducing for human use. If we utilize the recycling process in an effective way, it will reflect on environmental health and it helps to minimize the production rate. Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into new products. This helps to reduce the energy spent on processing a new product. Hope you are cleared with the recycling process in our previous blogs. Let’s check out what are Recyclable material and what materials can’t be recycled.

Non- Recyclable wastes

What are Recyclable materials?

Recycling is the key factor of the waste reduction process, converting the waste materials into raw materials for new products. In the recycling process, the waste materials are converted into the same new materials. For example, waste papers are converted into new papers. Here is the list of recyclable materials.

The following materials are able to be recycled

Paper &Cardboard Materials

Paper materials and cardboard materials are considered recyclable materials with the acceptance of recycling centers.

Paper materials involve office waste papers, old magazines and newspapers, letters, and envelopes.

Cardboard materials involve thick sheets, wrapping boxes, and the boxes used for packaging.

 Glass Materials

Glass Materials can be easily melted and used as the raw materials for multiple making processes. Glass materials are perfect materials for the recycling process. There are many industries that are run depends on glass recycling.

Recyclable glass materials are bottles, plates, glass sheets, windows, tempered glass, and jars.


Most of the scrap materials are recycled by the proper recycling center. The scrap materials are being collected and get paid based on the weight of the metals. The cost of the metals will vary from one metal to another metal-based on their condition. The following metals are to be recycled.

Steel materials involve wires, tins, oil cans, cooking wares, cutlery, cables, and kitchen appliances.

Copper materials involve copper alloys, electrical wires, and water pipes.

Lead materials involve used batteries

Aluminum materials involve food wraps, aerosol cans, and foils.

What are Recyclable wastes

What are Non-Recyclable materials?

Like we said earlier not all materials can be recycled. The materials like soft plastic and biodegradable substances are considered as the non -recyclable materials and you put those materials in a separate bin not along with the recycling bin kept by your municipal council.

The followings are non-recyclable materials.

  • Plastic bags
  • Takeaway juice cups and coffee cups
  • Plastic straws
  • Medical waste
  • Ceramics

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