Innovative Ideas to End Plastic Waste

Plastics are products that are a huge disturbance to the healthy environment. These plastics can produce GHG, methane, and ethanol during manufacturing, transportation, and after it gets decomposed. It should be noted that plastics took at least 100 years to decompose themselves, and there are no safer methods to dispose of the plastics. It will pollute the environment heavily when it burns, so it is not advisable to burn plastics. These plastics are dumped into landfills, and oceans where it is the major cause of natural disasters. It will generate more heat in the landfills and lead to global warming. Plastics cannot be eliminated completely from the world, but the use of those products can be minimized. Here are some of the innovative ideas to end plastic waste.

Innovative Ideas to End Plastic Waste

1. Using Plastics in Road Construction

Toby McCartney found that the plastics are used to seal the cracks and gaps by meting them. He found this during a trip to India and tried to implement it in the UK. First, he cannot get the desired result, after 844 failures he got succeeded in his innovation for road construction. In this process, he used only the single-use plastics which are going to landfills.
He mixed the plastic with the bitumen materials and finally, he got the desired toughness and strengthened material. Now he is ready to use practically in roadways to get a strong and smoothy road construction. This eliminates the plastics get into landfills and the ocean.

Ideas to End Plastic Waste

2. Apparel from Plastic Bags

A young graduate in the UK noted that over 700 billion plastic bags are wasted each year. All the plastics are ending up in landfills or ocean dumping. To avoid this unwanted pollution, he tries to make an overcoat using single-use plastic bags. At first, it was avoided but later, these coats are used as raincoats on the daily basis. This coat is made with the wastes of single-use plastics. This will reduce the generation of plastic waste in the environment.

3. New Shelter with Plastics

In the UK, a young engineer has proved that plastic is strong enough to withstand water and air. So, he constructer many plastic shelters for poor people at low cost. He also constructed a free shelter for the roadside people and pets to stay safe. This improves the lifestyle of homeless people and also saves the environment from the generation of plastic waste.

Avoid Plastic bags

4. Biodegradable Plastic

Though plastics are harmful to the environment, we cannot avoid the use of plastics. So, Mobius a company in the UK, have invented the biodegradable plastic for the agricultural purpose. It is a cover that is used to cover the crops. This plastic will not stay on the earth for years, it will break down quickly and decompose itself without any pollution. Mobius did this with the plastic wastes which are generated and moved to the landfills.


Above are some of the most inspired and innovative ideas to end plastic wastes. Not only these you can make your own plastics for another purpose instead of throwing them off. You can make the containers and the plastic bottles to grow small plants in your home and they can be used for decoration.

How does Plastic Contribute to Climatic Change?

Plastic is a general waste that is generated everywhere by every people in this world. People are using the plastic products like straws, bags, and bottles. Even plastics are used in the body manufacturing of vehicles. Researches proved that plastic is the major producer of GHG, methane, and methane gases. These gases will make environmental and climatic changes. Even the dumping of plastics into landfills will cause global warming. Though there are many disadvantages, plastic is easy to carry and use and it is low cost. So, people love to use plastic products. It is not good so, plastic is not only dangerous to the environment but also for human health. This article is to create awareness about how does plastic contributes to climatic changes.

How does plastic affect the environment?

dumping of plastics into landfills

Plastics are affecting the environment with the high emission of GHG, methane, and ethylene. The effect of sunlight and heat makes the plastic react with the rays and thus producing danger-causing gases. The process of manufacturing, transporting, refining, extracting, and degradation are the stages of getting a plastic product. The plastic cannot be disposed of easily, it requires a minimum of 450 years to 1000 years to decompose itself. The only way is to burn them, but this is not an advisable one. Because the burning of plastics will produce a high smell and emits more and more amount of toxic gases. These gases will mix with the atmospheric air and it results in climatic changes.

How Plastic is born?

Currently, plastic production consumes up to 8% of the global oil consumption. This will be increased to 20% in 2050. The first stage of plastic is the extraction and transportation of fossil fuels like oil, gas, and coal. The transportation of the raw materials emits CO2 gas in the atmosphere. The extraction of Fossil fuels requires a large area which will result in the destruction of forests. After the extraction, the fuels should be transported through rails, and pipes which emit carbon more than any other chemicals.Plastic -free environment

After the extraction, plastic production requires petrochemicals, which are refined to build ethylene, butane, propylene, and other plastic products. Transportation and manufacturing require more amount energy. It is shown that over 60% of GHG is produced by the process of refining, transporting, and manufacturing plastics. This results in seasonal changes, climatic condition changes, global warming, and Tsunami, etc.

How to Overcome this?

It is difficult to eliminate the usage of plastics completely, and they cannot be destroyed too. So you can reduce the usage of plastics by using recyclable and reusable products. The products like metal straws, cloth bags, glass bottles, and metals cans are the best alternatives for plastic products. Though it costs higher than plastic, it can be used for years or months. But plastic products are single usage products and it is thrown off after the usage.

The common people do not how to dispose of plastic wastes properly. It is important to hire a professional rubbish removal service to dispose of the plastics properly. The experts will recycle the plastic products which are recyclable like plastic bottles. The products like straw and cups cannot be recycled so it is kept safe in a closed area. Reduce the usage of plastics to protect our environment and lead a safe and healthy life.

How to Dispose of Plastics in right way?

Plastic Wastes are the wastes that are generated all over the world. People love to use single-use plastic products which are easy to carry, use, and throw off. Everyone is aware of the dangers caused by plastic, but no one is ready to refuse the usage of plastics. Plastics took a minimum of 450 years to 1000 years to decompose themselves. Many people will have the idea of recycling when this question arises “how to dispose of plastics?”. It is good to recycle the plastics, but in Europe, only 32% of the plastic wastes are recycled, but in the UK 370,000 tonnes of plastic bottles are recycled, compared to just 13,000 tonnes in 2000, it shows that the usage of plastic is increased 20 times more than the past years. In the UK, each person is producing 76Kg of plastic wastes every year.

