Are you Making These Simple Mistakes When Recycling?

Did you know that when you put some of your recycling out for collection that it can actually get rejected when it reaches the recycling centre.
There are some slight things that you may be doing when filling your waste bins that increase the chances of the material being rejected for re-use and added to the rubbish pile.

In the UK we throw away on average 407 kg of waste each year. Different areas of the UK deal with waste in different ways and the percentages vary on where it goes.
Here are some of the simple things that you may be doing that can be corrected with a little more care and attention.

Did you know, although that your takeaway pizza boxes are made from cardboard that they may get rejected for recycling as pizza may contain too much grease. This will contaminate the card and make it unsuitable for re-use.

Also, you can contaminate any garden waste or grass cuttings if there are any stones left in the pile which will make it unusable. This is because they will not be broken down as things like soil and leafs will. Mixing any organic food waste with dry recyclables will also pollute anything that it is mixed with.