Do’s and Don’ts of Office Waste Clearance

Wastes in the offices are generated by every employee and the owner of the company. All the people in the office are responsible for the generation of wastes. It is your individual responsibility to reduce waste generation. The wastes should be cleared often in order to prevent environmental and human health. The wastes are not the only danger to humans but also for the properties in the office, because the wastes can easily attract rodents and other pests in the place. The rodents are very dangerous to the office properties that they can damage the paper materials, plastics, wooden properties, and even the rats can chew the wires and furniture.

So, it is important to clear the wastes regularly or try to reduce the generation of wastes. This can be done by yourself if it is a small business, but hiring a professional rubbish removal service will help to clear the wastes without any leftovers.

Here are some of the Dos and Don’ts in Office Waste Clearance.

Office Waste Clearance does and dont


  1. Hire the bins i.e., buy the garbage bins for your office use, one should be in the toilet, one in the cafeteria and another should be in and out of the office.
  2. Try to have separate bins for each room, a single does not need a large skip, you can hire a number of small bins according to the strength of population and number of rooms.
  3. Label each bin according to its uses. For example, if you have one or more bins in the same place, try to name it for different waste collection.
  4. Labeling the skips will initiate the people about the disposal of different wastes in separate bins. You can name it food waste, paper waste, plastic waste, and non-recyclable waste.
  5. Hire professionals to clear the wastes in your office. The professional experts will have the idea of clearing and collecting the wastes.
  6. If you found the service provided by the professionals are best, you can sign a contract to collect your wastes regularly.
  7. Make note of each and every waste clearance process in your company, it is your responsibility to ensure that your wastes are disposed of properly.
  8. Get your rubbish removal record from the professionals, and follow a document or a booklet which should consist of the past two years of your company’s waste clearance.

Office Waste Clearance


  1. Don’t be careless of your wastes, the toners from the printer should be handled properly because it is hazardous to the environment.
  2. Do not mix the wastes. Each type of wastes is disposed of in different methods, so mixing of wastes will not result in proper disposal.
  3. Do not mix food waste and recyclable wastes.
  4. Do not hire companies that are not certified and legally permitted by the government.


As a business owner, it is your responsibility to clear the wastes that are generated. Hiring the professionals will give you the exact result in waste clearance without any leftovers.

How To Do Proper Office Waste Clearance In London?

London is the city which is stuffed with many business industries and corporate companies. In this case, the amount of waste generation will also be high in these areas. These types of cities should have a proper waste management plan to dispose of the wastes safely. Office areas tend to produce large amount wastes like paper wastes, also other types of commercial wastes. These waste contain both the decomposable and non-decomposable material in it which should be segregated and disposed of in a safe manner.

office waste clearance

Office waste may contain many recyclable materials in it. But most of the wastes are disposed in improper ways. The office waste containing the paper materials should be stored in a large bags and should be handed over to the waste clearance companies. Waste clearance companies will collect the wastes from the various sources and will segregate them to dispose of safely in an eco-friendly manner, Recycling the waste papers will help in the production again.

office waste removal

Despite managing the wastes, steps should be taken to reduce the amount of production of wastes. In offices, mails and other communication systems can be used for transferring the information instead of using the papers. In office’s one side printed papers can be used for rough works instead of throwing them away. Try to print on both sides of the paper to reduce the wastage of the papers. By following this kind of simple methods will help in reducing the waste generation.

office waste

The waste clearance companies in London plays a vital role in managing the office wastes. As a corporate owner, you can hand over the wastes to the rubbish clearance companies in the city instead of throwing in street bins or other things. The waste removal companies will collect the waste and will dispose of them by recycling. Waste clearance companies in London are properly licensed to handle all kinds of waste. Also, the main advantage of hiring the waste clearance companies is that they will have the advanced equipment to handle the huge amount of wastes.

As a corporate sector, you must contribute to the environment by the proper waste management. Being a corporate you can avail the waste clearance services from the best rubbish removal company in London to dispose of the wastes safely in an eco-friendly manner.


Tips for office waste clearance

Corporate offices are the place where lot of wastes are generated in a huge manner daily. These wastes should be properly segregated and disposed of in a safe manner to environment and also the human beings as well. Here are some tips to clear the office wastes in an easy and safe manner.

offfice waste

Schedule weekly commercial waste removal service:

Being a corporate sector, you should hire some professional commercial clearance in the city to clear the wastes safely and dispose of them in an eco-friendly manner rather than disposing of the wastes in the waste bins in the streets. Lots of wastes that are generated in the office areas should be properly segregated and recycled for reuse. Scheduling a weekly commercial waste removal service will make sure that your office wastes are disposed of safely.

Use separate bins in the office:

office waste clearance

Office wastes may contain both the decomposable and non-decomposable wastes. Separate bins must be used to collect the different waste materials. Waste like food materials, other general waste should be stored in a separate bin, whereas the other types of wastes like plastic materials, paper wastes, cardboard should be stored in separate bins. Waste clearance companies will collect these wastes and will segregate them and also will dispose of them safely either by recycling or by another process.

Make Less use of paper:

Reducing the usage of paper will reduce the amount of waste generation. For example, you can use email or other applications to transfer information instead of using the papers or memos. This will drastically reduce the amount of waste generation in the office areas.

Reuse the items:

office clearancce

The reuses of certain items in the office will reduce the waste generation. For example, you can use the one side printed waste paper for any other rough purposes rather than throwing them away. Wastes papers should be properly shredded and should be handed over to the office waste clearance companies to make sure that those waste materials go for proper recycling.

Thus as a corporate sector, you should adopt proper ways to dispose of the wastes safely. Availing a waste clearance services from the professional rubbish removal companies in the city will help you in disposing of the wastes safely in an environmentally friendly manner. Are you looking for rubbish removal in London, then Quickwasters will be the right choice for you.