Single-use plastics

The single-use plastics are the properties that are used by every person every day. Some of the plastics like, plastic bottles, straws, bags, etc., It is good to say that the UK government allows the local authorities to collect the plastic bottles for recycling. Recycling is the best method to dispose of single-use plastics especially bottles. The process of recycling plastic bottles is easy compared to other products. You can use the Recycling Locator, to find when and how the local authority council will collect your wastes.

Dispose of Plastics in Uk

Plastic Straw

The usage of plastic straws is increasing today because it is less costly and it very easy to use and carry and it attracts the buyer with its different colors. The plastic straws cannot be recycled and disposed of easily, it took many years. The only method of disposing of the straw safely is to avoid using those products. Try to use wheat-fibred straws which is also a single-use product, and you can buy a metal strip that can be used for years without any restriction. Please do not throw off the straws place them in your own place in a closed area or a bin.

Plastic recycling

 Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are loved by all the people when it was introduced. Because it is easy to carry and does not require any charge and it is a single-use. There is no way of disposing of the plastic bags, just return those bags to the shop and the owner of the shop will transfer the plastic bags to a recycling center. The usage of plastic bags is reduced when it is charged in 2015, not only recycling, but you should also avoid using the plastic bags, instead use your own cloth bags or buy a string grocery bag.


The usage of plastic is still increasing in many countries, though the plastics are recycled, the production and the process of recycling will produce toxic GHG gases which will affect the environment and the ozone layer. The only way to dispose of plastics is to avoid using them and try to advise your surroundings about the danger caused by plastics.

How to avoid plastics in your Daily routine life?

Have you ever noticed the number of trashes that you create daily? Some people are more conscious of avoiding plastics by taking water bottles and shopping bags with them instead of buying plastic bottles and bags. To minimize the usage of plastics and to manage the trashes in your daily life, you should monitor how much trashes you produce from day to night in your daily routine life and how plastics play a major role.

In this blog let’s walk with an ordinary person’s life and explore how much plastics have been used by a single person in a single day.

There is a lot of chances for the normal person to contact with the plastics and other trash from the moment they go out and come back to their house.

reduce plastics

Day to Day Lifestyle Vs Plastics

Starting with your morning breakfast, if you take milk or fresh juice for your meal from a plastic jug or plastic can then it will add to your plastic trash list after emptying the plastic can. Other than milk products, the veggies and fruits are also stored in the refrigerator also may be covered with plastic wrap for freshness.

After the preparation of the meal, the next thing is looking for your bath towel for a hot shower. Probably your bathroom is fully equipped with plastics. Starting with toilet seats, shampoo, shower gel, body wash, shower cap, and other deodorants are coming in a plastic element.

Throughout the day, when you go out for work or study you may around more plastics include plastic pens, mobile cases, and so many plastic parts.

replace plastics with paper cups

When it comes to lunchtime, same as breakfast you are utilizing plastic cups, plastic straws, and plastic bags. The plastic straws alone will produce tons of wastes for a year worldwide.

After completing all your daily works and it’s time to return back your home. Surely will cross more plastic elements while returning and it’s a time for dinner. Again, open your refrigerator for a salad mix or rolls wrapped in a plastic cover. At the end of the day, all these plastic covers and plastic elements go to the trash can.

Now, we hope you aware of the role of plastics in our day-to-day life and how we use them. Now we summarized some expert tips to avoid such plastics in your daily life.

say no to the plastics

Tips to reduce the usage of Plastics

  1. Stop storing the foods in the refrigerator in plastic wrap.
  2. Replace the plastic shampoo or conditioner bottles with wooden storage elements.
  3. Avoid taking of breakfast in a plastic cover, if possible, have a meal in your home or take it in bags made of paper or clothes.
  4. Avoid using plastic cups or plastic straws and replace them with paper straws.
  5. Always have a shopping bag with you to avoid plastic covers.

Pay attention to the day-to-day lifestyle and minimize plastic usage with the help of waste management experts and make your environment plastic-free.

How To Make Use Of The Plastic Wastes Productively in Your Garden?

Plastic wastes are the one which is generated in a large amount from various sources. The plastic waste materials include all kind of stuff like plastic bottles, cups, plastic covers, etc. These waste materials when thrown away cause various danger to the human beings and the outside environment as well. You may wonder, how to dispose of these waste materials safely. But there are various methods by which you can make use of these waste materials in a productive way.

tips to make Use Of The Plastic Wastes Productively in Your Garden

Basically, in London, every home will have at least small area of garden space. These garden place may be a hub for many plants, birds, etc. You can use the plastic waste materials in a very productive way in the Gardens. Here let’s see how you can make use of the plastic wastes in the Garden.

You can use the plastic bottles as the sprinklers in your garden. You can just make many holes in it and can connect it to a water line in the garden. this will act as a sprinkler and will look so natural from outside.

How To Make Use Of The Plastic Wastes Productively in Your Garden

The next thing you can use the plastic wastes for is that you can cut the plastic bottles into two halves and can pour water in it and can place on some places of the Garden. During summer, the birds will be in search of water and they will find these small water storages and will enjoy themselves by having it.

Make Use Of The Plastic Wastes Productively in Your Garden

Also, by using the plastic wastes you can create the artificial shelter for the birds. You can just make a hole in the bottles in the size that the birds can go through it. Later you can just hang these in your garden with the leaves surrounded by it. Birds will make use as their shelter and will also lay eggs in it. Thus you can just use the plastic wastes in a productive way instead of throwing away.