What are the drawbacks of Improper Waste Management?

Every household and commercial place in London deals with the rubbishes and wastes in their day-to-day life. Many people used to skip regular bins, garbage collection, and weekly waste removal to dispose of their wastes in a regular routine and this leads to the accumulation of wastes in a huge manner. Even in some places, people used to dispose of their wastes by themselves. The problem would arise if they used the wrong method to dispose of the wastes or if any toxic presents in their wastes. To make the situation normal and to follow healthy disposal one should have a proper waste management plan and follow the waste management in a proper way. For further understanding let’s see the drawbacks of improper waste management in detail.

Improper Waste Management

Drawbacks of Improper Waste Management

Improper rubbish removal and waste management lead to the following drawbacks.

  1. Soil Contamination
  2. Air Contamination
  3. Water Contamination
  4. Affects Human Health
  5. Affects Marine Life
  6. Pest Problem
  7. Cause Climate Change
  8. Affects Growth in Economy
  9. Affects Local Life
  10. Affects recycling process

1. Soil Contamination

Soil contamination is the major problem caused by the improper waste management process. some wastes in the landfills are hazardous waste that causes leakage to the soil and it leads to soil contamination. Soil contamination not only affects the growth of trees and plants but also affects human health by causing liver damage and reproduction problems.

Soil Contamination

2. Air Contamination

Wastes have a tendency to emit chemicals and toxic gas that affects the atmosphere in a large manner. This leads to the cause of health risks and the toxins hurt the ozone layer. So, the hazardous wastes and chemical wastes containing toxic substances need to be collected and disposed of in a separate labeled container. The gas from the landfills and decomposing plants maybe harm the nearby living places.

Air Contamination

3. Water Contamination

In the regions of Decomposing and landfills plants, there are more chances of sweeping of chemicals and toxins with the groundwater. Also, the presence of sewage threatens human as well as marine life. Water Contamination destroys the marine system, corals, and spices in marine life. Fishes from contaminated water are more dangerous to humans.

Water Contamination

4. Affects Human Health

The improper waste management gently affects the health of humans and cause various disease if the living place is located near to the landfills. Even the employees who work in the field of landfills and other waste disposal works are at greater risk of causing the health issues like skin irritations, cancers, lungs problem, and other reproductive issues.

Affects Human Health

5. Pest Problem

Improper waste management brings the pests like mosquitoes and rats to your living place. The pests mostly prefer to live in garbage accumulation places and sewage areas. The mosquitoes cause diseases like malaria and dengue and rats carry leptospirosis and salmonellosis. The moisture from the improper disposal of rubbishes and other wastes be the major reason for various pest infestation.

Pest Problem

Negative Impacts of Poor Waste Management

The rapid increase of wastes is due to the growth of the modern economy associated with the usage of more chemicals and plastics that bring vast damage to human as well as environmental health. The wastes from the industries, health care, and electric fields bring more toxins and hazards to the atmosphere. The country grows similarly on health and wealth are real economic growth. This will be achieved only by managing the environment and atmosphere in a green way by conducting a proper waste management treatment. In this blog, we summarized what is poor waste management and what are the drawbacks of poor waster management in detail.

waste management

What is poor waste management?

Poor waste management is improper collection of wastes and improper disposal of collected wastes. Poor waste management tends to spoil the water, air, and soil by polluting it. The landfills cause various infections and they also spread diseases. The waste from industrial minerals or mining wastes brings more drawbacks to the environment’s health if not managed properly.

What are the causes of poor waste management?

 The main causes of poor waste management are the solid waste and lack of attention to the waste management process. Financial status and logistic problems are also the major causes of poor waste management. We cannot simply say this or that is the only reason for the poor waste management.

poor waste management drawbacks

  • Lack of waste segregation
  • Lack of awareness about the waste management process
  • Growth of population
  • Improper way of Disposal Methods
  • Mixing all wastes in the same container

These are the top causes of the poor waste management system.

Impacts of Poor Waste Management

The impacts of poor waste management not only affect the region but also brings more loss to the overall economic growth of a country.  Lots of money should be needed to get recover from the negative impacts caused by poor waste management. If you spend the same money on effective waste management then you can minimize the health impacts and spread of diseases due to poor waste management. Check out how poor waste management affects the environment in several ways.

Poor waste management negative impacts

The improper waste management process directly affects the humans and animals in the environment, and it creates a great threat to the water, soil, and air. The improper disposal of waste products like plastics, food wastes, chemicals causes soil and water contamination. However, we are aware of the effective waste management process like landfills, recycling, energy conservation, but still, there is a lack of waste management process occurs in developed and developing countries.  The main impacts of poor waste management are

  1. Soil contamination
  2. Water contamination
  3. Air contamination
  4. Climate change
  5. Affection underwater organism
  6. Human Health issues
  7. Global Warming

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