Whose responsibility is it to ensure Waste is correctly Disposed of?

Wastes are generated by all the people in this world including you and me, who are reading this article. We all are generating the wastes every day, and we do not worry where the wastes are going or how it is affecting our environment. It is important to treat the wastes as a waste generator.

Every people and businessman are responsible for waste generation, even a kid who is throwing off the chocolate wrappers is responsible, it is our duty to grow our children with the knowledge of reducing the waste. This is not only applied for normal people but also for the businessman who is owning a company or an industry, the industrial wastes are more dangerous than domestic and commercial wastes.

waste management plan to dispose wastes

Duty of Care

As a businessman, it is your responsibility to ensure that how your wastes are generated, collected, transported, and disposed of without affecting the environment. This is commonly known as the Duty of Care, and it has no limit. You are responsible for your waste which is generated until it is transported to a professional waste clearance service.

It is important to choose a professional service, who will take care of the entire process from collecting to disposing of. You can have an agreement to collect the wastes regularly, and your duty is not to end up when you provide wastes to the waste clearance team. It is important to screen the entire process, to ensure that your wastes are treated safely.

waste clearance process

You should have complete waste transfer notes which should contain the entire process of your waste and how it is cleared. The report should contain at least two years of your waste clearance record. You can get the current report from the professional service experts who are taking care of your waste.

Stopping Waste Crime

There are many private waste clearance services, who are running the waste reduction process illegally. They do not have the proper license or any permission to run the business and there are many illegal waste businesses that are exporting the waste to other countries. This is done by many of the high-profile businesses who are transporting their medical, and electric waste to other countries in order to save their own country. Even there are some business people who are dumping their waste directly into the ocean.

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These are major crimes that are done in the waste management process. So, it is important to check the legality of any service firms before having a business deal with them.


As humans, it is our responsibility to take of the wastes. Even a single chemical waste can cause danger to the environment. Make use of the bins and garbage which are found in every place, it will be disposed of by the local government authorities are by the private professional services. The waste which is untreated will produce an enormous odor and GHG, and the waste can easily attract the pests and also gives birth to dangerous virus and bacterias.

What is Commercial waste?

The wastes from any business premises are considered commercial waste. If you are running a business related to trade, education, sports, entertainment, construction, agriculture then all the wastes from these places are come under the class commercial wastes. Still, you have confusion on what types of wastes come under the commercial category?

In simple terms, all business wastes are commercial wastes. The wastes may be in any form like papers, used water cans, raw materials, food wrappers, cardboard, and used products.

Top commercial wastes from Business premisesCommercial waste collection

  • Industrial waste
  • Hazardous waste
  • Chemical waste

Commercial wastes are not the same as residential wastes, commercial waste disposal has certain terms and you should follow some legal policy to dispose of commercial wastes. You cannot dispose of commercial wastes along with residential waste bins.

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Importance of Commercial waste disposal

If you are a business owner, then the responsibility more for you to dispose of your business wastes. If you wrongly dispose of your commercial wastes, then you will be fired due to the activity of improper waste disposal. This also brings more deterioration to your environment.

When the wastes are not get collected properly on time and missed to dispose it will end up with a big mess. It leads to air, water, and environmental pollution.

Once your environment suffers, it damages both humans and wildlife. To avoid all, it is important to collect and dispose of all your waste properly through professional waste removal or waste disposal company.

How to dispose of commercial waste properly?

Here we listed some waste disposal guidelines associated with government regulation.

  1. Proper Recycling Processcommercial wastes

Recycling is the best way to keep control of your commercial wastes and it is an effective process for your business waste disposal. You need not spend much on recycling like disposing of waste in landfills.

Place a separate bin for collecting recyclable wastes like papers, woods, cardboards, and plastics and separate all your recycling waste before collecting.

Ask your waste collection company and to provide a separate bin for recycling wastes and other wastes.

  1. Store commercial wastes in a safe place.

It comes under the government’s legal policy to store the commercial wastes in a secure place. collect and store all your business wastes in a tightly closed container to fight against heavy rain and other natural calamities. Ask your waste removal company for suitable containers and bins and mention the type of waste using a label or marker.

  1. Proper Disposal process

Choosing the right waste removal company is essential for commercial waste disposal as it requires more legal policies and conditions. Select the best waste removal company that offers more innovative ways of disposing of your commercial waste safely and securely.