Whose responsibility is it to ensure Waste is correctly Disposed of?

Wastes are generated by all the people in this world including you and me, who are reading this article. We all are generating the wastes every day, and we do not worry where the wastes are going or how it is affecting our environment. It is important to treat the wastes as a waste generator.

Every people and businessman are responsible for waste generation, even a kid who is throwing off the chocolate wrappers is responsible, it is our duty to grow our children with the knowledge of reducing the waste. This is not only applied for normal people but also for the businessman who is owning a company or an industry, the industrial wastes are more dangerous than domestic and commercial wastes.

waste management plan to dispose wastes

Duty of Care

As a businessman, it is your responsibility to ensure that how your wastes are generated, collected, transported, and disposed of without affecting the environment. This is commonly known as the Duty of Care, and it has no limit. You are responsible for your waste which is generated until it is transported to a professional waste clearance service.

It is important to choose a professional service, who will take care of the entire process from collecting to disposing of. You can have an agreement to collect the wastes regularly, and your duty is not to end up when you provide wastes to the waste clearance team. It is important to screen the entire process, to ensure that your wastes are treated safely.

waste clearance process

You should have complete waste transfer notes which should contain the entire process of your waste and how it is cleared. The report should contain at least two years of your waste clearance record. You can get the current report from the professional service experts who are taking care of your waste.

Stopping Waste Crime

There are many private waste clearance services, who are running the waste reduction process illegally. They do not have the proper license or any permission to run the business and there are many illegal waste businesses that are exporting the waste to other countries. This is done by many of the high-profile businesses who are transporting their medical, and electric waste to other countries in order to save their own country. Even there are some business people who are dumping their waste directly into the ocean.

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These are major crimes that are done in the waste management process. So, it is important to check the legality of any service firms before having a business deal with them.


As humans, it is our responsibility to take of the wastes. Even a single chemical waste can cause danger to the environment. Make use of the bins and garbage which are found in every place, it will be disposed of by the local government authorities are by the private professional services. The waste which is untreated will produce an enormous odor and GHG, and the waste can easily attract the pests and also gives birth to dangerous virus and bacterias.

Eco-friendly waste management for Pollution free environment

Waste management is the process of collecting waste material from commercial or residential places and then transport the collected wastes to the disposal or recycling process. Proper waste management and monitoring waste management helps to minimize the environmental challenges caused due to the overexploitation of gas or chemicals to the atmosphere while disposing of the wastes. Handling the waste management process in a green way means eco-friendly waste management helps a major role in controlling environmental pollution.

The wastes from hospitals and industries maybe harm the environment due to the presence of chemicals and toxins in those wastes. Also, some home wastes like food wastes release methane while disposing of process.

waste management for Pollution control

Our waste management team works under several green proposals to let the future generation free from pollution. We have adapted many eco-friendly methods for a healthy pollution-free environment. The main cause of pollution is improper waste disposal and improper waste management system. So, we monitor our waste removal and track our waste management system to avoid such causes of pollution.

Check out our “Go-Green “waste management process for a pollution-free environment.

1. Practicing Recycling

Instead of disposing of all the waste products, we started to collect the wastes in the different bags based on their value and use. We won’t miss out to convert the waste materials into valuable products by conducting an eco-friendly recycling process. the products like plastics, glasses, and aluminum papers are collected in a separate container for recycling and reusing.  To save our environment from various pollution recycling is one of the best choices.

Eco-friendly waste management

  • Recycling helps to control the carbon in the atmosphere.
  • Recycled items are converted into brand new products, so it saves 80% of energy in manufacturing new products from scratch.
  • Due to recycling the need for raw materials will get minimize and it helps to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

2. Using Garbage Disposers

Not all your wastes can be recycled. Only 50 % of your waste material can be recycled and others are considered garbage wastes. The improper waste disposal of garbage may affect your environment by causing pollution. Using of proper garbage disposing unit prevents your environment from getting polluted. The garbage disposers work fine with all kinds of wastes and faster the decomposing process for all kinds of wastes.

Eco-friendly waste management for Pollution control

3. Handling effective composting process:

Next to the recycling and disposing process, composting also an effective way for the waste management system, and helpful for the environment to prevent negative impacts to the atmosphere. Our composting process allows all kitchen wastes to decompose and convert those wastes as a fertilizer for the home garden.

Allowing the waste products to recycle, composting, reusing helps to saves more energy, and also it controls the environment from various pollution.

Waste Disposal Process and Methods of Waste Disposal Process

Waste disposal is the main category involved in the waste management process. First, understand what the waste management process is before knowing about different methods of the waste disposal process.

Waste management is the process of collection and disposal of solid and liquid waste products. During the waste management process, many materials are found to be reusable from the trash can.

The only process is you should take some effort into classifying the wastes before the waste management process. This helps the waste management company to handle your waste properly and easily.

waste management

What are the benefits of Waste Management?

The benefits of waste management treatment help a better environment. Let’s see what the benefits of the waste management process are in detail.

Fresh Environment

The main advantage of waste management leads to a fresh environment. Proper waste management helps to makes the environment free from the spreading of diseases and bacteria. Once the wastes are properly maintained and collected, there is a low chance of pest infestation.  This makes the city clean and boost-up all business revenues.

