How often should waste be removed from the food production areas?

Food production is one of the important processes in this world which acts act as a major fuel for the life of humans. It is important to keep the environment clean around the shop i.e., remove the wastes on a regular basis in order to reduce the attraction of bacteria that grows inside. It is advisable to clean the waste regularly in the food production areas because it not only attracts the pest but also contaminates the product that is manufactured. It produces heavy smell and toxic GHG gases which is harmful to the surrounding and the customer will hesitate to enter into the shop where the waste appears.

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How often should the kitchen bin be empty?

There are many people who are cleaning their bin every few days, it is based on the size of your family and amount the cooking. It should be noted that the food wastes should be removed every day whatever the size may be, you should not allow the bacteria and virus inside the home yourself, which is harmful to young and older aged people. Some of the people will be affected by the allergy, to avoid this situation, it is advisable to clean your kitchen at the moment of finishing the work, or the wasted food can be given to the roadside animals like dogs and cows.

Food production and waste management

How is Food Waste disposed of?

Every year in the UK, approximately 40% of the food products are wasted, and it is about 133 billion pounds of food waste. If that food is donated, it will be served to around 25 million people, instead, the people are wasting the food though the one-time food is a dream for most of the people.

Food waste can be disposed of in a number of ways like composting, incineration, and anaerobic digestion. The composting is done to convert the organic matter in the food waste into useful fertilizer for agricultural products. The process of anaerobic digestion converts the harmful bacteria to the biogas and slurry. In the process of incineration, the wastes are burnt at a high temperature which is used to generate energy. These three processes can be done easily compared to other methods and the wastes that are not disposed of it is reused and recycled to produce fresh material.

How to manage wastes in food production areas

Importance of disposing of the food waste safely

In the US there are tons of food are produced by every family each year, and the wastes are transported to the landfills which emit harmful GHG gases and can attract pests easily. It is harmful to the environment and surrounding and the land where the wastes are collected, and the gases produced by the decomposed waste will result in the normal climatic change even result in global warming.

No matter whether the place is a home, office, or industry it is important to dispose of the food waste regularly because it is live proof for polluting the environment and causing diseases by attracting pests and insects. The harmful bacteria and viruses will be generated inside the food waste, and it generates a heavy smell that cannot be handled by a human. It is not only dangerous for human but also for the animals which are eating the decomposed food.

How to handle kitchen waste recycling process?

Kitchen waste recycling is the process of recycling kitchen leftovers and food wastes. Kitchen waste is normally food waste, and the food is primary for all living things. Throwing off the food is an easy one but there are many people who do not have food even for one time in a day. Please, throw off only the waste materials like, eggshells, wrappers, banana skin, etc., Instead of throwing the waste food into a bin, collect that food and give it to the people who are suffering from the food, it will be a good manner and you will be blessed by those people.

Kitchen waste recycling

Home composting is one of the best methods to dispose of food waste which can be used as a fertilizer for your garden. There are many ways to dispose of our food materials like dropping the waste in a recycling center. According to statistics, it is shown that around 7 million tonnes of food waste is thrown into landfills by a family in the UK and most of that waste is eatables. It is increasing and now a family is wasting up to £700 a year by throwing the food materials

Food waste is dangerous in that it attracts insects easily and it will generate toxic chemicals and GHG which are harmful to the environment. so kitchen waste recycling is one of the best methods to overcome this situation.

Kitchen waste recycling

Compost the waste materials

Composting is one of the best methods to recycle food wastes. There may be many other methods, but composting can be done easily and effectively. The process needs a space according to the amount of waste segregated. You need to collect all the wastes and dump them into a dark place and leave for a week after some time the wastes gets decomposed completely and will be converted to a black colored material which can be used for agricultural purposes. The recycled waste acts as a fertilizer and you can grow your garden plants with this naturally made fertilizer.

Food composting

 Creative use of leftovers

The wastes can be recycled on your own in simple ways to reduce the cost, but you should do some different works. Some of the ways like rubbing the banana skin instead of the polish can reduce your regular chemicals. Some of the vegetables like cucumber, potato, and tomato cut wastes can be used to chill your eyes and you can free your mind with a little meditation and it refreshes your feeling and reduces your pressure. Peels from lemon, orange, and other citrus species can be used as skincare to protect your skin from unwanted germs.

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Waste-To-Energy (WTE) System

The process of conversion of waste into electrical energy is commonly known as Waste-To-Energy (WTE) system. This can be done in major power plants to produce high-pressure steam which helps the turbine to run maximum speed to produce emf the term which acts as electricity. This process is also called as Energy-From-Waste (EFW). This waste acts as a fuel that reduces naturally generated coal, which is generally in use. The coal mines will be reduced number if this way of energy-producing system run in major roles.


The food is wasted by each person who is responsible for creating many foodless people in this world. Please, utilize your food properly if you did not like your food, do not waste that by throwing it off in a dustbin, instead give that parcel to a person on your street side. If there is no such person in your area you can give that food to your own dog or any street dogs who act as security for your whole street.

Tips to Manage Food wastes

Food wastes are one of the major problems for the environmental health that is not consider as an important issue and even local council does not speak more about the food waste. Food wastes are not only a costing problem it has more negative impact for the environment in several aspects.

Buying so much from your supermarket and storing it in your fridge and kitchen cabinets will be outdated in few dates, the excess of food and outdated food products in your cupboards are consider as the food wastes.

If you are homemaker or running a café or restaurant, you should be aware more about how to reduce the food wastes and what are methods helps to prevent the food wastes.

What is food waste?

The food products which you bought from the market and the foods which you prepared are not being eaten in a right time are named as food wastes.

In other terms, the food products, which is produced on certain food industry or cultivated in any farms does not meet the standards of quality like shape, color, taste or if it gets rotten before reaching the market, then it can be thrown in any open space.  Some markets started to sell those products for a cheap price.

How to reduce food waste

Even in supermarkets, the food products get outdated because of overstocking are also consider as food wastes.

Food waste also happen in your home cooking due to the buying of too much of fresh foods and not using the food before the expiry date and cooking excess of foods.

Why food wastes are bad to environment?

You simply throw the food wastes in the bin without realize how the food wastes are bad to environment health.  The food which you thrown on a bin are collected as a general waste and if it reaches a landfill, its beings to release methane to the air. Methane is a gas extremely affects green house by creating a global warming.

Food waste are not only bad to your environment, but it also burns your money. Throwing a food into the bin are same as throwing your money.

What foods gets wasted easily?

Baked food products are the most wasted food being thrown to the bin. Next to the baking products, your farm foods play extra roles in food wastes.

Milk products and farm fresh eggs will last for only a few hours and it will easily get waste if not consumed in a time.

The fruits and vegetables are also playing major roles in food wastes. More than 1 million rotten apples are thrown away due to the improper storage.

Food Waste Reduction

How to reduce Food wastes?

Reduce the food wastes not only benefit for your environment, it also saves money in your wallet!

 Here are some suggestions for Food wastes reduction: 

  1. Write a shopping list and track the usage of food products.
  2. Plan your meal and cook for your need.
  3. Store your foods products in a proper manner.
  4. Recycle your Food wastes.
  5. Distribute the excess foods to some charity and feed the hungry stomach instead of throwing it to bin.