Solid Waste Disposal Methods 2021

Solid waste disposal is the process of collecting and managing solid waste like food wastes, paper wastes, construction wastes, industrial wastes, wood wastes, and mining wastes. Solid waste disposal methods bring a solution for the bulk wastes and make your place clean and tidy. All your garbage and trash cans are now get cleaned by the latest disposal methods of solid wastes. Solid waste disposal methods are used to covert the solid wastes into valuable sources and it turns your place into an environmentally free location.

Improper disposal methods bring more health issues and spread diseases by invading the pests and insects. It creates wide problems at the social and economic level of the country. To change this situation, you must follow the solid waste disposal methods that bring more changes to the environment in 2021.

What are the Solid waste disposal Methods in 2021?

The wastes are categorized based on the place and the materials. Any unwanted and non-usable wastes are considered solid wastes. This kind of wastes are coming from commercial, residential, and industrial places. solid disposal wastes are managed in a proper way to ensure environmental health.  To keep your environment free from solid wastes follow any one of the solid waste disposals in 2021.

  1. Open burning process
  2. Sea dumping process
  3. Landfills
  4. Composting process
  5. Fermentation process

Solid Waste Disposal Methods

1. Solid waste disposal by the open burning process

Open burning process of solid wastes like unwanted materials and products at the low heat in an open place in a controlled manner. This helps to reduce the number of wastes but same time open burning process is not recommended due to its risk factors. Ash comes from the burning process pollutes the air, soil, and water. Also, they are more chances for wildfire.

2. Solid waste disposal by Sea dumping process

The sea dumping process is conducted only in the coastal areas and this is also not an environmentally friendly process. Sea Dumping is the process of dumping all solid wastes from the industries. Ships, and factories into the oceans or seas. This method spoils the health of marine life.

3. Landfills

Landfills are the easiest process of solid waste disposal. This method is simple and cost-effective. Landfills are the process of layering waste in the deepest hole and let the waste material to get decompose. Landfills are recommended for large wastes disposing and decomposing. The main advantage of the landfill process is to keep the trashes away from the peoples and there is no contact with the air and water. This method is safe for the environment and other living organisms.

Solid waste disposal methods 2021

4. Solid waste disposal by composting process

Composting process is also like the land-filling process where the decomposable organic waste materials are composed as a fertilizer. Maintain your composting bin and utilize organic composted fertilizers for your farms. There are two types that come under the composting process

  • Open window composting process and
  • Mechanical composting process.

5. Fermentation process

Fermentation is the bio-organic process, here the waste materials are converted into organic materials. Fermentation is just the process of extracting energy from carbohydrates in the absence of oxygen.