How to turn your Kitchen waste into Compost?

Composting household scraps is one of the great ways to make something beneficial for your garden plants by reducing the regular kitchen wastes. Composting is the process of converting the kitchen waste into useful fertilizer for the garden, and the land where the composting takes place is the best place and the soil will be very pure for the cultivation. The successful composting process not only requires kitchen waste but also the components which contain carbon content.

Organic household wastes are high in nitrogen, and it is known as green materials and the green materials should be mixed with the brown materials to get a successful composting result.

Turn kitchen wastes into compost

Process of Composting

Choose the type of composting bin

The kitchen wastes are converted into rich fertilizers by the process of composting. For the composting process, you need an empty land which is used for agricultural purposes later or you can buy a new bin which is capable of preventing the heat energy. Heat is an important factor in the process of composting.

Alternate Layers

The wastes should be segregated in a flat surface and the wastes should be placed as a layer with a combination of green and brown wastes. The green and brown materials should be placed as an alternative layer.

Add Kitchen and Yard Waste

It is important to collect kitchen and yard wastes, which are used to mix with the green and brown wastes. The kitchen and yard waste is applied as a layer that should be above the layer of green and brown wastes. Collect the dry leaves if possible and apply them across the whole layer. Repeat the process until the bin is filled.

kitchen waste compost

Maintain the Compost Bin

To complete the process of composting quickly, it is important to check your bin and make sure that, the material inside the bin is fresh, and mix the materials from upper to lower. Mixing the wastes will reduce the odor and make the process faster.

Harvest the compost

The composting process will take up to six months according to the amount of waste you segregated. The wastes will be converted into fertilizer at the end of the process, the product will look black in color, and it smells like the earth soil. The composted fertilizer can be directly involved in the process of cultivation. The soil or land where the composting takes place will be eligible for cultivation and it is very pure with high mineral content. The microbes will utilize the nitrogen in the land which is harmful to the growth of plants.


Composting is one of the best processes to recycle your household food and garden wastes. Instead of throwing off the waste you can make use of that and make your own fertilizer. The process of composting should be done in a separate place like the garden area. It should be away from the living area because it produces a heavy smell that cannot be handled by humans.

Kitchen Waste Management

The kitchen is the place where we love to spend more of our time, food is the responsible component for any living being to lead their life healthy. Segregation of food waste in the kitchen during the preparation of food in your kitchen causes danger to the housemates and the surrounding that it produces heavy smells and toxic gases. To avoid the trouble given by the wastes, you need to handle the proper kitchen waste management and regularly dispose of the kitchen waste.

There are many simple ways to get rid of kitchen waste that you can do by yourself.

Tips  for Kitchen waste Management 


Make use of the bins in your home or in the street area to dispose of the kitchen waste regularly. Do not use the nearby landfill, many people are making this mistake by disposing of the food waste in the nearby open land. It generates toxic gases and attracts dangerous pests and insects.

kitchen waste composting process

Do Not Waste Food

Try to finish the food given to you and please do not waste the food. There are many people who are seeking food in this world, they are searching for one time food a day but most of the people are wasting the food and throwing off the food. If you did not like the food, or you have exceeded your limit, collect the food, and give that food to the roadside people who are seeking food. You can give food to those animals in your area especially street dogs who are the free security for the whole area. They are preventing our area from unwanted entries, so we need to protect them by providing food.

Lower Your Purchase

There are many people who are purchasing more than their needs and wasting the existing products. Plan your monthly or weekly limit and purchasing according to your needs, this will save your money and saves the environment from unwanted pollution.

Handling kitchen wastes


Composting is the process of generating fertilizer in your home. Dump the collected food waste into a dark area and make it wet for some days. After few days, make the dumped waste open, it is a wonderful fertilizer for the agricultural process. You can sell the natural fertilizer to make some money, or you can use your own fertilizer for your garden area.

Managing kitchen wastes

For the process of composting, you need a large area, and you need to use most of your energy for working and it is a tedious process for a large amount of waste.


Though there are many ways of controlling the waste by yourself, it is not efficient and effective to do any work without having prior knowledge and experience. There are many companies offering rubbish removal services that can work for all the domestic, commercial, and industrial areas. The professionals will have the knowledge of disposing of the waste properly and they can handle the modern equipment. They will reduce your work and time and they allow you to go with your daily goals.

How to handle kitchen waste recycling process?

Kitchen waste recycling is the process of recycling kitchen leftovers and food wastes. Kitchen waste is normally food waste, and the food is primary for all living things. Throwing off the food is an easy one but there are many people who do not have food even for one time in a day. Please, throw off only the waste materials like, eggshells, wrappers, banana skin, etc., Instead of throwing the waste food into a bin, collect that food and give it to the people who are suffering from the food, it will be a good manner and you will be blessed by those people.

Kitchen waste recycling

Home composting is one of the best methods to dispose of food waste which can be used as a fertilizer for your garden. There are many ways to dispose of our food materials like dropping the waste in a recycling center. According to statistics, it is shown that around 7 million tonnes of food waste is thrown into landfills by a family in the UK and most of that waste is eatables. It is increasing and now a family is wasting up to £700 a year by throwing the food materials

Food waste is dangerous in that it attracts insects easily and it will generate toxic chemicals and GHG which are harmful to the environment. so kitchen waste recycling is one of the best methods to overcome this situation.

Kitchen waste recycling

Compost the waste materials

Composting is one of the best methods to recycle food wastes. There may be many other methods, but composting can be done easily and effectively. The process needs a space according to the amount of waste segregated. You need to collect all the wastes and dump them into a dark place and leave for a week after some time the wastes gets decomposed completely and will be converted to a black colored material which can be used for agricultural purposes. The recycled waste acts as a fertilizer and you can grow your garden plants with this naturally made fertilizer.

Food composting

 Creative use of leftovers

The wastes can be recycled on your own in simple ways to reduce the cost, but you should do some different works. Some of the ways like rubbing the banana skin instead of the polish can reduce your regular chemicals. Some of the vegetables like cucumber, potato, and tomato cut wastes can be used to chill your eyes and you can free your mind with a little meditation and it refreshes your feeling and reduces your pressure. Peels from lemon, orange, and other citrus species can be used as skincare to protect your skin from unwanted germs.

food waste recycling

Waste-To-Energy (WTE) System

The process of conversion of waste into electrical energy is commonly known as Waste-To-Energy (WTE) system. This can be done in major power plants to produce high-pressure steam which helps the turbine to run maximum speed to produce emf the term which acts as electricity. This process is also called as Energy-From-Waste (EFW). This waste acts as a fuel that reduces naturally generated coal, which is generally in use. The coal mines will be reduced number if this way of energy-producing system run in major roles.


The food is wasted by each person who is responsible for creating many foodless people in this world. Please, utilize your food properly if you did not like your food, do not waste that by throwing it off in a dustbin, instead give that parcel to a person on your street side. If there is no such person in your area you can give that food to your own dog or any street dogs who act as security for your whole street.