Reduces Pollution

Waste management helps to reduce the risk of harmful gases like carbon-di-oxide methane that leads to a pollution-free environment.

Proper collection of wastes improves environmental health and cuts down all factors that spoil our environment.

Energy Conservation

Waste collection and recycling help energy conservation. For example, instead of vanishing more trees to manufacture paper, recycle a used paper. This also reduces pollution and makes the environment even better.

Methods of Waste Disposal Process

Different Methods of Waste Disposal Process

Here we listed possible waste collection and disposal treatment suitable for your environment.  Check out the standard waste disposal methods.

  1. Landfill
  2. Incineration
  3. Waste Compaction
  4. Biogas Generation
  5. Composting Process


In this process, separate the waste from the compound waste that cannot be reused or separated and spread this on the ground. Add the thin layer of soil above the spreading of waste.


In this process, the incombustible gases are controlled, and thus reduce the amount of toxic into the environment. The heat generated in this process is used to produce electricity.

Waste Compaction

In this process, the waste materials like plastic cans and bottles are recycled and this prevents the oxidation process.

Biogas Generation

In this process, Biodegradable wastes like food wastes, animal wastes, and industrial wastes are sent to the bio-degradation plants to convert into biogas.

Composting Process

In this process, all organic wastes like food scraps, yard wastes, and other organic wastes are buried under the soil and are converted into biofertilizers for farms and agriculture.

How To Maintain Eco-friendly Environment In London?

In London, due to increasing population, lots of waste materials are generated. These waste materials should be disposed of in a safe way to make sure that the eco-friendly environment is maintained. The best rubbish removal in London like Quickwasters will collect the waste materials and will dispose of them without causing any danger to the human beings and the outside environment.

role of rubbish reoval company in maintaining eco friendly environment london

Outside environment in London is affected due to the burning of plastic wastes and rubber materials. The toxic smoke emitted from these materials contains dioxin which effects the human’s health directly. The chemical agent dioxin has the direct effect on the human immune system resulting in various harmful diseases. Hence these waste materials should be safely disposed in order to maintain the eco-friendly environment in London.

Role of Quickwasters in maintaining an eco-friendly environment in London:

maintain eco friendly environment in London

Quickwasters is the best waste clearance company in London. Quickwasters collects the rubbish wastes from many places in London based on the customer’s request and will dispose of them safely without causing any hazard to the environment. The only way to dispose of the non-decomposable waste materials is by recycling. Quickwasters ensures that all such materials are properly sent to the various recycling plants in London for reuse.

Thus as a resident in London, to ensure that all your waste materials are disposed of in a safe way, you can call Quickwasters any time to clear any kind of wastes from your area. Quickwasters team will reach your place to collect all the rubbish materials and will dispose of them safely without causing any dangerous hazard to the humans and nature as well.

We should maintain an eco-friendly environment to make out future generations to live the healthy life. This can be done only by disposing of the wastes in a safe manner which Quickwasters does. Hence, Contact Quickwasters in London for all kind of waste clearance activities in London.

Eco Friendly waste disposal methods

Garbage disposal is the process of getting rid of all the waste materials from the domestic or commercial areas. These wastes should be disposed of safely in an eco-friendly manner or else it will again become a haunt to the human beings and nature as well. The garbage collection may contain both decomposable and non-decomposable wastes, they must be separated and care must be taken to dispose of them safely. Bio-degradable materials may be converted into energy or manure, Whereas the non-decomposable wastes can be recycled for reuse.

waste recycling


Eco-friendly disposal:

quick wasters londonRecycling is the best method to manage the non-bio-degradable wastes. The wastes like plastic materials, PVC materials, polyethylene bags, rubber tires, etc should be sent for recycling. The burning of these wastes will produce toxic smoke which is very much injurious to human health and the environment as well. The environmental effects of Global warming, Greenhouse effect, etc are caused due to the burning of Plastics materials, rubber tires, etc. The wastes like metal scraps, glass materials should also be recycled and reused. Though the amount of energy involved in recycling old metal is more than the energy needed in manufacturing a metal from the raw materials, it is important to recycle the metals to preserve the nature.

ecofriendly waste removalThe Organic bio-degradable wastes can be converted into energy or manure. The organic waste materials are collected in a large amount, they are then put in a large compost. The compost should be covered with the equal amount of dry leaves. The compost should be maintained at the moderate temperature. After the time of two to three months, the compost is converted into a manure, This manure can be used in agricultural fields for the crop cultivation.

Advantages of Eco-friendly waste disposal:

recycle wasteThe main advantage of eco-friendly disposal is that it is safe to the environment and also for the human health as well. The main advantage of recycling the waste is that it helps in the production of same materials again. The organic waste disposal produces energy like heat, gas, etc. The manure produced from organic wastes is also used in the agricultural fields. In spite of its advantages, eco-friendly waste disposal method should be followed by all the people to preserve the environment.

It may be tough for a normal people to involve in all the waste disposal methods. In this case, the role of waste clearance companies comes into play. The rubbish removal companies will collect the waste materials from the commercial and domestic areas. They will also segregate them into decomposable and non-decomposable wastes. The waste clearance companies take care of disposing of the segregated wastes in an eco-friendly manner.